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Phoenix Point - New Game by creator of X-Com


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1 hour ago, VN1X said:

This and Mutant Year Zero. :wub:


I liked the new X-COM but it was way too hard for me. Hope these new games will be a tad more forgiving. 

I had a go on this at EGX.


It was hard. Two of my guys died pretty much instantly. I was pretty drunk though.

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so...this has now gone epic store exclusive...and people are a bit miffed...principally, as its written right on the fig page that it will be on steam and gog. And that well, backers are feeling like they have been mislead and used as a loan while it was in dev, until its far enough along that they could get extra funding...



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I just can't be arsed with all these launchers anymore to be honest. Competition is good but not at the cost of choice. Won't be buying Rage 2 either as that's exclusive to the Bethesda launcher, which is pretty much the shittiest of them all.


Oh well, I'm saving money and time this way I suppose.

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2 hours ago, SM47 said:

Isn't this out today? Sorely tempted I must admit. Anyone back the game when it was crowdfunding and had access to the backer builds? I'd like to hear if it stacks up to the latest xcoms.


It's coming to Game Pass, if you have that. 

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Well I for one am super glad this is on EpicGames because that means I got to sign up to an extra service and when I sent them my cash, I got fuck all back in return so can't even play it.

Great job.


I'm only forgiving them because of Laser Squad or I would be pulling this whole place apart.

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1 minute ago, choddo said:

They sold the rights to xcom




The second one is currently sub-£10 on PSN. I loved Enemy Unknown, so part of me wants to snap it up, but I remember it being a lot of effort towards the end, so I'm not sure if I can be bothered. Is 2 as good as UE?

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I did pick this up after. Don't have Game Pass and apparently it's not been certified by Microsoft yet so won't be on there for a little while. I love turned based strategy games and I've played a lot of them. I'd say if you're a fan of the old/new xcoms/the sirtech jagged alliances/battle brothers you'd probably get a lot of mileage out of this. 


I'm not particularly far in, the tutorial is pretty short and it just kinda dumps you into it as soon as it's done. The production values aren't as high as Firaxis' xcoms, but it's still pretty atmospheric. You're competing/working with three other factions of survivors on the geoscape that have their own distinct ideological flavour. The interactions with them give off a strong Alpha Centauri vibe. I'm definitely enjoying that aspect and can't wait to dig further in. Can't comment on the reported bugginess.


The tactical battles seem like a lot of fun, the free aiming mechanic and ballistics simulation is certainly novel. The Pandorans seem like an interesting enemy to fight although I've only done a handful of missions. Looking forward to digging in this week. 

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I've just finished an XCOM2 WotC campaign so might have a short break before trying this, but I'm glad it's getting some good reviews. I've played/owned every Gollop game since Laser Squad and he's never let me down so far. I love how much he and the Firaxis guys like each other's work also. WotC is the best strategy game I've played I think this decade but it doesn't quite have that "simulator" feel of the originals that I love so much.

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Your troops have individual inventories in this and you have to manufacture ammunition to make sure stocks don't run dry. Personally I quite like being a post apocalyptic body horror alien invasion contingency plan bean counter so I don't mind 


Also, the lore encyclopedia entry for Synedrion, one of the three geoscape factions, makes reference to the works of social ecologist Murray Bookchin. Nuff said 

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I've been playing this a lot since it hit game pass and it just feels unfinished.


Literally, there are things that say "NEEDS TEXT" written on them, and i saw an icon that said place holder, and some game breaking bugs! repeatable game breaking, if a mindfragger dies on the aliens turn, it hangs!?!


Then there is the unbalancedness of it, like above mentioned

On 15/12/2019 at 19:31, choddo said:

Hang on, wtf, Some bloody nasty serpenty thing can mind-control 2 of my guys in one turn?!

Yep, that happens, alot, it just feels bollox!? and if you want your man back, you have to kill the thing, not just disable its head (which stops it controlling anyone else?) and they are really tough, which goes against the norm of mind control units.


And the inaneness of having to scan every single bloody icon to find bases!? (yes, you have to find them, not build them) if its there surely it should show with an area scan, i mean, its up there with scanning for iridium!


There is also some real oddness with missions and locations. In that  "special missions" seem to have one map for each of them...but can appear anywhere, so, a mission appears in say Antarctica, but, the map is a forest! who doesn't think to lock the missions to areas that make sense for the tile set being used, heck, the original X-Com had different tile sets of snow, dessert, and whatnot


Never mind the lack of explanation for things!


Tbh, it not being on steam for a year might be a good thing, it might be fixed by then!


What I did REALLY like over "nu" xcom though, was having, what are essentially time units back! the "action points" can be used however you want, and moving a tile costs a percentage of an AP, SO much better!

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