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Retro Gamer 167 - Split Run Covers


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Haven't had a proper read yet, but woo yay Phantasy Star! I'd have given it the cover, such wonderful pixel art. Glad to see Thimbleweed Park getting some coverage too, looking forward to that.

Request - when you do hardware photos, like the Saturn pads this month, could you clean them thoroughly? They always seem to be full of dust and grot, which looks pretty grim blown up to larger-than-life size. I'd pop them apart, wash them in the sink, let them dry then re-assemble them.

I have to say that the ad on the back cover is one of the most ugly, amateurish things I've ever seen. The double exclamation mark is the cherry on top.

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At least that one doesn't use a space before a comma. Although the google link you're expected to type out is pretty special. 


The actual copy looks like the kind of thing you saw on the inlay of a £1.99 ZX Spectrum tape back in the eighties.

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Reminds me of the early days, though, when adverts in C&VG or whatever were basically just done by the same one-man-bands who were knocking out their games from their bedrooms. That's probably what's going on here, isn't it?


Personally I'm more confused about the two different covers - what is the point of doing that these days, other than to persuade "completionists" to buy two copies (which in my opinion is a hair's breadth away from exploiting mental illness). The two cover pictures are just re-arrangements of the same picture, aren't they? So it's not like Retrogamer has commissioned two pieces of artwork!

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Well it looks like the advertising has worked on you lot despite how crappy it is. That first advert reads like the boss sent an email of just the gist of what he wanted the copy to say but the designer has wrote it word for word instead. 'The long overdue 3D Oids for Windows 16x9 screen, with a good graphics card GTX970m or there about.'


Either that or he's knowingly taking the piss. Still must have got a great deal for that page to bother with an advert like that!

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