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Hellpoint - "Souls in space" (ft. split-screen co-op)

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Spotted this in a facebook ad the other day. Hellpoint is currently going through Kickstarter, which I'd tend not to post about, but there's actually a demo available which I'm currently downloading. Also plenty of footage on youtube.


The game is set on a space station that's orbiting a black hole. Apparently the position of the station, relative to the singularity, will have a real-time impact on the sanity of the stations inhabitants. 


From what I've watched, it looks like a pretty decent souls-like, if a little ropey in some areas (mainly some combat animations in my opinion), but it's not due until next year so there's plenty of time for improvement.






Lots of concepts, more footage and links to the demo on their Kickstarter page here - 


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Just finished the demo (as far as reaching a point where it said "thanks for playing") and I'll certainly be keeping an eye on this. There's some great atmosphere and it has the potential to become very creepy. Interface and combat has a way to go, and I'm not entirely sold on some of the aesthetics. Enjoyable overall though.


Found one out of the way areas where I could place an object into a device and speak to someone, as though their mind had been trapped/transferred from their body. It's a conversation with options, rather than just a chain of dialogue, and you have the option of what mind/object you put in the device. Thought it was an interesting idea.


The additional enemies with varying positions make each run after death feel different and not as safe, even when running past everything.


Also an interesting idea that you have to effectively fight yourself to reclaim lost axiom (souls). Still deciding if I like that idea, as it's not really the same as having to kill what killed you in Bloodborne, rather an additional enemy to worry about in somewhere you found difficult.


At this point, if you're a real Soulsborne fan, I'd suggest you give the demo a go, if not, maybe wait until it's more complete, but probably don't expect things to change too drastically.

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So after buying this for the princely sum of £4 after seeing some positive reactions after its been patched a lot I'm really enjoying this. 


Yeah it's janky and yeah the jumping can be annoying at times but the general combat is pretty good as is the atmosphere. Decent variety of builds and weapons and most are viable. Possibly a little too opaque at times and far too many hidden rooms but once you know that they are easy to spot. 


Worth a try for Souls addicts and personally I prefer it to the likes of Mortal Shell. 

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