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PS Plus May 2017 - TFB, Alienation and more


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On 03/05/2017 at 20:03, Nequests said:

Legit hated both Type:Rider and Laser Disco Defenders and had to turn them off after about five minutes. Just excruciatingly awful, the pair of 'em.


I liked both of them, already played through Type:Rider. Has the best secret level you'd expect for a game all about fonts.

Comic Sans/


Get's pretty hard in unfair ways near the end as too many indie platform games do. If you're in the mood for a short platform game I'd say give Type:Rider a go play Inside instead.


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38 minutes ago, Captain LeChuck said:

Oh man, the opening credits for Tales episode 4. :wub:


My partner still wants that in our wedding somewhere.It's so epic!


The animation is amazing considering the old tools they're using. (Edit, I remember a while back hearing an animator marvelling at a scene where a shoe slides off one of the character's feet with absolutely no clipping.)


If you want to talk spoiler stuff why not bring this thread back from the dead? (Just don't spoil yourself before you finish episode 5.)



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31 minutes ago, Superfamifreak said:

Is the platinum obtainable on Tales? I mean is it all the episodes or will I have to buy the others as from what I can gather you have to play them all to complete it. Is that right?


Yes it's the whole game (Chapter One has been free for ages but Chap2-5 can be downloaded for free this month.)


And yes, just checked, completing the game nets you a platinum.

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8 minutes ago, Stanley said:

I thought Tales From The Borderlands was the full season?


It is. I've already bought it previously so I don't know how it works. I think you download the episodes from within the game itself. From my understanding they're giving away the full season, not just episode one (as in King's Quest.)

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On 5/6/2017 at 17:27, womble9 said:

Alienation is well cool!! Found the first two or three missions a tad easy so ramped it up to veteran. Ooooof!! :).  

I'm playing on the second difficulty (professional) and found it quite tricky towards the end of world 1  (20 missions) and was stuck on the last mission  (no respawns, failure meant a waste of around 45 minutes).

Had a quick google, apparently the difficulty ramps significantly up in world 2 and suggested character level is mid-late 20's (I was level 14 I think), so I decided to play some of the earlier levels on veteran which increases drop rates etc...

Tricky to start with but once I found a legendary gun things became a hell of a lot easier (damage is 5-10x my other gun).


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Yeah I'm really enjoying Alienation too. A real pleasant surprise. I tend to turn co-op off and solo the levels. Would certainly recommend the 3rd difficulty for a nice amount of challenge, I've done about 8 missions so far and the balance has been perfect. I'm on some of the South American levels now (3rd world), and the strategy elements are coming in - e.g. if you are getting Hoard events happening I find a shotgun is invaluable, similar for the eliminate the hive missions then a grenade is better over a mine, etc. Some enemies are near impossible with short range weapons (e.g. the sniper guards).
Definitely getting a Borderlands vibe from this - I'm rocking a level 5 super-rare shotgun, which is still outperforming level 9 non-rare shotguns I'm finding from crates/enemy drops.

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Tried it last night I think it's brilliant , I thought it was going to be boring but it's fantastic and I'm also a sucker for loot found a flamethrower to toast my enemies everytime I join some randoms game it's always near the finish. Gonna play a bit more of this tonight if anyone wants to team up add theholyhogg :)

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On 2017-5-6 at 14:37, MrSpiggott said:

:unsure: Well, it's Diablo-ish, with the emphasis on the ish.  It's like playing the demon hunter with guns. Please don't haunt me.

After playing a few more hours I take back the Diablo-ish comment. There's nothing ish about it, it's Diablo and fantastic. The tactics used are the same and even one of the early levels looks the same.

Combat's more tactical though, you've got to use your surroundings. You can vault over low walls but the aliens can't, giving you precious time to reload. Weapon upgrades are more complex than they originally appeared as well.


It's bloody good!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Yes, but you may miss out on it in a deal.


Compare that with how it works on XBL. You get the games for 'free' but can still purchase them to keep. This works with both GwG and Game Pass. 


I find it odd that Sony haven't yet allowed you to spend extra money on their store. Because there have been times I would have paid a bit of money to own one of the games I got on Plus. 

On the flip side. At least I can use my credit to buy anything on the store with Sony, not get forced to find other ways like with MS and 360 titles on XB1

Moan over!

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Was super chuffed to see Tales From the Borderlands - I had it for PC but it ran like a dog and I never finished it as a result.


What a great Telltale series! Geniunely funny,  in fact one of the most amusing games I think I've played, ever. Great and memorable characters, lots of action and brilliant dialogue choices that let you be a complete dick but funny at the same time. Even though most of the characters seem selfish and annoying to begin with, they all grow on you as they develop through the series. I hadn't even played a Borderlands game but it didn't matter, it all makes sense and to be honest I think the universe suits this kind of game much better than a shooter.


Those opening credits though - absolutely brilliant. My favourite was Episode 5, all this epic shit going down to James Blake - beautiful! 


The series has so much more character, flair, style and imagination than any of Telltale's other games, plus a great artistic and audio direction. I really hope they make a season 2 using the same staff and writers. Will have to give Guardians of the Galaxy a shot now that Telltale have proved their comedic mettle. More Telltale series please, PS Plus!

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