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Monster Hunter XX coming to Switch August 25th, Japan only because Capcom are f****** idiots

Captain Kelsten

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Nothing to go on other than this random tweet, so let's start speculating wildly!


- will be announced at E3

- Switch exclusive (plz Capcom, no up-ressed, crippled 3ds version)

- Couch co-op

- Underwater battles are back!

- New! Grab hold of a flying monster before it takes off and fight on its back as it flies from area to area! Reach the head to bring it down early! But watch out! It will try and shake you off and you will fall a long way for MASSIVE damage!


I dunno. I'm excited! I bought my switch on the basis that this would happen, eventually, and therefore make the switch the greatest console ever invented. I'm one of those mad people who bought MH3U on both Wii U and 3DS just so I could play it on the go (back when I was travelling a lot for work), and I played probably 90% of Wii U MH3U on the gamepad screen. 


EDIT 26/05/17


XX has officially been announced as coming to the switch in Japan!!!!!!!




Switch purchase JUSTIFIED

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I think 5 will be open world or at least have an expanded open world section a bit like Moga woods in 3, the new Toukiden does this quite well.


Replays would be nice or at least move the bloody rewards screen so you can see the last hit screenshot.

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Bought MH4 and enjoyed the few hours I put into it. I didn't invest that much time as I felt the UI and spreadsheet like menu's to be a bit much and I just don't play on portables much (The Switch is a whole different kettle of fish as I can play the same game on the TV and as a handheld).

I'd be into giving it another go in a Switch variant. 

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If I can do local co-op and actually play the game together then its a must buy for me. I only remember the Wii or Wii U version, where local co-op was crippled, allowing you to fight monsters in stadium, or set places?. However, I had fond memories playing on the on the PSP multiplayer which I hope you can do locally on the Switch.

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So this is amazing; I've not played Generations or XX. I would have preferred a new title, because let's face it, this is Capcom and this will probably be a barely upscaled port of the the 3ds version, but HOLY SHIT MONSTER HUNTER IS COMING TO THE SWITCH :omg::omg::omg:


There is some big monster hunter event in Japan this weekend where they'll release more information. Please let there be a western release! 

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