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Alvarez trades on being a ginge, his nickname (Canelo) is Spanish for cinnamon. He clearly won the fight last night, Cotto was having to work really hard just to avoid being flattened and he was always going to struggle to keep that up for twelve rounds, he boxed really really well in the first half of the fight but began to run out of steam as Canelo's far heavier shots began to take their toll. Cotto went from outboxing Canelo to just running away from him. He lost the fight by two or three rounds, the cards being as wide as they were was a disgrace.

I nearly posted yesterday before the fight that I didn't feel Cotto could win on points as Canelo has too much earning potential over the next five to ten years to get beaten here and I don't think Cotto is big enough to have won by KO. He still did well, especially considering his age and I don't think losing the fight changes his status in the game whatsoever, he's one of the best boxers of the early 21st century but father time is catching up with him.

I'd like to see Canelo vs Golovkin next. Dunno what they will do about making it happen, if it's at middleweight then GGG will annihilate Canelo in my opinion.

As Canelo has such a large fanbase (he's basically the Mexican Ricky Hatton in terms of popularity) then he has the financial power to dictate terms and it's no big deal to him if the fight doesn't happen next year as he's not long turned 25 while GGG will probably have turned 34 before he fights next. Some bullshit catchweight will probably be agreed, I just hope it doesn't mean GGG steps into the ring drained from trying to make the weight.

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Haye might be back. The heavyweight division really is rubbish.

Sky are pushing the Fury title fight but Fury's PR campaign just seems extraordinarily cheap and disrespectful.


This is pretty embarrassing.

The age thing, the 'fact' that Fury could easily beat any of Klitchko's former opponents and the sauna anecdote is a giant facepalm. Fury's never going to beat this guy.

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I think he is going for a please notice me, casual fan routine. I like him at times when he dials it back. He is coming across cringeworthy,try hard and messy in the build for this though.

If (when) he loses the Fury/Haye fight finaly happining will do decent business for them both. Then the winner can fight Joshua which would be huge here.

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If Vlad jumps on him for a piggy back, it'll be "go to sleep". Go to sleep seems like Fury's catchphrase. I hope he's jabbed and jabbed and jabbed for a unanimous points defeat as that's what he obviously fears from the "you're boring and old" rubbish he's been coming out with.

I think he's way out of his depth.

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Every picture and video I've seen of Vlad and Tyson looks like Vlad is equal if not taller than Fury although there's meant to be 3 inches in it isn't there?

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