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Not wanting to cast doubt on your time, but: I seriously doubt your time. there's no way you could last 31 seconds.....

(my highest is 16 so far <_< )


There is, you just need the knack.

You obviously don't have the same standard of Mojo.

*High fives Silver Rocket*

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But you don't do anything :blink:

what's the point of it?

You dodge the bullets, just like in shooters

I can only manage around 23 seconds

I would've have preferred set shot patterns like in a proper shooter rather than random bullets, would've made high scores better because everyone in playing the same thing

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I can't seem to break the 30 second barrier. My best is 26 -point somothing-

That's the same as me... I can consistently get in the region of 25 seconds but haven't broken 30 yet. It's not dissimilar to playing Ikaruga. The best tactic seems to be taking in the screen as a whole rather than only looking at where your ship is. Bloody hard though - how the hell did Rev Stu get 70 whatever it was?!

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