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BAP Season 37

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BAP Transfer Window now OPEN

Managers have from today until Sunday afternoon to wheel and deal, before the auction at 9PM on Sunday (to be confirmed!) which will take place on the new Discord channel.


User		Tier	Value		Team
Jamin		G	£83,300,000	Town
Fennas3		G	£72,400,000	Town
Steely		G	£61,500,000	Town
Tcharliel	G	£60,600,000	Town
Jazzy87		G	£58,800,000	Town
Bylli Kiani	G	£57,900,000	Town
GrahamDunn	G	£57,000,000	Town
Sjvinnie	G	£56,300,000	Wanderers
Shalo Calo	G	£55,600,000	Wanderers
Geogram		S	£52,900,000	Wanderers
Bennette98	S	£46,200,000	Town
Luseth		S	£34,000,000	Athletic
Smithstock	S	£31,300,000	City
Gerry_Helmet	S	£27,800,000	City
ActualBigBloke	S	£25,400,000	Athletic
IKilledyanan	S	£24,300,000	Athletic
Bleeders	S	£23,700,000	City
Gooner4Life	S	£23,200,000	City
SaintM		B	£22,100,000	Athletic
Tomakasatnav	B	£20,100,000	Wanderers
Theholyhogg	B	£19,400,000	Wanderers
AlisonScott94	B	£17,300,000	Athletic
KriessG		B	£15,700,000	Athletic
Sladey19	B	£14,600,000	Athletic
Humdrum		B	£13,600,000	City
Mitchell	B	£13,600,000	City
Cleggertron	B	£13,500,000	Athletic
AlfromSleep	B	£13,400,000	Wanderers
Joshgiannini95	B	£13,400,000	Wanderers
Kiko_kylz	B	£11,600,000	City
NotoriousISSY	B	£10,700,000	Wanderers
PeterUK		B	£9,100,000	City
Meerkat123	B	£7,400,000	Wanderers
Buchy87		B	£6,500,000	Athletic
Baring7usa	B	£2,000,000	City
stephen129	B	£1,300,000	Wanderers


We have a new way of calculating values, and this season is the trial run. Things may change! Values go higher than previously, so managers have been given extra budget during the transfer window. 


Stage 1: Transfers 40M

Stage 2: Contracts 150M

Stage 3: Auction 10M


and can build a team of 1G/2S/2B prior to auction.


As a couple of players have left their teams to become managers, they've signed themselves essentially already, so...


Jamin from Town to City: 25M

Sladey from Athletic to Wanderers: 4.5M


Players new to the league will enter at the auction stage.

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Nice one Tom.


Just to follow on from this, a number of changes have been made behind the scenes to determine these values. They are simply more reflective of the skillset in the league and the performance of a team over the course of a season. In addition, G/S/B thresholds have been determined based on a % boundary rather than "the top 4 players are Gold etc".


In essence, all of the player data (goals, assists, appearances etc) and all of the team data (goals for/against, possession, pass accuracy etc) have been factored in to the final values. The formula can be summarised as:


Individual Performance * Team Performance = Player Value


If anyone would like further detail, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Just checking @Theholyhogg...


Everyone starts on £1m. Apparently you only played 2 games? I imagine you joined late? The price ramps up as you player more games and, in turn, will likely increase further with goals/assists etc. Your performance rating, your Virtual Pro rating and your team bumped you about another £15m.

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12 hours ago, tomakasatnav said:

Auction will now be on Monday at 9PM, due to Easter! I'll be back before then with details on joining Discord etc.. (which you can do now if you wish, it's open all the time)


First transfer details after I've had dinner!

Tom you need to eat mate, starving yourself like this is dangerous.

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Sadly due to the big money fees involving management moves, and the G/S/B restrictions transfers have been scant. Hopefully if we went up to  6 teams and managers are settled it'll be busier next time.


It will mean there'll be some BIG names at auction.

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