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BAP - Season 37 sign up thread

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Let us know if you're IN or OUT (please don't be out)


For managers who have players who aren't really on the forum, can you please poke them into action.



1. tomakasatnav (maybe, depends on dates / Italy)

2. BylliKiani

3. Luseth

4. ikilledyanan

5. tcharliel

6. Bleeders

7. Steely

8. gooner4life

9. TheOutsider!!

10. Baz

11. GrahamDunn

12. Theholyhogg

13. Mackenie

14. Gerry Helmet

15. Sladey

16. MitchelL

17. smithstock

18. Jamin

19. Vinnie

20. Geogram

21. Jazzy

22. Alfromsleep

23. PeterUK

24. Bennette98

25. Kiko

26. Cleggertron

27. KriessG


29. Fennas3

30. Actualbigbloke

31. Kieths Dad

32. Naaytch (Byllis Friend. No forum Access yet)

33. navman99 (Byllis Friend. No forum Access yet)

34. NotoriousIssy

35. jnero

36. Elliotnufc  

37. Allison



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1 hour ago, gooner4life said:

Hogg you're decent mate, you were one of our best players last night.


28 minutes ago, Theholyhogg said:

Oh youuuuu


Get a room... Hogg you need to call him a cunt or else he'll keep fawning all over you like he has been in every thread. 



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