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RPL Athletic Season 37

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12 hours ago, Luseth said:

Anyone else missing?


Have given us all numbers and everything for this season :D


@KriessG & @sjvinnie I'll give you a number each when you turn up :P 


Nah lets have fun anyways and try and aim for at least 3 points tonight, 4 or 6 preferred though. Nice quick play, i'll be on from 9 i think so feel free to join me for a few games :) 

Lineup week 1.png


Yooooo! @Luseth I managed to get home tonight instead of tomorrow so I'm about! Driving fast down a rainy motorway for BAP, that's dedication! I'll be on for 9 for practice :D

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First game we didn't get going really >.< 


Second game we looked stronger and my finishing resulted in only 2 goals when I could have certainly had 4 if I was more clinical. With the missing workhorse sjvinnie back next week hopefully we will certainly be on the up and up. All in all well played. Their goals only came from crosses and headers which are tough to defend (though their first game goals were very very soft).


We can certainly build upon that. The second game I was a bit miffed that we dropped 2 points but ah thats fifa ^_^ 


If anyone wants a few games the weekend let me know. Maybe a late night Sunday or something? Try and get everyone on?

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Unlucky last night chaps, we were good for 3 points, at least.


First game, we were woeful but still managed to create enough chances to come away with a draw. I think it was telling that the two CDMs combined to score a consolation goal, after we'd missed a handful of sitters from the attackers. We conceded a few sloppy goals but that's irrelevant because the finishing at the other end could have salvaged the result.


Second game, we were the much better side for a good chunk of the game and it was disappointing to not have built on a 2 goal lead. We limited them to half chances but didn't really create much more ourselves. Even at 2-1 I was confident we'd see it out but being dispossessed, giving away the free kick and then leaving three men free at the death was disappointing.


For me, we missed Vinnie and Hogg last night; they've been the best two attackers in all of the clubs matches as we've breezed through the divisions. We didn't have the vision or decisive passing from Vinnie and Hogg was stifled, he should be playing LAM/RAM every week as he stretches teams whilst retaining possession. Otherwise though, Matty was MOTM as a super sweeper in game two, he was mopping up everything and got us on the attack quickly.


It wasn't a terrible night by any stretch, you always have to expect to concede, we just need to make the most of our opportunities when they come.

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So thoughts on next weeks line up @smithstock Swap matt and ikilledyanan around. So matt at cb and ikilledyanan at full back. vinnie will drop back into attacking mid. Holyhogg on the right. Would @Bleeders or @KriessG mind being my other centre back and the other my other cdm? We could give it a try before next thursday and if it's not clicking I might just resort back to 4-2-3-1? 


It would rely more heavily on the midfield coming up with goals too in that instance... 

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I probably should have mentioned that I thought Bleeders was MOTM in game one; his distribution from the centre was simple, effective and he topped it off with a goal.


I reckon I'd stick as we are but Hogg on whichever flank and Matty at CB. Whoever moves from those just fills in wherever a gap is available.

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14 minutes ago, Theholyhogg said:

we most likely lost because of me.


Don't feel like that Hogg ^_^ We're a team, christ I know I should have scored more with the chances I had. Some things worked and some didn't we'll tinker and try and get it spot on for next week. We could do a rotational thing? I like to try and give everyone the chance to play where they enjoy. Up to you guys what you prefer I guess, do we go for the win's or just chill and enjoy it, have a bit of fun with it sorta thing :)

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Don't beat yourselves up about it chaps, I thought it took us a game to get going. Bit of a kick in the teeth losing the equaliser in the second game, since we'd done more than enough to win the points. 


We're still finding our way and we win as a team and lose as a team. We started quickly in the second game with two excellent goals from Luseth and some good chances made. Vinnie and Nero are both big misses when they aren't on because of their quality on the ball. We have plenty time left to hit our stride. 


I'm not very good at CB @Luseth, happy to play either of the FB positions if you need me to. 





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