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BAP - Season 37 sign up thread

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That season was genius.


Me and Steely getting abused for playing effective 1-2s from kick off and then others taking a hammering over the headset because of his anger management issues. I'm sure that Joey Barton was defended a handful of times too, last straw for me that. 


The gate to close all gates, pun intended. 

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On 4/1/2017 at 19:18, GrahamDunn said:

Gooner, I think you're being a bit harsh on Chris here mate.


Have a read at The Chumplosion just before he deleted RPL United and remember the good times.......

You're welcome.



We've had some astounding Gates in our times. Wonderful stuff. 

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But we had 8 on teams this season and 6 weren't turning up, at least if 2 play it's easier vs 5 or 6 than against 8, and if teams are smaller it avoids people having to play in defence so they might turn up more.


neither solution is perfect, we need to recruit more players.

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6 teams again would be great but with only 6 players per team its pretty difficult, say 2 players missing a week on average, that only 4 players in a side, which isnt reallty BAP its more Any than team.


Saying all that.. I'd still prefer 6 teams!

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