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Night trap 25th anniversary edition


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Only watching it now do I realise that women in this are wearing provocative clothing for the time. I must have been a couple of months away from noticing age when I first played this. Lol

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7 hours ago, robotattack said:

Documentary about the game and the re-release. Could there be a sequel? Watch (or skip) to the end.




MLiG are one of the very best gaming channels on YouTube. The games set-ups that those guys have is goals. 

I totally want to get myself a physical copy of this game. 

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Game over! You have missed too many Others and need to start again.


How to play Night-Trap.

Get a piece of paper. Make 9 columns. Call column 1 Time. Columns 2-9 are the rooms.


Play the game.  When you hear a pop, write the time in the column. Put an X in the column for the room you are looking at if there were no oggers in it. 


If there was an ogger in the room then trap it and put a tick in that room column.


Next time you play, go back to the rooms you ticked to catch those oggers at the times you noted. Stay away from rooms with crosses in and eventually you'll know where every ogger is for each pop.


Just when you think you are getting somewhere, the game tells you you are denied trap access. You need to use the same tedious process to locate the appropriate scene where the characters tell you what colour the code has changed to. 


Yes, that's the way to play this game.   I'm happy to buy your copy from you. 




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The crazy thing with Night Trap is that it's pure trial and error and no-one could remember all the ogg locations, so you really do need a pen and paper to play it.  Or just download the solution from the internet.


Changing the colour of the traps was the real dick move that killed any fun you could have, and it would have better if the game had motion sensors in the room alerting the player to where something is happening.  That way you could choose to follow the story if you wanted, or go for 100% capture and there would be a logic to what you're doing.  You'd know that while the girls are dancing in the living room there's an ogger in the hall.


Without this, it's a simple case of tediously flicking from room to room in the hope of seeing a random ogger.  By writing down their locations you do get more succesful every time. Each time you hear a pop, you need to flick through as many rooms as possible and look for the remains of a video clip still playing which tells you that there was something  happening in that room.  Next time you play you go back there at that time and catch the oggs.


The problem then becomes that there's no action at all other than catching the Oggers.  A full playthough by an expert is pretty much entirely made from trapping oggers.  There are very few moments in the game when there isn't an ogger somewhere, and you can get through to the end of the game barely seeing the main story at all.


Like I say, Night-Trap is a tedious piece of shit that offers very little fun to the player and I'll happily buy your copy off you.  

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Played this on the 3DO last night and forgot about the trap change when the parents leave the house.  It's like, 6 minutes in and already they play a proper bastards trick on you.  "the traps don't work anymore! They don't work!!!!!"


How the hell did anyone play this game back in the day?


I stand by my comments above that you definitely need a piece of paper.  I think the ideal way to play this is to ignore all the movie and just flick around all the rooms in a circle continually looking for oggers in the video clips while a friend writes down the time that each pop sound occurs. For example, on your first attempt you'll hear a pop at 1m 06s, and if you are flicking quickly from room to room, hopefully you can shout out when you see ogger footage.  next time you play, your friend shouts out "Bathroom!" at 1m, and you have 6 seconds to get there and spring the trap.  


It just seems like the most tedious game in the world, anyone trying to play this to completion back in 1993 would have to have been insane and have way too much time on their hands. And I will definitely buy your PS4 copies from you.





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Hmm, further to my previous suggestion that the game needs a motion sensor to alert you that something's going on, I now have seen the new version for the first time and it does this by showing you thumbnails of each room.


This further leads me to want to buy a PS4 version of the game, because I reckon this makes the gameplay a million times better.


Oh my god, I'm chatting with myself in a thread on my own.




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