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RPL City - Season 37


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27 minutes ago, Jamin said:

Can anyone get on tonight? I'll be online most of the night from 9ish.


I'm going to be missing on Thursday so more on tonight the better for goons to practice with any. 

I'll be about at 9 mate! :D

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I'm still poxy working, but might be on later.  For the record, I don't think I should be Any!  It'd be a bit of a 'waste' of a defender, if you get me.  It kinda works well with a 3 man Any defence, and one human.  I think it needs to be someone further forward, who will have a bit more time to switch as they see the ball being turned over. 

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On 2017-5-15 at 19:41, gooner4life said:

Yeah, echo what Jamin said, I don't want to let our great start go to waste, can we get as many on as possible, as many sessions as possible before Thursday come on @kiko kylz @Mitchell @AlfromSleep @tcharliel @Navman99 @Faizy88 let's do this, we might need to switch things up, so let's find out now instead of on Thursday.

sorry about last night, will you guys be playing tonight?

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3 minutes ago, gooner4life said:

@Faizy88 I wont be able to accept you in, if you don't have Jamins USA account on your friends list then you're not gonna get in the club I don't think, unless someone else is a manager.

I've got his USA account on my friends list. Just to confirm our team is rpl city v2? If so it says you're the manager

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