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Rllmuk Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Storm King's Thunder

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EDIT - Have added Info for people interested in D&D or our adventures

1) Anyone can listen in on discord and(if they wish) watch us on Roll20 just PM me for invites. For Roll20.net you only need a free account. Obviously on discord please remain muted - if you want to talk to us at beginning or end of session then that's cool


2) If someone wants to be a guest player then again PM me, you don't have to create a character but it is obviously better if you do (helps you RP). I will find a drop in point for you and there may be a wait as our sessions are only 2.5hrs (honest guv) and if party take 1.5 hrs to get to where you are in the story then you don't get much of a session.


as for longer term joiners - if a guest enjoys playing and wants to continue with us permanently then we'd discuss that with the whole party. Obviously we arent at level 1 - we are level 6 right now so you won't get experience of starting from scratch.


EDIT - ends



Our intrepid troupe of adventurers defeated the Lost Mine of Phandelver ably DM'd by Doctor Shark. They defeated goblins and orcs, liberated members of the Lord's Alliance and 1 out of 3 Dwarves (oops). They defeated the evil Redbrands and made a deal with a Nothic that they welched on! They found Wave Echo Cave, defeated the inhabitants (including a junior beholder!) and found the legendary forge of spells (which wasn't THAT good!).

They also burnt down a tavern killing an innocent, tried to seduce a priestess and failed, made it look like the townmaster had peed his pants, dumped orc parts all over the townmaster's desk to claim a non-existent reward, wrote letters to ensure a priestess was not seduced by a party member,got drunk from a whiff off the barmaids apron AND accidentally cast a spell to force information out of a friendly ally.


After these ups and downs it is time for our adventurers to leave Phandalin and embark on new adventures. But where will they go and what will they do and will they do it without any more burnt taverns or embarrassing gaffes!


Many thanks to our outgoing DM, Doctor Shark on our first adventure with the Lost Mines of Phandelver, if you want to read about that then go to the official thread here... https://goo.gl/QeYHNH


This new adventure carries straight on from our previous endeavours. It is a sprawling campaign arc which gives the players leeway to do pretty much whatever they like. I can't say much more about the plot/arc without giving away spoilers (please try not to google the title to spoil yourselves). Suffice it to say that this campaign covers a pretty huge area and there is plenty of scope for building an intricate world with tons of NPCs, unusual missions, RP and LOTS of danger.


I am now your humble DM who has been jotting down acres of notes to fill in the blanks in the world. As a result Spetzer the cleric is retired(hooray shout the other party members) so the new party consists of


Cora  - a halfling rogue (played by Rikku)
Foehammer - a half-orc barbarian (Played by Heirophant)
Kel'Doran - a elven sorceror (played by MDY)
Farren - An elven Ranger (played by Mogster)


Plus hopefully

Thunderchild? - A dwarven bard (Doctor Shark?)
???? (played by hexx)

???? (played by YOU)


If anyone wants to join our merry band drop a post in this thread. Note that we don't have to have a cleric to replace spetzer as other characters can heal and, as DM, I can balance for lack of healer as well.


Note that all characters will be level 5 with 6500 XP at start. Storm King's Thunder starts at LV5 and also it suggests using the milestone XP award method whereby DM gives XP for completing sections of the adventure which ensure you aren't underpowered. We can still assign XP as we go along as I know you like to see the numbers go up :D


Send me character sheets upgraded to 5th level asap please :)


For continuity purposes Foehammer was given title of Cloak by the Lords Alliance and not Spetzer (plot reasons :) ). In addition to this both Farren and Foehammer can speak and read/write Giant (again plot requires at least 1 party member to have the giant language and by quirk of fate none of us do!)...  Other than that you are all as you are now with all titles, goods etc you had before, please list them on your character sheet


Session Number 1 - 14th May 2017 (and what a season opener :D ) DAY 1 to DAY 4




We found our group catching their breath after dealing with the dragon, running it out of town. The party went to speak to Reidoth and spent the night there hearing his tales of cleansing the land of evil in hope of new settlements springing up anew. They bade him farewell in the morning and headed back to Phandalin and had an uneventful journey.

 DAY 1

Upon returning to Phandalin they went to Harbin at the Townmaster's guild and Foehammer asked for their reward. Harbin attempted his usual bluster but Thunderchild was having none of it and made Harbin feel about 2 inches tall. They got the last of the town's/harbin's slush fund (250gp) and Harbin asked them to deliver a letter to Darathra Shrendrel the Lord Protector of Triboar, when the party asked for money for this errand he called for Sildar who turned up and tried to cool the situation. He also informed Foehammer that there was word that Halia Thornton had fled to Triboar where her faction , the Zhentarim had a presence.

The party retired to the tavern to consider their next action. Upon arrival Spetzer, who was being unusually quiet, received a letter which informed him that there was news from the south which might lead to him finding his father's stolen research materials. He must leave immediately and he handed Cora a pouch with 3 diamonds (worth 300gp) a scroll of revivify (which needs diamonds to cast) and a potion of vitality, spetzer and cora hugged and he warned her not to send letters to priestesses in the south and the party shared their goodbyes with spetzer and he was gone.


They spotted a newcomer at the bar and encountered Tamth, A Cleric of bahamut. there was some wariness but the party agreed to let him tag along to Triboar on their next adventure.


After that they discussed getting horses for the long journey to Triboar (150 ish miles), had a few drinks and went to Lion's Coster to buy provisions and hire some horses. Haggling was done and the end result was no crossbow for Thunderchild , a reasonable price for the horses (very reasonable actually :D she is quite honest) and another letter to deliver (look... all the hooks in the campaign were letters ok! I managed to homebrew it a bit though) this time to the Lion's Share in Triboar to deliver to Alaestra and Narth.


Back to the tavern and the party decided to slice open the letter Harbin wanted delivered. The letter was the usual condescending bluster as he told Darathra to better patrol the region between the two towns and was full of language such as "my dear" to make sure she was in her place. Tamth resealed it successfully then went downstairs (as Cora wouldn't let them see the letter she had) for a hearty meal, drink and bed. Thunderchild played songs and drank til he passed out on the bar and he was carried up to bed by Foehammer.

 DAY 2

Next morning bright and early there was breakfast and a warning from the owner of the inn as to what may lay to the East, terrible tales of mythical beasts, huge creatures laying waste to the region. But then he is an innkeeper, he hears all sorts.


The party went to get their horses and found a young lad who was tasked with handing them over as it was too early for Linene to be up and about. Thunderchild tried to convince the lad that he was meant to have the crossbow as well but the lad had no means of getting into the stores at this hour (he really didn't as Linene is not kind to employees who think for themselves :) ). Sildar was also there and wished them well in their adventures - he took Foehammer aside and told him some things which not all the party are aware of.


the party set out and the first day's travel was uneventful, making camp for the night they set a watch and 16 horse riders and a leader came along in the night, fortunately cora alerted the party who hid until the mysterious riders had passed.




After that the second day and night passed without incident and Triboar was a mere 8 hrs travel away.

 DAY 4

On this  bright morning the party encountered a pair of halflings on horseback, one chasing the other, it pulling alongside and jumped onto the other halfling causing them both to tumble into the road. They were both gripping a small blue egg fighting to own it (a blue egg with intricate carving). They were brothers Bozil and Gable - Gable claimed to have found the egg in a cave and Bozil claimed to have been with him and both wanted the egg and were fighting, kicking and punching to keep it. Foehammer tried to grab them both by the scruff and drag them apart but they both clung to the egg. Tamth cast hold Person but it only held one of them and the other was still kicking so Thunderchild cast suggestion to ask the other to stop. It was a brief respite full of lies back and forthe before the spell was released... Thunderchild shot an arrow between their feet and foehammer used his sword to intimidate them but they continued to fight (and I rolled every one). Finally Cora and Kel'Doran tried to grab the egg from them and, as it was simultaneous, Cora got in first with high intiative and grabbed the egg with a natural 20. The halflings lunged at Cora who immediately skewered one through the heart. Kel'Doran reacted in shock, Foehammer tried to dissuade the remaining halfling by grappling him and failed as it slipped from his grasp. Farren managed to grab it and hold it. Thunderchild cast suggestion on the remaining halfling to try and stop it but sadly that failed.. Tamth was utterly shocked at the apparent brutality of his new party and his horror was amplified as the second halfing tried to reach for Cora and she stepped forward and pushed her rapier through the halfling's eye killing it instantly.


The party stood in shock staring at the two halflings on the ground in a pool of blood, they looked to Cora and...


That is where we leave it for this week.





Session 2 - May 22nd 2017 - Day 4-5




 DAY 4

The session started exactly where we left it with Cora moving to her horse after felling the two halflings who wanted the egg (she handed diamonds and potion to Tamth to empty her pouch to store the egg). Before she reached her horse Kel'Doran and Farren both appealed to Cora to find out what was wrong and why she was so interested in the egg... Croa simply stuck to her line that the halflings attacked her and she was protecting the pretty egg which might one day hatch into a beautiful creature.


As they were distracted 4 Griffons swooped down and attacked the party, unusual behaviour as they would normally grab stray animals such as horses. These seemed to have purpose.. having caught the party unawares Foehammer and Farren took some heavy damage in a surprise round. Foehammer managed to go into a rage and attack his assailant and the party laid into the others. One was going for Cora and wanted to pin her down and was scrabbling at her belongings. Kel'Doran managed to shocking grasp the Griffon next to him and escape to a safe distance.


Thunderchild cast Fear and caught the griffon who was pinning Cora and Cora herself in the spells effect. Both set off at a great pace to escape thunderchild. Foehammer easily defeatd one griffon and was about to kill a 2nd when thunderchild sneakliy shot it with his crossbow. The Griffon next to Tamth went toe to toe with Tamth for several rounds, he cast Spiritual weapon and tried to keep the party healthy until he was felled by a massive blow from the Griffon - Thunderchild cast healing word and broguth him back but now the Girffon had fled  chasing down Cora, easily catching her and pinning her for round after round. Thunderchild landed some blows as did Kel'Doran but Farren with his long range bow skills killed the final Griffon.


After the battle the party found 4 of their horses, rested and buried the 2 halflings... Cora also constructed a harness and pouch to strap to herself to keep her egg safe. Cora was grilled again but she seemed quite reasonable and then party set out for Triboar. Due to the delay they had to camp out one more night and they set up watches. The evening passed without incident apart from Farren sneakily trying to cut the pouch from Cora's harness. Unfortunatly he woke Cora who had a short conversation and stormed off Farren and Tamth followed her and tried to talk to her but she was stealthed so they had no chance. The party's opinion on the egg was split by this stage some outwardly saying they should leave her alone and not try to take it, others were worried.


Morning dawned and after breakfast Tamth asked if he could look at the Egg, Cora let him and he cast Detect Magic. He detected no magic but felt here was something "different" about the egg. The party then set off for Triboar.


As they approached they came across farmsteads,a  boarded up inn and an old delapidated wooden building too large for a house and a stables... they spoke to a stable lad who told them where they could find Lionshields Coster to return their horses. When told party names he stopped at the name Foehammer and asked if he knew Ghelryn Foehammer who runs the forge to the north of town.


On the way they came acoss the central tower/keep of the Town where Darathra resides. They saw the banne rwith three boars on it and all wondered as to it's significance until Kel'Doran pointed out it was three boars... Triboar.


They went inside to meet Darathra to deliver the letter from Harbin and shortly were interrupted by two farmhands exiting complaining that something must be done. Darathra sighed and beckoned the party in explaining that their father had gone missing nearly 10 years ago and a priest had recently told them that their father was still in town! The party delivered the letter which Darathra found most amusing, Harbin being a pompous fool as ever and gave them 50gp for their trouble. Then there was some exposition :) and information was gathered as follows


- Jacoby and Perrson Hysstryn lost their brother 10 years ago and the priest in the Talking troll called Silveraan Longhshank told them he was still in town. If the party want to investige she pays 10gp up front and 40gp if they find info. They accepted the 10gp upfront.

- Halia - they asked but Darathra knew nothing of her but if she is Zhentarim then ask Urlam Stockspool Who runs the Triboar Travellers

- Asked if there was any trouble in town she spoke vaguely about troll attacks to south and talk of other villages being attacked by Giants.

- Inns - The Six Windows run by Tolmara Hysstryn wife of missing Mirak and sister-in-law to Jacoby and Perrson. She seems a little "odd" spying on guests

      - Northshield house - homely inn run by Urgala Meltimer  ex adventurer

     - EverWyvern House - posh place with owner who doesnt accept riff raff - high prices.

    - Triboar's arms - nice place to south


And that is where the session drew to a close




Session 3 - 28th May 2017 - Day 5-6





Thunderchild and Foehammer seemed very quiet and the party decided to head to the Lion's Share to deliver Linene's letter. They arrived to find the co-owner Narth Tezrin standing distraught in his store the shelves bare and the floor littered with detritus. The party asked what had happened and he told them they had been robbed in the night, their valuables stolen and the shop ransacked. Cora handed over the letter which Narth read, it was a simple letter from Linene keeping them up to date with Phandalin business, mentioning that the party were very helpful with the redbrand problem and saying that she wanted to reward them with a special item. Unfortunately the item was stolen by the thief in the night. If the party could help track the thief then they would give the party the two magical items and 10% off anything in their store.

 Tamth, Foehammer and Thunderchild stayed downstairs and helped tidy up and Cora, Farren and Kel'Doran went upstairs to investigate the crime scene. Tracks were hard to find downstairs but Farren found some leading from the second story window to a room. This room had a secret door in it which was open and the closet/vault was empty. Narth said that they had a strongbox in there with their valuables in and it was now gone. The harness and grapplng hook used in the robbery had been left by the thief (they established the harness was old and the hook new although the harness was made to be silent in operation, leather covering metal hooks) and they had exited downstairs thru the shop and trashed it. Sadly by the time they reached the ground floor the tracks vanished as Tamth had swept up :D


In the meantime Foehammer had suddenly become more animated, went outside and drove off the party's horses. WHen questioned about this all he would say is that the thieves did it. If anyone dared question him he simply said "THE THIEVES DID IT". Fortunately they hadnt told Narth that they were returning rented horses so all was well(??)
The party asked if they had enemies and Narth mentioned that the townfolk weren't keen on them as they were "new" and they were competition in the market. Given the hook and harness they asked who in the town might produce them and they mentioned Othovir the harness maker and Ghelryn Foehammer(!) and Uldinath the two blacksmiths.

The party progressed north to Othovir's harness shop and upon entering Farren asked if Othovir made harnesses, Othovir looked at all the harnesses hanging on hooks , turned back to Farren and said yes I do. THe party handed over the harness and Othovir said it was functional and silent, a thieves device. He claimed not to have made it (his goods are finer than this). Farren checked a harness hanging up and saw it was finely made with an emblem impressed onto the leather.

The party moved on to Ghelryn Foehammer's forge and Foehammer suddenly perked up! He approached and asked where he got his name... The dwarf replied saying ti was his father's name and his father's before him( Gheldred (his father) and Daren (grandfather)). Foehammer asked if they were brothers and the Dwarf said no you are a half orc and I am a dwarf and then said something disparaging about half breeds. Kel'Doran rose to this remark and Ghelryn said no offence I just don't have much truck with the idea of half breeds. FOehammer made some threatening moves but left, with Cora. Asked about the hook and theft he showed no interest in the Lion's share's tribulations as they were newcomers and taking business away. Given some persuasion he said that yes he did make it and he sold it to Darz Helgar who worked at the campgrounds.

The party headed to the the campgrounds with Foehammer in a foul mood. They found Darz Helgar turning over soil and burying animal waste. They approached and asked him a few probing questions and it didn't take much for him to give himself up. He had indeed done the deed, he claimed to have been blackmailed by Kaelen Sarssir, the proprietor of the Talking Troll. Kaelen knew that Darz was a member of thieves Guild in Waterdeep and he'd been caught and spent 10 yrs in Waterdeep dungeons. Darz was trying to go straight but Kaelen needed coin and told Darz to do the deed or he would tell Darathra of his past. Foehammer asked if he should slit him in two and others talked of handing him over to the authorities... Cora spoke for him after discussing the thieves guild in thieves cant... then the party FORCED thunder child to give his opinion (the DM obliged begrudgingly and called Darz a "wee shite not worth bothering with"). Foehammer decided to leave him as did Cora. Tamth gave him 5 gold and told him to leave his old life behind. Kel'Doran told Farren that we all have a past and we are not always proud of it and left...  Farren looked a bit dazed by this and followed the party in disbelief.

It was now around 6pm and the party headed to the Talking Troll to speak to Kaelen. On arrival Foehammer took control with a softly softly approach and bought a round of very nice expensive dwarven ale. He exchanged pleasantries with the owner and then bought another round, this time for the whole bar( 6 drunk patrons at this time of day)... more pleasantries and another roiund (the bar was filling up by now)... They drank the dwarven ale keg dry and moved onto the next best ale and the rapidly flling bar had 13 rounds bought for them in all... The bar got fuller and fuller as people ran out to tell their friends of the great generous adventurers within. Foehammer regaled them with tales of the party's adventures which drew cheers and raucous reactions from all the patrons and one drunk rambled about giant attacks . During this Foehammer was asked if he had a plan which he said he did. When questioned the owner,Kaelen, said he was an actor who wanted to turn this place into a theatre (a pipe dream the party thought). Tamth cast Command on Kaelen to get him to "disclose" but a great dc save roll meant that Kaelen simply accused Tamth of messing with his mind!

The Priest Silvarren was in the bar and the party/Foehammer found out he was a priest of Helm and from the owner, that he had a large tab to pay off before he couild move on to the destination of his pilgrimmage and that he  was staying at the 6 windows guest house. Foehammer started talking about the dwarf and him not being worthy of the name of Foehammer, and hints of Foehammer complaining of not getting the respect he deserved. At this point Foehammer admitted to not having a plan.

During this Cora slipped into the backroom stealthily and found Kaelen's bedroom and found the strongbox stolen from the Lion's share with 190gp 5 gems worth 20 gp each and 1 backpack and 1 bag. She slipped back into the bar and confronted Kaelen who caved and admitted he had blackmailed Darz to steal the box from the Lion's share. He offered them 20% stake in his business and the two bags if they kept quiet about it. Instead the party told him to hand over the stolen goods, they would return them and leave Kaelen's fate in their hands. With no other option he handed over the box and the party left. As Foehammer walked out the door he simply collapsed in a drunken heap (13 rounds turned out to be too much even for a Half-orc). The party dragged him to the campgrounds to make camp for the night (being nearly 1am and they hadn't secured lodgings)


DAY 6 (yes all of the above was still day 5!!!)


The evening passed without incident and they awoke. They returned to the Lion's Share to hand over the stolen goods. Narth and Alaestra were overjoyed to have their belongings returned and he gave them the two bags (a Heward's Handy Haversack (3 storage areas two 20lbs and 1 80lbs like a mini bag of holding) and a grey bag of tricks(random animals!)). The party divulged the indentity of Kaelen but not Darz and left them with the information to do with as they wanted (thanks for that , making me think!).





Session 4 - 4th June 2017 - DAY 6 (still)


We found our party outside the Lion's share after delivering good news to the owners and accepting their reward, a hewards handy haversack for Farren and a gray bag of tricks for Cora. THe temptation was too much and cora pulled a fuzzy object from the bag. She threw it down and a boar popped into existence. She was so pleased that she named it Spetzer. Foehammer seemed unimpressed and maybe thought lunch had arrived early :D

The party discussed their next step and decided to headed to six windows inn to talk to the priest Silvarren Longshank about the information he passed onto the Hysstryn brothers.

It was a pleasant morning but six windows looked as dour and poorly maintained as ever. They knocked and Tolmara Hysstryn answered. She went to check with Silvarren and on her return told them to wait in the drawing room and offered them tea (Cora left "Spetzer the boar" outside). Cora cased the joint while she was gone but there was just some decent furniture and a thin layer of dust. The priest arrived and they exchanged pleasantries until the tea arrived... 3 pots of tea nettle, mint and fruit. Kel'Doran and Foehammer had nettle, Fruit for Cora (disposed of) and mint for Thunderchild, Tamth and Farren. The Priest(mint) explained he was from Neverwinter but left under a cloud and had been dismissed and sent to a retreat in Red Larch (Allfaiths temple) to reconnect with his god (Helm), unfortunately he had run up some debt(15gp) at the Talking troll and could not leave until it was paid. He admitted to them after some persuasion that Mirak was, in fact,  dead within Triboar but not buried beneath the ground. He said communing with gods was always fraught but the message seemed clear. Cora gave him gold to cover his debt so he could go to his retreat. Farren and Tamth were not happy with him not being honest with the brothers about the situation and left. He said that he only got involved and consulted Helm as the Brothers offered him drinks. He said he was going to leave that day to continue his journey to Red Larch.

The party left and headed up to the farm owned by the Hysstryn Brothers. They found Jacoby working in the field and passed on the extra information the priest had kept from them about their father's death. He was distraught, the party asked him  about where he could be buried and Jacoby said they thought he'd run off as their dad was  a "bit of a sort". He also mentioned an affair he had with Urgala Meltimer. He left town not long after that. He asked if the party could find out where he had gone.

The party then moved on to the Northshield boarding house, to rent some rooms, but also to speak to Urgala Meltimer... She turned out to be a very jolly ex adventurer who was playful,flirty and a thoroughly good sort or so it seemed. She recognised Foehammers heritage as not being "orc" but of adventuring stock and noble. She also seemed knowledgable of races within the party. She had adventured with a party for many years until 10 yrs ago when her wife Mera was killed in the Underdark. She knew of giant attacks and had fought giants previously (2 hill and 1 stone) but not defeated them- she recommended giving them a bloody nose and then running. She had also met a legendary "friendly" Frost Giant called Harshnag last seen in the Nether Mountains. She said he trusted smallfolk (all smaller races are smallfolk to giants) whereas many giants did not or could not. Giants were not evil, they varied and  just did not see smallfolk as equals. Harshnag had said that smallfolk ruled the land because the Giants and Dragons retreated and Dragons were the real problem not smallfolk. At this point the party mentioned the green dragon, venomfang, that they had driven off. Urgala noted down the name (names have power) - and noted that green dragons were deceitful and it would create a new lair and continue to build power. The flirting continued (To Foehammer, Cora and Farren mainly) and the party ended up taking 6 rooms for 3 nights at 140sp.

After a stumbling embarrassed question from Cora about the "affair" Urgala openly admitted to the affair she had with Mirak and said he had left shortly after the affair ended. She was sad to learn of Mirak's passing (he had comforted her when she first arrived and the loss of her wife was still raw). She said she had no obvious dealings with Tolmara but out of guilt she would sometimes say her inn was full and send business Tolmara's way. Before departing the party asked if there were any fights to be had. Urgala chuckled and slapped foehammer on the arm and said he must be missing the action. Sadly she told them that the only action nearby was the idiot Hyuth Kolstaag at Boar's rest a rich retired adventurer. He had been attacked by 3 assassins and the sound of thunder and lightning filled the night (he was a mage). He ran them off but since then he had deployed 4 gargoyles at his house which had been bothering locals by diving down on them.

The party decided to pay Hyuth a visit at Boar's Rest to see if there was some help they could offer in finding assassins. There was a short chat with Foehammer but it seemed Hyuth was unworried by assassins and unperturbed by the locals or his gargoyle activity. He was pompous and dismissive and the party left him to it (although one of them did harass Tamth).


After  this disappointment the party decided to revisit 6 windows under the pretence of renting rooms so that Cora could sneak around the place to find clues, they did not want to traumatise the widow! Foehammer talked to her as cora stealthed up the upstairs hallway and found a trapdoor to attic. Farren joined her and opened it for Cora but it was noisy and creaked... Tolmara came out and shouted at them so Farren put cora in the attic but it was dark so he handed her a torch and told Tolmara they were buidling inspectors (she did not believe a word of it!)... Cora discovered a pile of bones in the attic - Tolmara started wailing and sobbing on her knees. Tamth went up to the attic and touched the skelton to investigate it and it animated... At this point Cora thought the best course of action was to throw up a random creature from her bag of tricks - this time a Giant rat appeared! and kel doran fired chill touch up into the attic which disabled/killed skeleton. Tamth cast speak with dead and asked 5 questions - The corpse said it was Mirak and said that he had been killed by tolmara who put him in a barrel with a snake which bit him and he died. He said he didn't want revenge.

At this news they confronted Tolmara but Cora saw that her eyes were blank, she seemed "gone". Foehammer went to bring the Hysstryn brothers to their mother and Kel'Doran went to speak to Darathra to deal with Tolmara. Tamth was convinced that the mystery was not yet solved however!

Foehammer went upto the farm and spoke to Jacoby and got them to come down to 6 windows.

Kel'Doran reached the square to find Darathra instructing 12 guards before sending them South. She greeted him but seemed distracted. Kel'Doran told her about Mirak being killed by Tolmara and she asked for Tolmara to be brought to the keep as she could not leave as her troops had gone south.

At that moment two loud bangs came from the East, Darathra thought for a second and simply said "giant attack" and rushed off east. There were two bangs to the North as well. Kel'Doran shot fire bolts in the air to alert his colleagues and gave chase. The party saw them and headed off to the square telling the brothers to  look after Tolmara. Darz Helgar and Narth Tarzin joined Darathra heading east and Kel'Doran followed. He saw a boulder embedded in a house and another boulder nearby (both with flames licking around them) he also saw a number of creatures to the east setting fire to dwellings (screams from at least one house) villagers running towards them screaming and a number of Orcish looking beasts in the road scaring the populace.

Also several more bangs were heard to North by Farren, Cora, Tamth and Kelsten. They also saw Othovir leave his store and look/head north towards the sound of the bangs.


And that was there we left it.



Session 5 - 11th June 2017 - DAY 6 (Yep Still day 6!!!)




We carried on exactly from where we left our intrepid party. Magmins were burning down farms to the east and Orogs were scaring off the villagers. The party were joined by Darathra, Urgala Meltimer and Narth Tezrin (Darathra told Darz Helgar to go north to see what the noise was up there).

The magmins had set fire to 4 houses already and as the party raced towards the action Urgala put out the fire on the nearest farm. The magmins moved to fresh targets and the orogs continued to scare the townsfolk who were running away towards the Keep.

The party continued to race forwards as a magmin set fire to Urgala's inn.,.. she rushed back to put it out and was attacked by an Orog who gave her a good hit and sadly her return attacks were ineffective... obviously her adventurer muscles were rusty.

 Finally the party had some sort of attack opportunity and Foehammer got some hits in on an Orog and Farren started firing arrows in multiple directions getting good kills. Cora also fired her bow and got some long range hits in. the Orogs were well armoured so tricky to hit at range. Thunderchild cast heat metal on one of the orogs near Foehammer and its plate armour started to cook him and nothing he could do about it.

At this point screams were heard from a nearby house, it was ablaze and had two children in the windows screaming for help. Foehammer and cora and Farren fired at multiple targets but it was tough to bring the orogs down. Tamth cast bless on party members and brought up a spiritual weapon (which attacked the magmins effectively). The magmins continued south and set a few more houses on fire.

Kel'Doran saw three orogs in a tight formation and shot a fireball at them doing them big damage but not killing them! As a result they rushed up to Narth and Kel'Doran - both took hits and Narth was knocked out. Tamth saved him with a healing word and helped to keep the party up. Foehammer swung away at orogs with success (big damage here again - 3 of the orogs took most damage from him)...  and farren kept downing orogs with arrows as they were lower on health.

Cora showed concern for the children but was too far away so fired more arrows at the intruders. Darathra reached the house and shouted for the child to jump. Tragically the child jumped and daratha did not catch correctly damaging both Darathra and the child. The child was knocked unconcious but fortunatley by 1 hp was not dead (yep 1 more and it was double her hit points and she would have been gone). Urgala persuaded the other one to jump and the same thing happened again but this time the damage did not down the child. Thunderchild lept forward and cast healing word to save the unconscious child.

All of the Orogs now centred on the party seeing them as big threat and more than just a distraction... Kel'doran and Narth were holding their own against the orogs. One Orog told Kel'Doran "we will kill you and Duke Zalto will grind your bones into the dust" - Kel'Doran spun round between two Orogs and used shocking grasp on both (excellent twinned spell) which killed one stone dead and the other severely weakened... Narth got a nat 20 that didnt quite down the orog but farren finished it I think.

 Thunderchild who had been inspiring people and using vicious mockery and hold person to control the Orog threat darted to the northwest to see what the commotion was and saw two fire giants in the camping grounds one of which was digging.

The party mopped up the remaining attackers (including some good damage from Foehammer/Cora and  good moves by Darathra and Urgala) and headed to the camping grounds to find 6 orcs 2 orogs more magmins and 2 fire giants occupying the campgrounds. Darz was there hiding and got in a nice sneak attack. However one fire giant over 20ft tall strode forward followed by the orcish creatures and held the campgrounds.

The party used Slow (Kel'Dran, Fear, hypnotic pattern(Thunderchild) and Spike Growth(Farren) to try and keep the giants at bay but they realised that this was a big threat. Others, like Cora took potshots at the orcs and orogs.


The one fire giant did all the talking telling "Okssort" to keep digging - he taunted the party by saying they were insignificant small folk. A lightning bolt by Kel'Doran was shrugged off as a tickle by the Fire giant (at same time killing two orcs dead in one hit). Urgala raced forward and attacked the Fire Giant and did the most damage in one go and he chuckled calling her a "giant slayer".

The Fire giant kept the party at bay and lobbed three rocks that did big damage to Tamth, Kel'Doran and Darathra (fortunately for you he didnt get in melee range). At this point Okssort told him he had found it. And he pulled out a c shaped fragment of metal/gem (it was like a greenish metal) - it was very heavy (Okssort could only just carry it) and 11 ft long and the raiding party started to retreated. Thunderchild cast suggestion to find out what "the thing was that they were digging up" and the Fire Giant stopped and turned back to the party and started his reply by saying that it was "a piece of the vonindod" , noone knew what that was but Urgala reacted to the name. Just as he was about to continue speaking ..... TO BE CONTINUED....


Thankyou for your patience on that one. That was a super complicated battle but I hope it was worth the effort :)




Session 6 - Sunday 18th June 2017 - Days 6-8 (yeah we got beyond day 6!)



Day 6


 The party faced a Fire Giant and Thunderchild had just cast suggestion requesting info on what they had "just dug up"


The Fire Giant told them it was part of the Vonindon and was to be returned to Duke Zalto at Ironslag. Then he said that the smallfolk had no reason to know such things and why were they asking/interested. He indicated the "giant slayer" Urgala Meltimer and said "See what happens to even the best giant slayer amongst smallfolk" then he hit her and knocked her out in one blow he strode forward and hit Thunderchild for being impudent for asking such questions via suggestion(damaging him severely). He then called out for a champion of the smallfolk to face him.


Kel'Doran held fast as did Farren..Cora darted forward to stabilise Urgala (successfully). Then the giant hit Thunderchild and knocked him out (to be stabilised by Tamth), turned his attention to Foehammer and hit him hard too. Foehammer hit back with two decent blows and Darathra called for a retreat.


Kel'Doran chill touched two remaining Magmins  destroying them (40 xp each), farren fired two arrows but both failed to hit the giant (sorry mogster). Cora pulled forth a fuzzball from the bag of poorly rolled animals and got a weasel!  The Fire Giant hit foehammer with some crushing blows but foehammer stood firm and hit back hard. Tamth commanded the Fire Giant to retreat which it did next turn, Foehammer took full advantage and hit it as it retreated. Again Darathra called for a retreat.


As the other giant and orcs retreated North Foehammer tried to follow and Farren fired two arrows at the giant, both hitting home and doing severe damage.. Cora helped to carry Urgala as Foehammer got hit again twice knocking him out.,.. fortunately his orcish blood kept him up and he hit back the blows staggering the giant slightly. Tamth healed as many as he could bringing Urgala up to consciousness  and giving much need hit points to Thunderchild and Foehammer.


Ke'Doran held a magic missile attack to see if the Giant would attack after command wore off. He did and he downed Foehammer with two more blistering blows from his greataxe.  Urgala and Darathra urged a retreat... The magic missiles damaged the Giant but not enough to bring him down. Cora stabilised Foehammer and Thunderchild pulled one last spell from his arsenal and suggested that the Giant head north and retreat and keep going. This worked and the party was left to lick its wounds.

The party and the town defenders went to the Northshield boarding house to take stock, take on ale and eat stew. Aileen served up a seemingly endless supply of ale  and stew. When questioned about the vonindod Urgala said it was a "contsruct" or an "artifact" (not weapon) that helped the giants defeat the dragons and she had no idea why they might need it now. Questions were asked about her being a giantslayer and she said it wasn't a skill that could be learned quickly/easily but there was a giantslayer weapon with Halfoss at Zymorven Hall that might aid the party.


She also was at a loss to explain the attacks as Giants treated smallfolk as an infestation not to be bothered with. If they were searching for great artifacts then either the dragons posed a threat to the Giants  or the Ordning was in danger. The Ordning was put in place by Annam the All-Father god of giants and created a social strata for giants.. Hill Giants at bottom and Cloud/Storm at the top. It helped to create order amongst the giants, there were often spats between castes but nothing on this scale.


Darathra said that this news was most worrying and asked if the party would deliver a badge and a message to Dral Thelev, a Half Orc friend at the Danivarr’s House tavern in Everlund. It was a message to the Harpers there and if delivered there would be a great reward. Othovir pitched in at this point and drunkenly suggested that the party might be interested in some magic items held in a tower at Silverymoon that belonged to his family... he did not go into detail but indicated his family would not miss them and the party would make better use of them! He also indicated that the party woul dhave to take them by nefarious means.


There was more talk long into the night but eventually the party took their battle-weary bones to bed and rested long and well.


Day 7


Next morning they woke bright and early, Cora found a note next to her bed that simply said "Remember" and was signed "K.T." - out of character info - Thunderchild was gone but the party had no knowledge of him ever being with the party... Cora has a cryptic note she does not understand and that is all.


After breakfast Cora went to the ruins of the apothecary to see if there was anything left worth swiping. She found nothing expect the proprietor looking through the rubble. His gratitude for the party saving the town led to him handing over a healing potion, his last remaining stock from his shop.


Kel'doran went to the Boar's rest to consult with Kolstaag and ask him about Cora's "blue egg" trying to appeal to his better nature. Sadly Kolstaag does not have a better nature but he had some interest in the egg saying it was connected to a blue Dragon (he was evasive here). He said its influence would only get worse as time went on. He suggested that removing the curse from the egg or dispelling its magic was not easy (altho you could remove the curse from the person) but if they destroyed the egg then the connection would be broken. Kel'Doran shared this information with Foehammer and noone else.


Tamth went to the Lion's share to see how things were and Narth said all things considered it was going well... Alaestra seemed less enamoured with him but, other than that, grateful.


The party then reconvened and went to see Urlam Stockspool to try and track down Halia. The party told him that Halia had stolen from them and he did not seem surprised.. they also mentioned murder but Urlam seemed unperturbed by this given Neznarr's proclivities. He recompensed the party for their losses (75 gp for 2 potions but they only lost one, sneaky Cora) and told them she would be dealt with, and she was on her way to Yartar. There was a man dressed in black silks in attendance but he wasn't interrogated.


Back to the centre of town and Darathra was waiting to greet them with offers of 5 fresh well bred horses, who were well trained for battle. Plus a +1 longbow given for solving the mystery of the missing Hysstren Perrsson. The sons gladly gave the weapon bequeathed to them by their grandfather who was lost in Gwaeron's Slumber.,


day 7-8

Nothing much happened on the road to Yartar until they got closer and the river ran alongside the main thoroughfare. At this point the party spotted 4 giant seagulls dragging something substantial from the river. After driving off the seagulls the party discoverd it was a cocoon and inside was a naked young man (20s). As he recovered he told them his name was Artan Rossolio he had no idea where he had been, all he remembered was


 - He was at the Rossolio Manor, getting ready to go out alone. He can’t remember where to, unfortunately.
 - He remembers something about a golden goose, but he can’t quite place it.
 - There was definitely a beautiful woman involved. She had black hair, and a gorgeous purple dress. He can’t remember her name.


at this point he was wracked with agonising convulsions which caused him to take damage. He asked the party to take him to  House Rossolio to see his mother Lady Dezhia Rossolio who would reward them for his return.


The convulsions continued until the party worked out he had to be kept wet for some reason. This was solved by throwing him in the river on a regular basisi until they reached the city walls.


They approached the guard at the city walls and then... tune in next week





Session 7 - Sunday 25th June - Day 8



Day 8


The party approached The City and a guard met them holding shields emblazoned with a shield emblem, the city walls were impressive from afar but up close were wooden and patchworked as if being repaired and restored over the years. They told the guard they were here to deliver Artan Rossolio back to his family and the guards let the party through giving them directions. Artan pointed out he could find his own house and led them there. On arrival he let himself in called forth and Khemed appeared, a rather rude butler, he was unsurprised by the dishevelled appearance of Artan and went to alert Dezhia Rossolio of her son's return with "guests".


Cora debated hiding/waiting so she could tie his shoes together but by then he had returned. He told them to go into the drawing room, Tamth asked him to fetch jugs of water for Artan and patted him on the shoulder which Khemed looked at disdainfully, Kel'Doran cast prestidigtiation to put a stain on the back of Khemed's jacket (luckily DM forgot to roll perception for Khemed on that!). Once in the room they met with Lady Dezhia Rossolio, white-haired , in her 60s and a bit of a haughty one. She "thanked" the party for returning her son and with some prompting rewarded them with 100gp. She mentioned that she had heard on the grapevine that other nobles had gone missing from two other families the Salzbergs and she wasnt sure who the other was, gossip about nobles rarely gets out to the populace but between houses gossip leaks.


Kel'Doran warned her about Artan's condition and she said she would get the family priest to take care of him.. Khemed arrived and was told of the condition and poured the water on him and led him to Artan's quarters.


When asked about the golden goose she recalled that the linen maid had wooden coins with the symbol of a goose on them. Her name was Mirabel Shanks. They also asked her about the beautiful woman in purple but to no avail. She suggested that the party head to Waterbaron Nestra Ruthiol and make inquiries. If the party could help solve the mystery she would reward them with 500gp and another 500gp if they find Artan's pendant which has great sentimental value. They asked for a recommendation for a place to stay and she suggested the Jester & Pipe.


As the party left they asked Khemed if he knew where Mirabel lived, and he did not. As they left they were quickly accosted by a guard who gruffly told them to leave... when they explained their position he relented and apologised but said it was a posh neighbourhood and they pay alot to keep it that way. If the party had business there they would be escorted. They asked for directions to the keep and for an inn recommendation. He suggested the Maiden's Cellar run by a halfling.


The party headed to the keep and met with Nestra Ruthiol a rather brusque lady who was surprisingly open. She spoke about the disappearances of Jakkob and Timothy. Asked about the golden goose she immediately thought of the barge casino. She told them that one of the victims frequented the casino on the boat, the Grand Dame which is run by Lord Khyspere Drylund and administered by Pow Ming. She said if answers were on board the party would need to be dressed as nobles and they were NOT dressed as nobles currently. SHe offered a 300gp reward for solving the mystery and sent the party on their way with a warning that she would deny all knowledge if the party got into trouble.


The party went to the Maiden's Cellar and found Rixa working there.. she offered them rooms for 5sp each total of 30 for 6 - when told there were only 5 of them she shook her head for a moment swearing she had seen a 6th and then corrected herself to 25sp. She sold Tamth a nice Dwarven ale and when asked she told them that a good place to get clothes that sort of look posh./noble was to go to Marger Parsey's shop the Stich in time.


Upon arrival they found a very friendly halfing who sold them 3 sets of "fancy" clothes that would pass muster for 15gp. She didn't have anything off the shelf in Foehammer's size however. With their new clothes the party put together a daring plan over dinner!


Ok well they decided to pitch up at the quay with Kel'Doran posing as a noble young lad to get kidnapped, that was the plan anyway. As they approached the quay they stealthed into an alley but Tamth tripped and fell, his plate mail clanking so he tried to look nonchalant elsewhere. The lady in Purple was entering the barge as they arrived so they had to change plans. Farren and Cora changed into their posh gear and along with Kel'Doran they approached the barge. Foehammer and Tamth were the body guards. However the ships crew did not allow bodyguards on the barge so they had to wait outside.


Kel'doran, Cora and Farren entered and were met by Pow Ming who explained how the casino worked with two games operating and golden goose chips worth 10 gp each. They each bought 5 which almost set off Pow Ming's suspicious side but a lucky roll for the party meant she let it go.


As the gamblers scanned the tables Tamth and Foehammer stole a rowing boat and followed the barge as best they could with a very good stealth check. they tucked into a buffet and considered storming the boat. Meanwhile Cora was playing Kobold's Knuckles with no idea of the rules and lost. Lady Atalia (the Lady in purple) was playing Sava (A drow version of chess) and beat her opponent and Farren slid into the empty chair with suave sophistication (or so he thought!). He exchanged chit chat and settled into a game for which he was ill prepared and lost. At this point he made an innocuous enquiry upon which she told Farren she wanted to speak to them but not here - meet her in a quieter spot when the grand dame pulled back into the quay.


On return to the quay they followed Lady Atalia into an alley and she explained that she had helped with the abductions. Basically a sorceror called Oosith had come into town and quickly spotted her telepathic abilities (hence why she defeated Farren and saw through the party)... he threatened her with death unless she attracted young men to the sewer entrance and let his associate take them down to the sewers. She had done it through fear and taken 3 young lads there but she wanted to be free. the party said they would help and headed into the sewer.


The sewer was pitch black and smelled very bad. Farren found some tracks so they edged forward til they found "water" upon which farren jumped over it to see if the tracks carried on which they did. The others jumped to join him but had to light a torch so that those without darkvision could see. This drew the attention of some inhabitants and 5 Kua-Toa approached whilst one headed north.


Initiative was rolled and battle commenced. Cora got a hit in and Tamth got in a decent sacred flame and brought up his spiritual weapon which killed one of them. The "fishpeople" attacked but barely scratched the party. Foehammer made two strong attacks weakening one Kua-Toa significantly. Farren fired arrows one hit and one miss and Kel'Doran firebolted the creatures and one more fell.


The battle continued with Tamth downing 3 of the fish people and Cora's sneak attack doing lots of damage until the appearance of a larger creature with tentacles and a maw filled with razor sharp teeth. It pushed forward and hit the first target it saw, Foehammer. It's two tentacles hit but the bite missed , even so Foehammer took big hits and was restrained. He tried to break free but couldn't and the others fired arrows, firebolts, spiritual weapons and sneak attacks as the creature slammed foehammer into the wall repeatedly while swiping at him with another tentacle and biting chunks out of him. This punishment continued until the party defeated the Otyugh, but not before one final bite diseased Foehammer.


The party grabbed a moment to catch their breath before deciding on their next action :)



Session 8 - Sunday 12th July - Day 8-9



The party were catching their breath after defeating the Otyugh and the Kua-toa (fish people). The guts and offal of an estimated 15 victims were strewn between pools in the Otyugh's lair. A quick search by Kel'Doran turned up a hand crossbow (to cora) 5 silver pieces and a potion of water breathing (although you didn't recognise it at the time :D ).


The party moved forward with Farren carefully investigating and following the tracks of the remaining Kua-toa leading to a ladder heading down. Foehammer led the way down into a cavernous chamber with walkways, valves and drains. They saw two Merrow standing by the valves. A voice greeted them which was only in their heads saying "Welcome, friends. I apologize for the unpleasant locale. If you would step into my office, I have more suitable accomodations for a private discussion.". Oosith said he had the nobles captured but realised Atalia had betrayed him and the game was up, he had no wish to fight.


The party for some reason thought this was a trap (I wonder why). Cora questioned whether the merrow would attack and oosith said they were under his control. Cora asked for proof "make them dance" she said and they danced. Cora walked right upto one of them and again no reaction or attack... The party cautiously moved forward as they questioned Oosith more - this was a tense standoff... Eventually they moved forward and once they reached the centre they could see the office but the voice rang out in their heads telling the Merrow to release the valves. They turned the valves allowing water to flood into the chamber and combat began.


With water rushing in and the level rising Cora tried the door of office which was unlocked and shot one of the Merrow which seemed to break it's trance like state and it uttered something abominable and looked deep into the water. Two drains were opened by members of the party and Farren tried to attack the other Merrow but although the attack hit the Merrow did not change its trance.


Then a creature surfaced, a Large aberration with 3 eyes , 4 swirling tentacles and a vicious looking tail. Oosith concentrated on the Merrow and tried to influence it once more but failed and it submerged itself again. The water had risen by 4 feet by now and cora struggled over to a drain valve and released it so 3 were now open. The last was released by Tamth(or Farren). The Merrow was attacked and it seemed to break its reverie... Foehammer ran and leapt over to the valve to the south and readied himself to close it  but the newly released Merrow closed it instead. The other merrow attacked its enslaver and harpooned it (almost the only time the Merrow's manage a hit!) Farren also fired at Oosith and damaged him.


Oosith resurfaced and tried to enslave Farren and he did indeed fall under the spell and was charmed. Cora swam/dashswam over to the merrow to the north closed the valve and started to shoot arrows at Oosith with some success. Tamth used sacred flame and held onto his healing spells whilst casting Bless on everyone but Foehammer (bloody good move that!). Farren fired two arrows at Kel'Doran under instructions from Oosith but both missed due to his powerful staff/shield. Foehammer jumped back to the centre of the chamber and pushed Farren into the water. The merrow moved towards Oosith and tried to attack but their blows fell short. Oosith rose once more tail whipped one of the Merrow and enslaved Foehammer.


The water drained from the chamber leaving Oosith exposed Cora fired another arrow but to no avail as Kel'Doran unleashed a fireball that did big damage to Oosith but he seemingly was not badly damaged. Farren pulled himself up and fired arrows at Kel'Doran this time hitting him and damaging him. Foehammer followed up this by attacking Tamth and denting his armour. Oosith slaughtered one of the Merrow with ease and things were looking pretty tricky.


Tamth then swung his mace at Foehammer and the impact broke Oosith's influence and Kel'Doran fired a magic missile that did the same to Farren. This left the party free of enslavement and open to attack the creature.


The final rounds were fraught the creature started to use legendary actions to attack and Foehammer took the brunt of the damage as Tamth tried to heal him up. Cora fired arrows, Kel'Doran tried to slow the creature but failed and then used firebolts. Farren did serious damage (I think he did most damage to it) and eventually Cora got the final blow.. just before she did it downed Foehammer but his resilience brought him back up however it diseased Foehammer with the same affliction as Artan and told them that "lady Atalia was not to be trusted and told the little one that Flint was still alive" - a final taunt before Cora's arrow struck home and defeated the Aboleth.


instead of celebrating Foehammer crumpled to the ground unconscious. Recognising the condition  Farren dragged him to the outlet pipe and cora turned the tap on - Tamth rushed over and used his divine powers to heal Foehammer back to consciousness!


An investigation of the "office" revealed


 - three neatly folded noble attires, each gaudy and expensive (15gp each), (which you gave to the waterbaron I believe)

- pouches containing a combined sum of 92 platinum pieces, 108 gold pieces, 45 silver pieces, two rubies (100gp each) and a single emerald (1,000gp).

-  Hat of Disguise - attuned to Kel'Doran allows him to cast Disguise Self at will

- Artan Rossolio’s lost pendant, resplendent with its capital R engraved in emeralds on an onyx disk (500gp).

- Lastly, there’s ten Golden Goose coins, each worth 10gp.


Please record who has what on character sheets and what is in Heward's handy Haversack including weight (if you arent sure then PHB has weight or ask me :D ) - the main section holds 80lbs  and the 2 side pockets hold 20 lbs each. If you are splitting all coin or having some as party funds then best to decide that :D


The party kept foehammer damp as they left the sewer, they confronted Lady Atalia who admitted that the nobles had been sent downstream and collected by operatives of Oosith's organisation but she didn't know who they were(a lie). They took her to Nestra Ruthiol who was surprisingly coherent given it was 3am. She paid the party their 300 gp reward and imprisoned Atalia - she told them that only the "family priests" would be able to heal Foehammer and the party remembered that The Rossolio's had a family priest called Father Stefan who was going to see to Artan.


The party retired to their lodging at the Maiden's Cellar, Foehammer sleeping in a bathtub full of water (taken from shared bathroom) with Cora watching over him. During the night Foehammer roused to see Cora stroking and talking to her blue egg.

The next morning the party awoke and went down to breakfast where Rixa, the halfling owner of the Inn asked after her bathtub and then served breakfast which was hearty. There was small talk about Foehammer's predicament (his skin was translucent all over so they could see his veins beneath his skin) - Tamth tried a lesser restoration but the disease was too powerful to be displaced. More small talk and then Tamth went over to Cora talking of Foehammer but also muttering an incantation under his breath (a remove curse to hopefully remove the egg's hold over Cora). She perceived the spell being cast and tried to dodge his grasp, which she succeeded.


Cora then was hurt and asked what was going on. Some top class RP then ensued as all party members talked to Cora and tried to persuade her that the egg had influence over her and had to be cured. Tamth and Farren left and discussed the situation. Cora and Foehammer had a real heart to heart and Kel'Doran tried to reason with her. Cora said that the egg was a great gift to the party from Iymrith and it would hatch into a great pet for them. The party tried all ways to persuade her and Kel'Doran and Farren earned an Inspiration point for their efforts.


Finally Kel'Doran cast suggestion to try and get Cora to accept the spell cast from Tamth. This failed and Cora knew Kel'Doran was trying to cast against her.. She was furious but he cast Hold Person and that locked Cora rigid, Tamth stepped up and cast remove curse and this time it worked and the egg's curse was lifted. Foehammer  cut the egg free and it was placed in the magic haversack. This left Cora knowing she had been influenced, and that she had murdered the two halflings for nothing. She stormed out of the inn without a word and stealthed into the back alleys.


Farren asked Tamth if it had worked and he said "yeah I removed a cloud from her" then he sat down and slung a glass of water over Foehammer to keep him damp earning him an inspiration roll.


With the party split, Foehammer diseased and loose ends not tied up we leave the party until next week!




Session 9 - Sunday 9th July - Day 9-10




Day 9
We start at the point where Cora left the party in the inn having had the curse of the egg removed. The party stayed for a bit to discuss how to handle Cora and the egg(to destroy it or not) and their current situation regarding Foehammer's disease. They decided to head to the Rossolio manor to try and procure a cure and also get their reward.


Cora was a good ten minutes ahead of them and stealthed to the manor , on the way she was  accosted by a blond woman in an alley who she had spotted the day before. She said she was interested in speaking to talented people... Cora made her excuses and said she would talk later and then continued to the manor. She met Lady Rossolio and handed in the pendant collecting 500gp as a reward. Super secret stuff now which until now only Cora and the DM knew. She asked Khemed if he would help her trick her party so she could steal something belonging to her. He agreed to come up with a ruse whereby they would be told to leave their packs before going around the house, Cora would hide and sneak out and steal what she wanted. Khemed chuckled and was happy to do this as he was from similar stock as cora (rogues and assassins man :) ).


The rest of the party headed to the Manor and on arrival asked if the priest was around to cure Foehammer. Khemed said the family priest was upstairs but due to heightened security they would need to leave their gear in safe hands. Not happy at this Kel'Doran and Farren stayed in the foyer(spoilsports) and Tamth and Foehammer went to see the priest. Tamth explained the disease to the priest and Father Stefan said he could cure Foehammer for a donation of 1000gp. Tamth said they were on a retainer from the Rossolio family and Stefan said he'd be happy to do the cure once Lady Rossolio confirmed the arrangement.


LEaving Kel'Doran and Farren in the foyer Tamth and Foehammer went to see Lady Rossolio who paid them their 500gp reward and thanked them for their service. When asked about the cure she said they would have to pay the priest as their transaction/contract was now complete. Tamth reported back to the suspicious duo and Farren could barely contain his anger. The party paid the Priest the emerald worth 1000gp and Father Stefan cured Foehammer (yay!)


After this the party left  and headed to the Waterbaron , Cora followed but wasn't very stealthy for once, Farren gave chase but could not keep up with the nippy halfling. After giving up and calling out after her that they wanted to talk the party arrived at the keep to find their name had gotten about as the great heroes who defeated the aberration in the sewer. The guards and the waterbaron herself were most grateful. They asked about Lady Atalia only to discover she had gone, seemingly vanished from a locked cell. Nestra said she was under orders from the council/nobles and could not investigate further, she told Foehammer that The Lord's Alliance grip on Yartar was weak and Harpers and Zhentarim had strength and her hands were tied regarding investigation... the party pointed out that their's weren't. At this news the party went shopping


They stumbled around the market until they were approached by a small man who indicated a shop round the corner could sell them magical potions. They were led to Erkelle's Alchemy (as opposed to being mugged which might have happened!) there they met Erkelle a flirtatious glamourous lady with a good stock of healing potions. The party bought 5 for 270gp, Foehammer was flirted with AGAIN and then they all went back to the inn.


In the meantime Cora had found the blond woman again for a chat. She was called Scimitar Sally and was a member of the Hands of Yartar , an all female thieves guild. Sally had spotted Cora's skills stealthing around the streets and wondered if she was looking for work. There was a pleasant conversation where Cora said no she was leading a different life now and Sally understood but said the offer was still there. She also answered some questions about the whereabouts of lady atalia and also giant attacks... Sally knew refugees were arriving from various villages and had heard that attacks had even reached sleepy Phandelin.


Cora headed back to the inn for some delicious stew and the party joined her at this point. There was some real heart to heart moments here as Cora and Farren and Tamth and Kel'Doran all tried to be honest about the egg and worries etc. there was lengthy discussion about whether to destroy the egg throughout all of this and again in the morning...As she couldnt be cursed again Cora asked to hold egg so all could view/investigate. Kel'Doran used mage hand to show the egg to all and they learnt the same as Cora it was a hollow egg of semi precious stone worth 2000gp... it had intricate carvings of a large blue dragon on it and draconic writing. Kel'Doran and Farren could both read it and it said "Iymrith Rises". At this point Cora heard a voice in her head similar to what she heard in Oosith's lair. It said that the little one could still hear him and was interested in the dragon but also to beware of Flint. All were concerned and Tamth cast remove curse again and detect magic the next day but Cora was not cursed or affected by magic.

 DAY 10

The next morning an even better breakfast awaited them due to their heroic deeds spreading far and wide.... After breakfast they headed out on the Triboar trail to where they had found Artan. Farren checked carefully for tracks and a very good roll led him to discover 3 sets of tracks heading north. the party followed them and came across a clearing with 2 Griffons, Halia Thornton, a mage and a barbarian.There was a tense standoff , Cora fired a warning shot and this led to full combat. The mage blasted two fireballs into the party but paid the price as he was killed with punioshing attacks from Kel'Doran,Farren and Cora with tamth delivering the final blow. Foehammer was busy standing toe to toe with the barbarian both raging and swinging great axes with skill. Kel'Doran cast suggestion on Halia and she had to tell the party all she knew which was not much, this brought the battle to an end.


Halia said she had joined this new group recently having fled the Zhentarim, when asked who the leader was she just said the "great one" and seemed to be struggling greatly to answer. She did not know much else and when the suggestion spell kicked in again she tried to tell who the leader was but only got out the word "Kraken" and screamed in pain and died.  Once dead Tamth rushed forward and cast revivify on her , she came back to life only to die again seconds later and Cora heard in her head a gurgling throaty voice shout "She stays DOWN!". Tamth offered to raise her again but the party felt this wouldn't be sensible. Tamth cast Speak with dead on the mage but he wasn't all that helpful only revealing that Lady Atalia was heading east to the Evermoors.


The barbarian was nothing more than a hired mercenary and left taking his Griffon with him leaving the party to loot the corpses.





Session 10 - Sunday 16th July - Days 10-13




The party stood over the corpses of Halia and the Mage, Augustus. they took their valuables and considered their options. Foehammer indicated in no uncertain terms that he would not be going on a flying broom! The trail had gone cold with regard to the missing nobles so they decided to carry on East and hope to track Atalia.


With that in mind they took a short rest and headed back to Yartar arriving in the late afternoon, they decided to waste no time and headed east along Evermoor way to Everlund to see if they could find Lady Atalia. Farren tried to follow her tracks but her tracks vanished in the market and did not reappear. They headed out and got a good 12 or so miles before making camp and rested well with no interruptions.


Day 11


The next day they arose early and headed East, the dull landscape with hills to south and scrubland to north was dour and beige. At midday Kel'Doran spotted 2 hill giants about 500 ft away, they were some 100ft south of the trail ahead. There was some discussion about whether to avoid them or talk to them , perhaps to get info on Harshnag. In the end it was decided that Foehammer would approach within 300ft and engage them to see if they had info on Harshnag. As Foehammer approached with Farren 20ft back and the rest of the party fanned out he called out a Hail to them. They responded in their own gutteral way asking what they wanted (after one had weighed a rock in his hand but thought better of lobbing it) , Foehammer asked after Harshnag. The two Hill Giants had a small discussion about how much of a shit traitor Harshnag was before telling Foehammer they knew all about him and he should come talk to them. Upon being told by Farren/Kel'Doran that they could hear every word the giants said, the hill giants approached and lobbed a rock at foehammer that just fell short. Some more chat and two more rocks flew at Foehammer with one striking him pretty hard in the chest.


Farren let fly a warning arrow straight into the chest of one of the giants and they responded by lobbing rocks one of which caught Farren and damaged him pretty badly.


The group then took a tactical decision




This worked and the giants lobbed more rocks and gave chase but gave up.


The party bedded down in the open once more but nothing troubled them.


Day 12


The next day they headed east once more and an uneventful day led to them coming across a small village called Calling Horns. There they saw some 20 homes with a prominent inn and a small general store. They went to the inn and found it well appointed and presented. Upon entering they found the proprietor Tamalin Zoar, a few locals and 2 strangers in good clothes, obviously travellers. They had some discussion with Tamalin and established that this was once just an inn and she had built it up with deputies to form a decent village where they kept the road to Everlund safe from orcs and trolls , a deterrent if you like. When asked about Lady Atalia she knew nothing but said she would ask her deputies. Farren asked her if there were many elves around and she indicated that they were only in the high forest and she hadn't met many, only when with other adventuring groups.


The party then ate a lovely shank of goat which was well spiced... observed the patrons and saw nothing unusual, Cora tried to speak to the egg to see if voices spoke to her but to no avail. Foehammer suggested talking to the travellers but didnt want to do it himself. Farren had a quick chat and found out that the older of the two had met Lady Atalia on the Grand Dame.. he had lost 100gp to her in games of Sava and, even though she was flirty, had failed to seduce her as well. He had no idea she had left the city.


The party turned in for the night only to be rudely awoken in the early hours by two trolls lumbering about trying to steal horses (for food). The party ran out and tackled them and made short work of the imposing large creatures.. They both spoke giant but didn't give much away.

 Day 13

Tamalin was shaken by this brazen attack as previous attacks had been more subtle and never a direct assault. The next morning the party ate a hearty breakfast and Tamalin asked if they would be willing to investigate this troll problem to see what had caused this change in behaviour. She offered a letter to grant them a favour in Everlund (her Cousin was on the council there).


The party agreed and headed north into the swamp. They left the horses behind due to the terrain and the dank misty atmosphere was oppressive. After some hours the ground dipped away leaving wooden bridges ahead leading to a small village... The smell of the swamp receded only to be replaced by smells of rot,decay and death... and that is where we left our intrepid group.




Session 11 - Sunday 23rd July - Day 13




The session began with our party entering the village of Martslock,  village on a swamp, houses on stilts and wooden bridges linking the various homes and the tavern. The atmosphere was dank and the smell was of rot and decay... silence reigned. Farren and Kel'doran both happened to look up and in a break in the clouds they saw a large castle floating in the sky several hundred feet up. Kel'doran had heard of myths of great Cloud Giants who lived in the sky in huge castles only reached by overly large beanstalks and such like. It seems the fairytales were at least partially correct. Thinking back, Cora seemed to think that Urgala had mentioned Cloud giants but she hadn't been precise about them in how they fit into the ordning. She also recalled that giants usually do not bother with "small folk" unless they have reason and not all giants are "bad".


Despite their new flying broom they set aside this distraction and started to investigate the seemingly dead village before them. First they came across an inn, the largest building in town. Cora looked through the window and saw a pile of bodies in one corner and the place otherwise devoid of life. Foehammer burst in followed by Tamth, Tamth retched slightly as the smell hit him fullon but Foehammer carried on regardless. They saw chairs scattered, tables with mugs and bottles on but otherwise deserted. Tamth went to the other pile of bodies in the corner, there he saw 4 corpses he also saw some unusual vine growth coming into the building. He noticed that the corpses were pretty badly decayed considering there was not much dust on the tables. He reached forward (to cast speak with dead) but one of the corpses suddenly rose writhed in vines and lurched towards him.. two other corpses rose (one behind bar and one in other pile of corpses) and battle commenced.


The encounter was a short one, Foehammer drew Hew the plantkiller and dealt out major damage while Tamth used his sacred flame, Cora stealthily dealt big damage with her rapier, Kel'doran used his chill touch to drain the lifeforce from the vines and Farren sunk arrows into them. Once all the vine blight zombies (a variation on vine blights) had been defeated Tamth went behind the counter and tried to speak with dead with, who he assumed to be the innkeeper. The spell had no effect (Vine blight infected corpses are undead). The bar was well stocked and they took a bottle of wine and a bottle of spirits along with 19 gold pieces they found in a metal box.


Leaving the place there was discussion of burning the village to the ground, Foehammer saw no good here. Kel'doran with his tavern-burning experience noticed that the wood here was damp and a bit slimy and it may not be very easy to burn it all down with his firebolt. The party decided to continue their investigations. This led them to two houses next to each other the first seemed to have a small pile of 3-4 bodies in it and the other had no bodies in it and there were signs it had been used very recently. Given the creatures emerging from piles of corpses it was decided that Kel'doran should firebolt the corpses in the first house and burn them saving them the trouble of combat.


The fire streaked forth and set the corpses alight with ease, at which point the party heard screams from the pile. Two humans emerged, a woman and a young girl. The young girl fell due to her wounds but the woman remained standing. There was some confusion and chat as the woman asked the party not to attack they meant them no harm.Tamth rushed in and healed the young girl just in time to save her and she sat rocking on the floor singed but alive. The woman asked if they were with "them" and the party said the attack was a mistake but asked her what had happened here.


She told a tale of the arrival of two giants (from her description, Hill Giants) and a larger more imposing giant (you don't know what sort unless I accidentally gave it away). The larger one was telling the lesser giants to look for something (she didn't know what), there was some resistance (which I did not mention) and the larger giant told them to eradicate the small folk so they could search. They did so and this woman and Elys, her daughter hid. As far as they know the giants killed everyone searched found nothing however when leaving there was a disagreement and the Hill giants went in a different direction. The woman and her daughter were terrified of them returning and they continued to hide scavaging supplies from their dead neighbours (they had been to roughly half the houses)... A few days later a giant and a troll appeared seemingly also searching for something and the giant was hitting the troll as it seemed hungry and displeased with progress. They left within a few hrs and headed off to the east.


At this point they noticed the vine creatures in some buildings, vines entering houses and infesting the corpses making them rise. The pair holed up hiding amongst corpses if they heard anyone around, too scared to try and escape not knowing what the trail held for them if there  were giants abroad. The party consoled them and said the trail back to Calling Horns was clear so they could return. The woman thanked them and started to gather what few possessions they had.


The party continued their house to house search looking for vines entering buildings. They approached one building which looked to be a stores (probably for the inn) and it had two vine blight zombies within. They were dispatched with ease with Farren and Kel'doran offering support from outside where they targetted the vines going into the house which had a reduced affect on the creatures. The combination of Tamth's sacred flame, cora's sneak attacks and Foehammer's axe made short work of them. The stores contained large amounts of grain, dried goods and dried meat and more wine and spirits.


The next house uncovered 2 more poor unfortunates and the same tactics were employed with Farren and Kel'doran offering ranged support from outside - the creatures were similarly dispatched but as the last one was about to fall Farren noticed too late a large creature emerge from the swamp next to the bridge he was on. It lashed out with two attacks with large vine like tentacles, both of which hit... they wrapped round him and he struggled but failed to break free and the creature pulled him in and engulfed him which blinded him, restrained him and prevented him from breathing. Farren desperately stabbed at it from the inside but ineffectually. Cora killed the remaining creature and stealthed as normal not knowing of Farren's predicament. Foehammer exited the house saw the creature and leapt down to attack it however the water was upto his chest and the mud sucking at his boots he couldn't quite reach it yet.


Kel'doran shouted that Farren was inside that thing and then a desperate battle was fought to release him. Foehammer went toe to toe with the creature and hacked chunks off it whilst taking quite a bit of damage. Cora got in stealth attack after stealth attack as the creature gurgled before them. Kel'Doran used fire but it had little effect and he switched to magic missile to do big damage. Tamth called on guiding bolt to do big damage as well but he also used a divine intervention from Bahamut to heal both Foehammer and Farren, whichout which both may well have fallen. After this pitched battle the creature eventually was felled by an arrow from Cora and Farren was released. Tamth called upon Bahamut once again to heal Foehammer and Farren.


The party caught it's breath and noticed vines were no longer going into houses.. they then searched the village house to house and found many grim sights... whole families huddled dead in their homes some with broken makeshift weapons on the floor next to them but noone alive. They noticed small coinage around the place but left it all choosing to leave the village as some sort of mass grave. They returned to the woman and her daughter and relayed the news that all were dead.. they were visibly distraught and heartbroken as they realised their village, friends and way of life were gone. The party offered to accompany them safely back to Calling Horns and gave them the 19 gold she had found in the inn so they could start a new life wherever they chose to settle.


The party left the sad demise of Martslock behind knowing that whatever it was these giants might be looking for all over the north they were serious about finding it and small folk were to be treated as nothing if they got in the way.





Session 12 - Sunday 6th August - Day 13 - 16




Day 13 continues


The party were in Martslock and made their way back to Calling Horns to rest up before continuing their investigation into the Troll problem emanating from the marshes. Tamalin Zoar was shocked to hear of the devastation at Martslock and asked the party to keep the news to themselves as some residents had friends and family in Martslock and she wanted to get the news out personally. She also refused payment for rooms for the party and the survivors of Martslock saying it was the least they could do and she would ensure they were rehoused or settled as they would wish.


Tamalin took the survivors to their room and the party settled down for a meal and an early night to ready themselves for the morning. As night drew in however Tamalin Zoar behind the bar heard something and gestured for silence. The bar was deathly silent and then the walls vibrated from an impact to the back of the building followed by a piercing voice all could hear "You smallfolk dare interfere with my plans? come out here now!".


The party quickly discussed the situation and Tamalin said she would fetch the guard and all should head outside. As she did so another crushing blow to the rear made the party realise it wouldn't take many blows to bring the Inn down around them and they left by the front entrance. The voice told them to come out again. Once outside the party skirted the building towards the sound of the voice and pounding blows.


The  banter soon came to an end as the party saw a Fire Giant emerge from the side of the building and lob a piece of masonry at Tamth who was staggered from the blow. FoeHammer strode forward with his sword and shield and landed two big blows one of which was a critical hit, The Fire Giant seemed to react to the blow but told them they would all die. Cora fired an arrow that found its target but seemed to not bother the Giant. It then swung at foehammer with two crushing blows from its great axe, blows that would have felled anyone other than Foehammer who still stood. Farren darted out and shot it twice with unerring accuracy doing significant damage, his trash talk needed some work however(sorry I can't recall what you said :D ). Kel'Doran followed up with an attempt to "slow" the Giant which failed. Tamth was shaken but followed up with an attempted Command spell telling the Giant to "Dance" but again this failed .


Foehammer then attacked twice more but only one of his attacks hit doing decent damage. Cora followed up with another arrow which thunked into the Giant and she tried to intimidate the Giant by telling it how ugly it was. The Fire Giant did not take this well.. it strode forward and landed two blows easily which downed Cora instantly. Farren fired two more arrows which found their target and Kel'Doran tried to chill touch the Giant with no effect. Tamth brought cora back with a level 3 healing word which saw her gasp for breath lying before a Fire Giant.


Foehammer once again slashed twice at the Giant hitting it once. Then an unseen troll came round the opposite corner and tore into Farren with three strong attacks. Cora stood up, disengaged and moved away and shot an arrow into the Giant. The Fire Giant seemed damaged and bleeding but it still swung two devastating blows at Kel'Doran which downed him. Farren busied himself with the Troll which was right up against him and Kel'Doran lay unconscious. Tamth tried to command the Troll and the Giant to "pray" and the troll did - but the giant saved - again!


Foehammer again slammed two blows into the Giant... the Troll... Prayed. Cora fed Kel'Doran a potion of healing and stealthed behind his prone body (which unbelievably worked!). The Fire Giant was unimpressed and swung at Foehammer (Big Hit - a critical which, again did not down him due to Bear Totem) and Kel'Doran (would have hit but for the staff of defence). Farren sliced into the troll with relative ease as it was prone praying (ok he missed one attack but we won't mention that!). Kel'Doran tried a Suggeston spell but again a wisdom save from the giant . Tamth invoked his god and gave out healing to all the party followed up by a mass healing word burning his spell slots to keep the party up in the face of this formidable foe.


The Fire giant was bloodied and badly beaten by this stage his breathing laboured but he still drew breath between the gouts of blood he coughed up. Foehammer did not hesitate with two big hits the Giant was struggling... The Troll recovered to hit Farren once again and he was shaken badly. Cora took aim and fired a devastating arrow which almost killed the Giant (down to 1 hp) it sank to one knee coughing up blood and knowing its time was up. It saw its only target in front of it (Foehammer behind) and hit Kel'doran hard enough to down him... unable to swing around it slammed a 2nd hit into Kel'Doran out of frustration and this mortally wounded the Sorceror. Farren continued to battle the troll single handed and then Kel'Doran's shallow breathing stopped as his life's essence left him dead on the floor.  Tamth fired a last sacred flame at the Giant to finish it off and it slumped to the floor dead. The Troll, seeing its master dead ran immediately and the party let it go and surveyed the battle field.


Cora knelt next to Kel'Doran weeping and imploring Tamth to help but he had used all of his divine powers to keep the party up during the battle. The party stood helpless as the minute passed which would have enabled a simple revivify spell. There was alot of talk and recrimination thrown around and Tamalin Zoar arrived (with her , as usual, late guard) and was stunned by what she saw. She broke from her reverie to say she would ensure that the promised letter would be more specific and implore Horix Zoar to help the party return Kel'Doran to them. Given Tamth's experience he carefully checked that all of Kel'Doran's limbs and organs were in place and indicated this was quite important. Bandages wrappings and hessian was brought to wrap Kel'Doran to ensure his innards remained innard.


The party searched the Giant and found a divining rod of sorts (100lbs and 4 foot long) and tamth found it was magical. He absent-mindedly handed it to Kel'Doran for identification before remembering he was dead, Cora clipped him round the back of the head for his trouble! Only Foehammer could carry such a weight and he did.


Foehammer carried Kel'Doran's corpse into the inn and took him upstairs to his room where he was laid down carefully. Tamalin (nat 20 int check!) laid out other options - they could


a) take her letter to Horix Zoar in Everlund and he should be able to find them a priest capable of returning  Kel'Doran to them - 3 days travel

b) Go to Yartar (slightly closer) and visit the powerful priests there although the expense would be high - 2 days travel

c) Go to nearby wood and seek a druid who would be able to return him although he may not be a half elf on his reincarnation - less than 1 days travel


the party "slept" on it - Cora stayed up with Kel'Doran overnight refusing to rest and the rest of the party managed a long rest of sorts.


Day 14

The next morning a sombre breakfast was had. Tamth cast speak with dead to ask for Kel'Doran's spirit thoughts on the options to bring him back(D&D allows this!). I am not even going to attempt to writeup this excellent RP as it wouldn't do it justice. Fantastic stuff from MDY and Hexx but also mogster and Rikku - brilliant stuff.


The decision was made to ride for Everlund at great speed. Tamalin Zoar provided a hired hand (Gyles) to ride with them (Cora to ride a horse pulling cart with Kel'Doran in it, the hired hand to ride her horse).


During the day nothing out of the ordinary occurred, they passed several carts none of which had priests aboard. During the night Tamth saw the Cloud Castle once again and this time heard the roar of a dragon of pain emanating from the castle.


Day 15


Another day racing across the landscape with nothing to note except another siting of the Cloud Castle and i's draconic roars of pain.

Night passed with no incident


Day 16


Rapid progress was made as they approached Everlund. Tamth spotted a Fire Giant and cronies digging up something in the Silverwood to the north but the party raced on. They arrived at Everlund as dusk fell - a guard asked their business and they presented the letter from Tamalin Zoar and he immediately told them the best way to the Council of Elders. They may not be there right now but someone there will know where Horix Zoar


and with that we leave our party with one cold in a cart!





Session 13 - Sunday 13th August - Day 16 - 21




Day 16

The party had rushed to Everlund in order to save their fallen compatriot, Kel'Doran. They quickly found Horix Zoar the elder they had been told of on the council. They gave him the letter, he read it and examined it closely. Finding it to be genuine he solemnly thanked the party for their aid and said he would immediately summon a high priest of Helm to assist them. The Everlund army uses priests of Helm as battlefield healers (Horix commands the army) so he has considerable pull. Cora fretted over leaving Kel'doran in the cart and went out to him while they waited for the priest. Horix was asked if the priest had done this often and Horix said that it was not done often as priests looked upon the more powerful resurrection spells as possibly being in conflict with the will of the gods, if a man fell in battle they would heal him but if he died it was unlikely that they would use strong necromantic powers. However it had been done before so this request would be accepted.


The priest arrived looking flustered with a bodyguard/escort. Cora watched the priest closely and spotted he was flustered and Tamth spotted the escort looking at the priest with a concerned look. Horix provided the diamond necessary and the Priest attempted to cast raise dead. After a moment he stopped and declared that Kel'Doran's spirit could not be returned. Cora said that they had spoken to Kel'Doran and he wanted to return, Farren agreed and Tamth noticed the diamond was still in the priest's hand. If a spell works or fails the diamond is consumed by the casting, in this case the spell did not even "go off".


The party put hands on sword hilts and made threatening noises at which point Horix stepped in and demanded an explanation from Narder Dage. He slumped and confessed that he knew the spell would not complete and the Temple of Helm was "cursed"  - the influence over the temple meant no priest could channel the power of Helm enough to invoke higher divine powers including Raise Dead. At this point Farren's short temper erupts as he accuses the priest of lying to them and endangering Kel'Doran's chances purely to "save face". The priest attempted to defend himself by pointing out that they had to maintain appearances for fear the army would no longer have faith. Farren was not impressed with this explanation and let the priest know in no uncertain terms.


Cowed, the priest said that if the party were to help them solve the Temple curse they could assist Kel'Doran. There were grumblings here for obvious reasons and the priest placated them by saying he would provide a guide for them, the escort stepped forward and introduced himself as Tarnath(or Tarn) the monk (as played ably my MDY for tonight thankyou). The party reluctantly agreed to this and asked if Kel'Doran would be safe, Horix assured them he was but Cora wasn't sure so she pulled forth a creature from her bag of tricks to guard him. Unfortunately the creature was a giant Elk which looked almost as shocked and confused as Horix when it appeared. The huge beast caused some damage before he managed to call for two stable hands to coax it out and then assured them once again that Kel'Doran's body was safe.

 Day 17 - 21

The party slept in rather luxurious accomodations in the guest quarters and ate a hearty breakfast. Horiz informed them that Kel'Doran was in a guest room and two guards were posted to watch over him. They left for the temple and found Tarnath waiting for them.Narder told them that Tarn could assist and then led them to the entrance to the mausoleum. On arrival they found a statue of Helm which was seemingly bending forward to listen and Tarnath told them that they had to reveal their heart to Helm and confess the darkest fears in their hearts. They were told they had to confess in a clear voice and they mustn't lie. Again Farren bristled at this but the party capitulated as they wanted to save their comrade... And here they all here.


Cora - "I fear Flint may find me one day"

Tamth - "I fear being unjust"

Farren - "I fear the nightmare of my home forest burning behind me"

Foehammer - "I fear not belonging"


With that the floor slid to one side revealing a staircase down to the mausoleum. Once inside they saw no other exits but Tarn assured them this is where the priests felt the curse/evil was emanating from. Investigations showed up many tracks of priests moving back and forth trying to find any hint. The party examined coffins but they were sealed and Tarn warned that there should be no desectration. Examining walls Tamth found a section of wall that had a weird friction or gluey feeling to it. The rest of party except Tarn who said it was  solid. Further investigation showed it to be an imaginary wall not perceptible to priests or followers of helm. Tarn could not detect it so the whole party went thru dragging Tarn behind them and he passed through as well.


The destination was a corridor with a black marble floor with smooth granite walls, the next chamber revealed 3 devils (bearded ones). These creatures had swarming tendrils as a sort of beard that could strike and poison the victim. In addition their glaive could inflict a grievous wound which would not heal without some sort of medical attention and a few party members took damage and Tarn had a greivous wound. Other than that the battle was a simple one with the guarding devils despatched with relative ease with just a few cuts and scrapes, mainly to Foehammer.


the next room presented a puzzle, the statues of 6 gods were present each with a bowl in front of them. On the table in the centre they found 6 objects. The party checked to see which gods they recognised, Foehammer worked out one but the the cleric and monk between them managed to work out the identity of all of them. Then they quickly matched  the objects on the table to each god and decided to place the objects on the pedestals simultaneously. This resulted in a sound of machinery underneath them and previously unseen holes in the floor started to release gas into the room, sickly yellow, it started to rise slowly. The party tried a few things until they realised that there was an inscription on the table. Written in primordial it told them “Gift myself and my brethren with their power, leave mine enemies with naught”. They started to take damage from the poison but worked out that they needed to only put items in the bowls of Talos and his allies which they managed fairly quickly (they were slightly put off because the inscriptions on the "good god" statues weren't complimentary making them think that the forest god was in fact evil :D ). Puzzle solved the door lock was released.


The perfect glass smooth marble floors continued to another chamber this time with a red carpet and an ornate golden throne (not on map as DM forgot to go back and do that when he built it... DOH!). Sitting on the throne was kel'Doran smiling and not speaking. There was a dumbfounded moment and then they addressed him, he started to gesture with his hand and the party went into initiative. Cora managed to react before Kel'doran but she held her action and asked him if he was ok. Kel'doran responded by shooting a fireball at them which did alot of damage. The party then attacked firing arrows and swinging swords, having see their comrade in action many times they could not beleive their eyes as they saw their friend fall under the many blows they rained upon him. Tarn struck the killing blow and a moment passed, then the image of Kel'Doran shifted and suddenly Foehammer appeared before them starting to attack. The party fought back and Tamth cast a command spell and commanded the image to "reveal". At this the illusion vanished. The party were confused and stood for a moment, some chose to heal themselves, Cora opened the exit door and opened it with ease (it had never been locked :D )Foehammer went to the exit door and passed through and suddenly felt a warmth pass through him and all the damage he took in the previous battle was restored to him as if it had never happened. Farren healed and followed Foehammer and again his wounds were healed.Tamth and tarn followed leaving cora in the room. At that moment an image of Cora appeared in the room. Cora hesitated then stepped out of the room and the image vanished. it would seem the illusion and effect was only active when someone was in the room.


The party moved on down the corridor but after a while they noticed that they still could not see the end of the corridor and the door was still the same distance behind them. They gradually worked out that they were being teleported back each time they reached a certain point in the corridor. They then tried to find a solution and worked out that the more force applied the more the teleport event horizon resisted, Farren ran at the illusion and bounced off. Eventually they worked out they simply had to apply force to the illusion to shatter it revealing a door behind.


Opening the door showed a priest in robes of Talos at an altar chanting an incantation oblivious to the room around him. Also there were two chain devils, humanoid forms wreathed in wickedly barbed chains that whipped and writhed around them. They sprung into action and attacked the party. Cora shot the priest and Tarn ran over to attack it but was intercepted by a chain whipping out and wrapping round him the barbs cutting into his flesh. He managed to escape the chains but he could no longer attack the priest. The chain devils attacked, one of them attacked Foehammer (grappling him with chains)while the other tried to project an image into Farren's head, one that dug into his darkest memory he had revealed earlier. He saw mistakes in the image so he wasn't affected. Tamth blessed the party and attacked followed by Farren firing arrows into the chain devil that tried to prey on his memories. Foehammer broke the grapple and attacked but his mind was also filled with images of "explusion" from his home village and he was deemed to be frightened. Cora shot the chaindevil and tarn attacked the priest landing vicious blows but the priest barely reacted to any attacks and his incantation continued. The chain devils attacked once more grappling Foehammer before one was felled. As it fell the other redoubled its efforts. However some of the party were attacking the priest and one final blow landed from Cora. A gout of blood gushed from the priest's neck, again there was no reaction, but he slumped forward dead. At this point the remaining chain devil seeing this retreated through the wall leaving the party looking about the room. Cora opened the door and it revealed the Mausoleum they had come from but the image of it flickered slightly. They all ran for the door although Foehammer grabbed the priest's body and dragged it through with them, as a result he just managed to scrape through before the portal vanished, fortunate as there was no other way out of the 9 hells!


Landing in the Mausoleum the party went back into the main temple only to be met by a worried looking Narder Dage, it seems they had been gone 4 days even though only 4 hours had passed for them. Kel'Doran's body had been transferred to the temple so that they could react quickly when the party returned... with the curse gone the priest can now cast the spell.


Which will be where we pick up again next week :)



Session 14 - Sunday 20th August - Day 21 - 23




The party emerged from the mausoleum victorious - Cora checked and the wall was solid once again, the connection to the hells seemingly broken. They were met by Narder Dage concerned that they had been gone so long, 4 days had passed while the party were on another plane. Fortunately they had not been gone too long and Kel'Doran was prepared ready for the ritual of raising the dead. Tarn explained the Talosian priest's plot to infect the temple permanently and Narder took this news with a stern look as this sort of activity was very unusual. Narder tried to speak to the dead spirit of the Talosian priest but they found his spirit or soul had been condemned to the hells. Tarn then turned to the party and said his goodbyes explaining to each of them why their darkest fears could turn out to be their strength.


The party bade him farewell and went to a small sideroom where Kel'Doran was resting, the priest started the ritual and over the next hour he muttered and gestured alternately gripping his holy symbol and the diamond needed for the resurrection. he was visibly shaking and sweating as the ritual came to a spectacular end with the diamond shining brightly with focused holy power until it evaporated into dust in the air. Then the priest stood back and the party waited, there was no gasp from Kel'Doran just the sight of his chest slowly moving up and down as he breathed again, the ritual was a success!


Kel'doran came to and there was a reunion of sorts, he was very weak but he was back. The priest assured them the weakness would fade in a few days. He also told them that this most powerful of holy magic was not to be used lightly and the gods did not enjoy altering fate in this way. The conversation moved onto the giant attacks and the priest offered what information he could about the giants regarding the ordning and Cloud Giants near top etc. and when presented with the Rod of Vonindod he explained how it could be used. It can cast a locate object spell upto 10 times a day it needs attunement and if the object sought is solid adamantine like fragments of the vonindod the range would be extended from 1000ft to 10 miles. He also told them that Horix Zoar had a message for them.


He thanked the party for what they had done and offered to gather together what potions they could spare from their supplies but he could not supply a scroll of raise dead. The party left and headed to north of city to meet Horix Zoar. The leader of the army of Everlund congratulated them on their endeavours and the successful resurrection of Kel'doran. He chatted at length about giant attacks indicating that all castes were attacking... Frost Giants mostly to far far north.. fire giants roaming all over the place looking for vonindod which was a legendary weapon used to help defeat the dragons when the giants and dragons fought a thousand years ago... cloud giants seen in the skies above the evermoors (as the party knew)... but also Stone Giants to south talk of attacks in Loudwater and in High Forest. Hill giants to south west attacking high forest and loudwater as well (cora was shocked by the mention of her town). He had also heard that the ordning was shattered and it was obvious the giants were all posturing, not all after the vonindod but they were all planning in their own ways to improve their lot in the new Ordning.


After this extensive conversation he passed on the message which had come from Phandalin, Spetzer was there and wished to speak to them urgently. This surprised the party and they asked if a message could be sent saying they were on their way but it would take several days. Horix promised to pass the message on and with a flick of his eyes he indicated to Cora that he wished to speak to her alone. The rest of the party left and Cora made up some story about needing to use the loo to hang back. She spoke to Horix who told her he had heard from contacts in Yartar, specifically the Hand of Yartar, that cora was a good contact to have and the party were doing some amazing works out in the Savage Frontier... He revealed himself to be part of the Zhentarim network and explained that the network was about balance, there was going to be crime and thievery and it was best if it were controlled in some manner. He offered to make her part of the network which would allow for much more information to be passed on. Cora thought on it and left. The party went to visit Dral Thelev to deliver the news about Triboar and the badge given to them by Darathra.

They approached the inn and entered asking for Dral... He came forward seemingly dwarven in shape and size despite being a half-orc the party shook their heads collectively their vision cleared and indeed it was a one eyed half orc standing before them. He took them back to his private chamber and offered them a drink. Drinks arrived and they chatted about Darathra and their adventures.. Cora took a drink and vanished as did foehammer and tamth. Kel'doran and Farren didnt drink immediately and Dral explained they had been transported to speak to a leading harper and it was for the best they do the same and they did, and vanished.


Reappearing in a small circular room, shortly a grumbling man entered the room, slight of build and quite old he addressed them and asked them what was the meaning of all this. They presented the badge and explianed what had happened. The harper wizard understood and explained that by their good deeds they were to be granted access to the Harper teleportation circle network. They were told about the circles as follows


Everlund - They were in this circle now and it was in Moongleam tower.

Loudwater - Revil Slombarr operates a circle In a cellar under an inn called the Smiling Satyr - Cora knew of this inn

Mirabar - Zazspar Bronzefire mans the circle and it is in a  stablehouse loft

Neverwinter - Sandyse Thunderquill operates a circle  in the attic of an old rowhouse

Waterdeep - The circle is manned by Thestryl Mellardin - it is in a crypt accessed by a stone sarcophagus watched over my a shield guardian you must say the name MYRNA for it to open.

Yartar - Surrounded by an illusion the circle is in the open grounds of a villa in the centre of the city.  Kolbaz operates this one


The party were told that the circle network is only known to the Harpers and they are not to divulge information about it to anyone else. This network allows the harpers, small in number, to react to crises quickly.


The party thanked Krowen Valharrow for his help and immediately used the circle to go to Neverwinter.


Day 22-24


On arrival the party and chatted with Sandyse who seemed nice enough if a little young and easily flustered. They rested and the next morning they headed south to Phandalin - they travelled there with surprisingly no trouble at all  and Cora managed to summon spetzer boar to accompany them into the village. However, as they got closer they can see things are not as they left them. Buildings are destroyed,goods strewn over the roads the whole place a crumbling shell of the vibrant village they left behind a few weeks ago. In the centre of the village they find spetzer sitting cross legged smiling at them.


"Hello chaps bit of a mess here now isnt it" - the party asked if Spetzer had done this and he shook his head "no .. giants did this, they completely destroyed the place killing everyone I think.. Harbin is dead I think I spotted Sildar over by the temple with Sister Garaele." The party were lost for words or floundering at least - "It seems that driving away the dragon was a mistake as it was the only protection this town had... Venomfang's influence prevented giants attacking or at least dissuaded them" Spetzers words had a sibilance to them and his eyes glowed red "You are mighty adventurers and heroes I have scried on you with interest from afar, you have much potential, but you need to think more carefully about where and how you tread lest you do more harm than good". With that Spetzer started to transform, a huge scaly body erupted from the illusion with talons the size of foehammers forearms. Wings unfurled revealing a red dragon some 4 times bigger than venomfang. "Klauth will teach you all a valuable lesson here today" the dragon said as the party roll for initiative and we will see what happens next week!




Session 15 - Monday 28th August - Day 23 - 26




Klauth stood before the party and indicated they were to be tested, Kel'doran intervened and spoke eruditely about how the party were no match for Klauth and the lesson was pointless, people needed help and why can't we get on with that.(paraphrasing horribly it was a lovely speech with a good persuasion roll at the end).


Klauth turned to Kel'doran and explained that he scried upon the world and found it wanting. There was a great threat from the giants and from Iymrith (possibly the greatest threat of all). He had watched many bands of heroes and he had to be careful as to who he rendered aid to, it must be earnt. The party's efforts against the Aboleth greatly impressed him and he wanted to see what they could do. He indicated that good and evil, lawful and chaotic were merely shades of grey.


With that, battle commenced. Farren shot two arrows into Klauth and he gave his respect to him, albeit he did not react much to the blows. Cora missed and ducked into cover ineffectually and Klauth told her she needed to be more accurate. Foehammer hit the Dragon with a blow that would have felled other creatures and drew blood to the surprise and respect of Klauth. On his turn Klauth turned invisible and flew away. Kel'doran cast Slow on the dragon which, whilst it failed its saving throw it still resisted the spell's effects. He complimented Kel'doran but told him he needed to be careful what spells to cast and what resistances large creatures have. He beat his wings and damaged the party before Tamth cast his spirit guardians in the shape of mini platinum dragons  and Klauth chuckled.


Next Farren failed to hit the invisible target and Cora similarly missed. Foehammer made two clumsy lunges and the invisible dragon found it amusing. Tamth's spirit guardians damaged the dragon before it hit Foehammer 3 times with devastating attacks. He was very impressed at Foehammer's strength. He then flew up and appeared again 30ft in the air. Kel'doran webbed him to try and bring him down and tried a chill touch which failed. Tamth brought forward a spiritual weapon and missed the dragon.


Farren hit the dragon again as did Cora... Foehammer tried a daring leap attack - the leap was perfect but the attack that followed fell short. The Dragon then cast a spell and instructed everyone to "pray to Klauth" and the whole party did. Klauth laughed and pontificated as to the weaknesses of the party and their strengths. He was impressed and said that the damage the party did was enough to fell a giant. He warned them to be wary, yes, but also not to underestimate themselves, They needed to improve but they were mighty heroes. He promised to render them aid at some unspecified point in the future and urged them to contact Harshnag as he was the key to unlocking the mystery of the giant attacks. He said the last time he had scried on HArshnag he was north of Mirabar.


He released the party and gave them opportunity to ask questions before he left. He told them that Iymrith was likely the main problem here and not the giants. He also spoke of a "great one" who was more powerful than all of them. When asked about a dragon in the castle above Evermoors he said he knew of the metallic dragon concerned and he was enjoying the fact it was being tortured.


The party searched Phandalin and found many dead, however Sister Garaele and Sildar were not amongst their number. There was gold left lying around but there was no food at all as if the place had been stripped of food only. Farren checked the complex tracks and determined Hill Giants came from the South.


Day 24 -25


The party headed to Neverwinter, an uneventful journey until the last night when Tamth on duty spotted a group of 25 or so peasants heading north. When questioned they were fleeing Leilon to the south which had been devastated by Giant attacks.


On arrival in Neverwinter the party went shopping! Unfortunately they found out that things were expensive, they were offered a scroll of revivify for 800gp by Jamund of Jamund's Scriptorium - he also offered Kel'doran 100gp each for his scrolls of misty step and silence. Elelung and Fari's blades was a magnificent weaponsmith full of beautifully constructed and enchanted blades however the prices were too rich for Foehammer's blood - he was told that Hew was worth 4500gp though.


there was mention of the Rod of Vonindod and that was worth 3000gp in raw adamantine or 3500 as a magic item.

After realising that shopping was a sport for the rich the party headed to the rowhouse to transport themselves to Everlund. Sandyse was there as before surrounded in books and transported them to Everlund where they were met by a brusque attendant. They went to the temple of Helm to collect their promised potions, 4 potions of healing were given. Narder Dage also told them of the refugee situation and the elders still deliberating on the next course of action.


Day 26


Next the party set forth for Silverymoon (Othovir's family house with a stash of magical items). They found a beautiful city of the Harpers, tranquil and calm much less bustle than other cities. The party sat and contemplated their mission and remembered that Othovir said his family had a stash of magical items and the family weren't nice people and they wouldn't miss them. Farren then realised they would have to steal them. There was some debate around the morals of such an endeavour. They asked around the city about the Margaster family and were told that they didn't live there all year, they kept themselves to themselves and kids of the town told tall tales of the margaster family being haunted.


There was more moralistic debate and the party decided to scout out the family homestead. On arrival they found 20 ft walls surrounding the courtyard and within there was a stables, a carriage house, a tower and the main house itself. They walked upto the front door and knocked and got no reply.


Kel'doran used the hat of disguise and appeared as Othovir then they went to the carriage house and knocked and again no reply. Foehammer opened the sliding door and inside they found the carriage which should have the items inside. Foehammer looked inside and saw the secret compartment on the floor so he opened the compartment and found


a leather cap with straps and coloured lenses attached (like lenses for glasses)

An earthenware pot with a stopper

A potion

A glass crystal decanter


He grabbed them as they heard noises upstairs. two human guards appeared asking them what they were upto. Kel'doran said he was Othovir and he was here to collect some things, it being his family homestead. The guards did not recognise him and said maybe Xamalynn Margaster would and they were to wait there. The party went to leave and  the two guards stopped and shifted shape to become red skinned demonic humaoids with horns, wings and a tail.


The call for initiative was made but there was no time left!




Session 16 - Sunday 10th September - Day 26 - 27





Day 26 continued


We left our intrepid heroes robbing a family of their magic items as they were disturbed by two guards. Well I say guards, they then turned into demonic figures with black scaly armour red skin and red wings on their back. The cambions immediately attacked the party.


Cora was quick off the mark and her bow aim shot true as she scored a critical hit with a sneaky attack but unfortunately the fiends had resistance to her attack so the damage wasn't as devastating as she hoped. Tamth went into melee with spiritual weapon and mace but the damage wasn't troubling the fiend before him. The cambion then attacked Tamth who took two vicious blows from the spear as fiery damage cauterised the wounds it created causing him great pain. The other demonic figure managed to get one hit in on Foehammer. Farren did massive damage as usual with two perfect strikes from his bow and Foehammer raged and attacked recklessly hitting the creature in front of him well - both of the creatures looked bloodied but not troubled. Kel'doran used a slow spell on the cambion but as he cast it the magic fizzled out, the spelll ending without effect. He looked about him trying to work out what was happening. AS he did an icy barrage fell from the heavens battering both Farren and Cora.


Cora slid across the room to hide under the stairs and popped out to fire an arrow which missed its target. Tamth attacked with more success but not much damage. The cambion attacked and Tamth was downed under another barrage of vicious spear attacks. Farren fired more arrows with mixed success this time and Foehammer hit again and again. Meanwhile outside at the world hide and seek championship tournament Kel'doran tried to detect if there was a caster around, his initial listening did nothing and his attempt to swing his grapple hook to catch the caster of the ice storm failed (he had moved after casting). He then threw ball bearings badly but 1 did stop rolling unnaturally and so he thought he had the position of the caster. The caster tried to magic missile but Kel'doran countered with his magical shield staff that kept him safe.


Cora darted out to heal Tamth with a potion then slid back to cover again. Tamth got to his feet swaying and cast a spell to increase his AC. The fiends attacked but less success this time as they missed. Farren again fired two arrows but only one found its target. Foehammer delivered more effective blows and at least one of the demons was looking worse for wear. Kel'doran tried a fireball and the area effect worked and damaged the caster but did not reveal him (saved con check dc10)and shouted out to the rest of the party that there was an invisible caster outside. The caster returned his own fireball but Kel'doran's draconic resistance reduced its effect massively (the mage had no idea that Kel'doran was resistant).


Cora fired and missed this time and tamth continued to go toe to toe with the Cambion (but again not much damage). Farren missed with one arrow but the other hit home and killed one of the Cambion, the tide was turning. The other Cambion saw this turn of events and changed tack attempting to charm foehammer which worked and he told him to attack Tamth. Foehammer stalked upto tamth and dropped his shield and attacked damaging him quite badly.  Outside Kel'doran tried a spell attack as he knew where the caster was but the spell was countered, then an icy barrage came down again damaging Kel'doran quite badly (the caster now knew Kel'doran was resistant so changed tactics ).


Cora shot the remaining Cambion but it still stood and Tamth hit foehammer (not very hard) but it did not break the charm. The Cambion, badly wounded, staggered outside to try and take refuge but Farren followed it, he only hit it once leaving it very badly wounded but not dead. Foehammer hit Tamth again whilst outside the caster, seeing the bloodied and almost dead cambion, threw his most powerful spell out, a cone of cold, which downed Farren and badly damaged Kel'doran. However a miscalculation meant that it also just caught the cambion who was killed instantly. This released Foehammer from his charm.


Next Cora ran out to try and shoot  the caster but saw no target. Tamth brought Farren back from unconsciousness, Farren in turn fired wildly but did not hit the caster who had downed him. Foehammer ran outside but similarly struggled to find a target. Kel'doran did know where the caster was but his spell was countered (again). The caster then let forth a fireball that caught 4 of the party downing Tamth in the process.

Cora tried to stabilise Tamth but failed. Tamth rolled a nat 1 putting him close to death, Farren cast cure wounds which brought Tamth back from the brink. Foehammer had no idea where the caster was. Kel'doran on the other hand had a good idea where the caster was but his scorching ray was countered (his last counterspell slot!). The caster tried a firebolt as he retreated but it missed).


Cora fired a speculative arrow but it flew true and didn't hit anything. Tamth healed up Farren and Kel'doran who were both shaky. Farren fired two arrows but again they missed. Foehammer tried to get a bead on the caster but failed. Kel'doran again had a better idea and fired another scorching ray which hit the caster who appeared finally, dead.


The party stopped to catch their breath and searched the cambion and the mage but found nothing on them. They assessed the magic items and found they were


A potion of Fire Giant Strength

Goggles of the night (giving darkvision to anyone who wears them)
A Decanter of Endless water

Keoghtom's ointment (4 applications)


They considered searching the house but decided to rest first.


They headed back into the centre of Silverymoon where they found a tavern called the Juggling Friend. It was a rough and ready inn which seemed out of place amongst the gleaming elven architecture and beautiful spires of Silverymoon with its libraries, temples and guilds. Zahrdahl Cisko was the proprietor, a gruff large human. He was friendly enough offering excellent dwarven ale and a very decent stew. The party questioned him about the area and any new rumours of attacks. He said the majority of attacks were small villages and farms etc rather than the cities and the cities themselves were hunkering down and accepting refugees rather than spreading out and defending the lands. Certainly Silverymoon was keeping themselves to themselves. The upshot of this so far is that trade and supplies are starting to thin out, less harvesting is happening and less trade on normal routes. There are no great shortages yet but the stores are getting lower. When asked about Zymorven hall and Harthos Zymorven he said it was a great stronghold (originally dwarven). From the outside any defences were not obvious but it was known to be heavily fortified and never breached. Foehammer asked who the leader was and Zahrdahl looked at him for a moment then said "Lord Harthos Zymorven, the clue is in his name".


Day 27


The party settled down for the night to rest their battle weary bones. Upon rising Kel'doran went to the library and the rest of the party went back to the Margaster estate on the outskirts. On arrival they found two Silverymoon guards standing at the gate who had been posted there until others could come and investigate the estate and bodies as there had been a partiularly nasty incident here. The party tried to gain access but Terence and Bartholomew (Terry and Barry to you) said only family or silverymoon guards could come in on orders of their commander. Farren said that they had spoken to the Commander and he said it was fine for them to go in... This rather weak story did not persuade Terence or Bartholomew, especially as Farren struggled to name the commander - Not Gerry but Eldron. Foehammer walked off in embarrassment and the rest of the party slinked away.


Despite his best efforts Kel'doran failed to find any information on a legendary beast called the Great Ape. He did find information on a large beast of burden used in war, A mammoth and he used this info to cement his ability to transform into this beast once he has gained the necessary spell. (and I look forward to you trying to use this Huge Beast :D







Session 17 - Sunday 17th September - Day 27 -34






Day 27 - continued


The party left Terence and Bartholomew, reunited with Kel'doran in Silverymoon and decided to head to Zymorven Hall in search of Harthos. The party mounted their horses and set out reaching a rest stop by nightfall.


Day 28


The party started out early after an uneventful night and eventually arrived at Zymorven Hall late on (although they did see the Cloud Giant's castle high in the sky during the day). They knocked on the door which was answered by an older gentleman in a plain leather tunic, the party asked to see Harthos and he shut the door and went to find him. A few minutes passed and the door was finally opened by a figure resplendent in plate armour who introduced himself as Harthos and asked that was their business. The party told him they were sent by Urgala to see if he would let them have the giant slaying weapon in his possession. He asked what deeds they had performed and the party told him of the defence of Triboar and the Aboleth and Martslock and a trip to hell. At this point he said "oh so you are the sewer rats" - Farren replied with a short exclamation "Sewer rats?". Harthos said "Yes that is what they are calling you, that or Sewer Slayers". He seemed satisfied that he had the right party but told them that the axe was no longer in his possession, his son Harthal had taken it and left to help fight the giants instead of staying put and defending the Hall. The last intelligence he had heard was that his son was in Xantharl's Keep just South of Mirabar. He told the party they were welcome to the weapon if they could find his son safe and persuade him to part with it.


The party thanked him and said they would do all they could to ensure his son was safe. Harthos invited them to stay overnight as his guests which the party accepted graciously. They ate and they drank their fill and were regaled by tales from Harthos. He explained how the Hall was so well regarded as being well defended by showing off an array of magical flying weaponry and animated armour. He said that he could repel most threats but if a large number of giants tried to attack then the hall was likely to fall. He was connected to, and in league with Silverymoon to defend the Rauvin Road.


Soon conversation drifted to more serious matters. Harthos didn't know that the Giant's ordning was broken but did know that King Hekaton was leader of the Storm Giants who were at the top of the Ordning. If the Ordning was broken then that would explain why the giants were in turmoil, they would all be trying their best to scramble to the top of the new ordning. They would all be trying to impress the All Father and the result would be chaos for the savage frontier. The party told him that the Fire Giants were trying to reform the Vonindod and Harthos did not seem that worried. He explained that this legendary weapon had been shattered and to reforge it would require the harnessing of a mighty fire elemental. When asked about dragons being involved he said that the last conflict between dragons and giants was hundreds of years ago and they still hated each other but the two sides did not attack each other anymore due to their losses. He put forward two possibilities that he could think of 1) The ordning had been shattered as control had been lost at the top or 2) The all father had decided to end the ordning to shake up the giant caste system - either could also be influenced by dragons and the most devious would find it interesting to try and influence the new ordning. Finally he was asked about Iymrith and all he knew was that it was a famous and ancient blue dragon who has two offspring neither of which are fully mature. They asked if there was a way to reach the Cloud Giant's castle above the evermoors and Harthos chuckled and said "either fly or wait for it to crash".


Ale was drunk and chat turned to Harthos' adventures when in a party with Urgala. He seemed concerned that he had not heard from her since the message he received about the party heading this way, Tamth offered to send her a message and Harthos thanked him. The message went as follows


"Urgala. We've arrived.. Harthos is willing to help. He is worried about you though - let us know you're ok and particulary if you need help"


and quickly the answer appeared


"Tell the old worrywart I am fine - laughs - I am helping to coordinate efforts in yartar"


He seemed relieved to hear this news and Cora asked him if he loved Urgala. He smiled and a far off look came to his eye before he simply said "everyone loves Urgala" and Cora agreed.


At this point the party all retired for the evening rising the next day full refreshed and ready to go.


Day 29

After a hearty breakfast Harthos gave the party 5 days worth of high quality trail rations consisting of some of the best dried meats around. He also ensured the party had enough rations for the horses before sending them on their way. There was a short discussion about how to reach Xantharl's Keep, Foehammer seemed keen to go cross country crossing rivers and going through forests but he was outvoted as the rest of the party decided to use the teleportation circle to go to Mirabar and then head south 2 days.


With that they headed to Everlund


Day 30


Travelling to Everlund. The party noticed that traffic was much reduced on the road with only a few peasants or maybe refugees making their way to the cities.


Day 31


Travelling to Everlund. Again very little traffic on road but also they noted very little in the way of supplies or trade moving on the road. Previously the party would see carriages laden with goods being transported to market etc and now there was nothing.


Day 32

The party arrived in Everlund. They made their way to the teleportation circle in Moongleam tower where they were met by Nespril Menk who was as cheerful as ever. He sent them to Mirabar where they appeared in a cloud of hay as the bale loosely placed over the circle exploded around them. Through the cloud of hay they saw the attendant of the circle Zazspar Bronzefire, a dwarf. The circle appeared to be in a barn and the dwarf asked them who they were. The party explained and satisfied by their explanation Zazspar explained that this circle was secret as the council of Sparkling Stones would be unhappy that the security of this heavily fortified city was being compromised by having a teleportation circle smack bang in the middle of it. He explained that the council of Sparkling Stones were dwarf elders who ran the city and it's affairs but the Marchion, A human called Selin Ramur, was in charge of the "foreign policy" dealing with other cities and factions. He is a member of the Lord's Alliance and has plenty of sway over the council.


The party thanked Zazspar and headed south out of the city to find Xantharl's keep. As they left the city they noticed the population was cosmopolitan but the guard were very profesional looking and exclusively dwarven.


Day 33


Travel to Xantharl's Keep. Again the party noticed the lack of traffic on the roads and lack of trade.


Day 34


The party finally arrived in Xantharl's keep. This was a small but very well fortified village with 20ft high walls , the village was surrounded by small holdings, fields and farmland plenty enough to feed the village of Xantharl's Keep. The party approached the only gate and the guard hailed them. The party asked if a traveller called Harthal was here and the guard replied no. Asked if a younger man had arrived here carrying a great axe they were similarly told no. Cora knew the guard was lying and confronted him, the guard bluffed it out but Kel'doran cast suggestion and told the guard to tell them what they needed to know. He told them that a lad called Larg had arrived some days ago and did carry a  great axe, he was working in the Falling orc tavern in town.


The party went to the tavern where they found Arzastra the half-ogre that runs the tavern. She said that Larg worked for her and called him out. The party questioned larg and not being a great liar they quickly found out he was Harthal. The conversation was cut short by sounds of guards running through the village heading to the gate, the village was under attack. Harthal went to put on his armour and grab his great axe.


The party reached the gate in time to see it close but running up onto the battlements they could see 50 goblins, 10 hobgoblins, 5 ogres and a Frost Giant approaching. the Ogre's fired goblins in spiked helmets at the battlements, 3 hit the wall and died,1  badly wounded a soldier and another killed a guard stone dead - none of the goblins survived. The party let loose with ranged attacks killing a couple of hobgoblins and damaging the giant. The Guards fired their heavy crossbows damaging the hobgoblins. After this the party continued with range attacks, Foehammer put his new longbow to great use, Farren was in his element with his longbow, Cora hit with a shortbow, Tamth used Guiding bolt on the Frost giant and Kel'doran blasted fireballs into their midst. In return the Frost giant hit Tamth with a massive boulder and both Farren and Foehammer were hit by spike helmetted goblins 2 more guards were killed in the process.


However after not too long all the Hobgoblins were dead (half killed by the party), the goblins either broken necked or burnt to a crisp and the Giant was badly hurt. Cora and Farren realised this was too easy , the forces here could easily repel the attack and they thought this was a distraction. At this point they noticed activity towards the north wall. Cora sprinted off in that direction as the frost giant retreated calling out in Giant that he had done all he could. Cora could see 10 bugbears from her new vantage point and she sneakily shot one (almost one shotting it).


The bugbears were heading to the Falling Orc Tavern and the rest of the party ran to the north to join this new front (Farren and Kel,doran stayed on the walls to keep the range advantage). The bugbears were joined by  a 2nd Frost giant who started to do serious damage to Foehammer - he hit back with some mighty strikes (57 damage in one round!). This was supplemented by sneak attacks by Cora, devastating scorching rays from Kel'doran, hails of arrows from Farren and Guardian of Faith from Tamth (and his mace and a spirtual weapon). The battle was short but very brutal with the killing blow going to an arrow in the eye from Farren. The Frost Giant fell and as the party caught their breath they heard shouts from the main gate.


Another Frost Giant was approaching the main gate carrying the severed head of another giant, the guards fired but Farren realised it might be Harshnag and called out. The giant replied that he was Harshnag and had no wish to enter the village he was just letting them know he had dealt with the Frost Giant. Farren said the party wanted to see him and Harshnag said he would be resting nearby overnight so they could come and see him whenever they liked.


The party searched the attacking forces and found 140gp and a periapt of health which is an amulet that, when worn, makes you immune from disease. If you are already diseased it suppresses the effects of the disease when you wear it - so it doesn't cure diseases you already have but it will suppress them.


Join us next week to see if Harthal has managed to get his armour on yet!





Session 18 - Sunday 23rd September - Days 34 - 43




Day 34 - cont


The sounds of battle retreat as the party take a breath realising the threat is over. Harshnag is resting outside of the town walls and the soldiers thank the party for their help.


The party go to the Falling Orc inn and go to speak to Harthal. He is not hiding or running but sitting on his bed, his armour on the floor and his head in his hands. He tells the party that he despaired of his father's reluctance to get involved and so he had decided to head north to help out with the giant attacks. However now he realised he was out of his league, and despite his prowess with weaponry he was no solo adventurer. The party were sympathetic and advised him to return and help his father defend Zymorven Hall. Harthal agreed it was best for him and happily handed over the giant slayer great axe. The party knew he was short of funds and asked him if he needed help, Harthal refused saying he only needed the extra money as he would have needed winter gear north of Mirabar and that could be pricy. The party wished him good luck and went on their way. They also organised to stay overnight at the Fallen Orc.


They stopped off with the leader of Xantharl's keep, Narbeck Horn and he said he was reporting what had happened back to the Marchion of Mirabar and he thanked the party for their help, he is of the opinion that the attack wasn't meant to kill them all, the Giants were after something and the main attack was a distraction. The party told him about the giant slaying weapon and how they were going to solve the problem by morning. He also knew tales of Harshnag and would tell his men not to attack. His knowledge of the Giant problem was limited as Xantharl's Keep tends to keep itself to itself. Xantharl's Keep is not rich but he did however agree to pay the party's tab for the night in the fallen orc as a thankyou


Then the party went to speak to Harshnag. He spoke in a measured way, respectful of the party despite the fact he loomed over them and carried great power as an old Frost giant. He told them what they already knew, that the ordning was broken. This meant that the usual heirarchy did not apply and there would be a reshuffle of the ordning - the current position from top to bottom is


Storm Giants - Who rule from the mysterious Maelstrom - King Hekaton is the leader and by extension the leader of the Ordning.

Cloud Giants - The leader of which was Countess Sansuri in a cloud castle

Fire Giants - (Party knows they are led by Duke Zalto and he is searching for the Vonindod)

Frost Giants - Storvald is the leader 
Stone Giants - Kayalithica

Hill Giants - Chief Guh is the leader


He also tells the party that Hekaton is missing and his wife, Queen Neri has been murdered with smallfolk being suspected as being involved (she was sympathetic of and liked smallfolk). He knows the ordning is broken but isn't sure if it is the missing Hekaton that has caused it or if the all father himself, Annam, has broken it (god of all giants). What he does know is that the giants are in civil war, all trying their various ways to make their case for moving up the ordning, all at the expense of the Savage Frontier and the smallfolk who live here.


Harshnag has been killing giants and trying to dampen down attacks but he realises that the problem is bigger than he can manage. His plan is to go to the mountain temple called the Eye of the All Father far to the North on the spine of the world and consult the Oracle there to see what is the best way to end the giant threat in the North. He is looking for help in this task as there is bound to be danger and it may require more than just one old giant. The party agreed to accompany him and he told them to meet him in the morning and rest in the meantime.


The party returned to the falling orc and found it fairly busy with guards who had helped repel the giants. The party drank deep and ate well and rested for the night.


Day 35

The next morning they headed north with Harshnag it was uneventful


Day 36

More travel and then the party arrived at Mirabar. Harshnag said he would meet them on the other side tomorrow - he didn't like to spend time in settlements.


The party found an inn, a rather "spit and sawdust" place called the Brave Egg - the accomodations were basic but the proprietors, Haril and Dahk Armaranto were friendly. They were half orcs and Haril had a short chat with Foehammer indicating that life for half-orcs was hard. He also said he had come from a small village invaded by orcs leaving him with no mother. Foehammer nodded and the two shared knowledge mostly with nods. The stories were so similar that Haril was interested to know more  or investigate and Foehammer said he would return when he had the time or when Haril had found out more.


After securing their accomodations the party went shopping. They visited the Squire's Stone a general stores run by Ossan Garenil - he sold them good cold weather clothing plus snow shoes for cora as the snow was mighty deep to the north. After this they set out shopping in search of magical items. The Luminescent Conjuration run by Helar Ikar was well stocked but the prices were a little beyond their means although Cora was scraping together enough for a +1 rapier. Potions were the next item on the agenda and they found a ramshackle establishment called the Divine Fancy. The owner, Arlen Galvati offered them many unusual potions they had not seen before such as a healing balm of unknown origin or effect and a love potion. The party soon realised he was a charlatan and left but not before he offered them a potion of haste, but by this stage their trust was gone. Finally they visited Annrowe Dudley of the Last Aid - a stocky man with an array of potions, the party bought 6 basic healing potions for 390gp (65 each).


Finally they returned to the Brave Egg and rested for the night.


Day 37

The next morning they set out north of Mirabar and quickly rejoined with Harshnag. He kept up a good pace but didn't push the party  too hard. The land was bare tundra with a thick frost everywhere.


Day 38

The journey continued and snow was laying heavily all round, not enough to worry Cora yet but the party realised it was a VERY good thing that they purchased cold weather clothing.


Day 39

The snow was thicker and mountains rose up to the north (their left) as they trudged north east now


Day 40

Northeast trudging continued and snow shoes for cora were essential as the snow was 2-3 feet deep now although there was still an obvious path.


Day 41

The mountains now surrounded them and crags to the immediate north and south hemmed in the travellers as they fought the conditions. Harshnag did spot something in the distance but it didn't approach (it's as if having a Frost Giant with you scares most random encounters off!)


Day 42

Harshnag pushed north into the crags where the journey was more treacherous with ice thick all around and heavy snow


Day 43

The party passed through some more icy crags, which finally opened out to reveal a huge edifice, a temple entrance with ornate columns (which were in fact giant statues) completely covered in fairly thick ice



Harshnag indicated this was the description he was given as part of the legend.


The party approached carefully with thick ice underfoot and saw the 60ft tall statues that adorned the front of the temple. They came to the entrance that was 40ft wide and 60ft high , a corridor leading away with 60ft high ceilings, all covered with a hard frost or ice.


As they came into the corridor they heard gruff voices ahead and as they approached it revealed 7 barbarians in furs (one of which was the leader Wormblod) as well as a v small white dragon wyrmling and a female carrying a   staff and a bundle. Disturbed by the party's approach there was no time for diplomacy as the leader called for them to attack. Harshnag stood to one side leaning on a wall and told the party to ask if they needed help :D


The party leapt into action with cora getting in a quick hit, Foehammer also hit hard and Keldoran cast slow which affected 4 of the barbarians (inc the leader). Then the barbarians hit back with some nasty attacks (albeit only 1 due to slow) and the female at the back cast down a bright beam of light that slammed down into Tamth hurting him. Tamth responded with a command(?) spell that forced two of the barbarians to stop in their tracks (correct me if I am wrong on that one!!!) and farren fired two arrows with unerring accruacy into one of the barbarians.


And that is where we left it. The initiative order is as follows and we start at top of round 2


Cora - 25

Foehammer - 21

Kel'doran - 18

Barbarians - 12

Tamth - 11

Farren - 7






Session 19 - Sunday 8th October - Day 43




Day 43 cont


We rejoin the party as they are in the entrance hall of the temple of the Eye of the Allfather. Barbarians stand on all sides as combat resumes.


Cora dives under Harshnag and slices viciously at the knees of a barbarian and ducks back. Foehammer smiles and raises his axe ready to make two devastating attacks but somehow misses with both (Harshnag smiled).Kel'doran cast a fireball that immolated the shaman and severly damaged the white dragon wyrmling and 2 of the barbarians. Then the barbarians ganged up on Foehammer and Tamth and did some decent damage. Tamth attacked with his mace clonking one on the temple and followed up with a spiritual weapon attack. Farren spotted this and slotted in an arrow for the killing blow.


Cora again snuck under and sliced the knees of the barbarian who screamed as blood ran down his shins. Foehammer did not miss this time and killed 2 barbarians severely wounding a third. Kel'doran fired spells and cantrips doing good damage. The barbarians mounted another barrage of attacks but to no avail as Tamth and Farren followed up with more damage.


Cora and Foehammer decimated the remaining barbarians along with Kel'doran, Tamth and Farren leaving just the leader who tried to run. Farren shot him in the leg to disable him and he fell unconscious.


They all caught their breath as they saw the white dragon wyrmling back his way up the stairs seemingly scared. The others tried to speak to it but they did not understand its responses. As Kel'doran got closer he heard it say "no stop". He questioned the very young dragon who told him that Wormblod had taken him as a pet, he had been abandoned in his nest by his mother. Kel'doran suggested that the party let him go and they did, Foehammer seemed unhappy with this decision. Cora asked if he was hungry but he shook his head fearfully.


Harshnag chuckled and said they were all good fighters.


The party looted the bodies (and Wormblod) and found


7 100gp gems

an amulet against detection and location


oil of slipperiness (takes 10 mins to apply) - apply and it basically works same for 1hr as the freedom of movement spell so you can't be paralysed etc. Enough to use for 1 small or medium creature



They then questioned Wormblod who told them he was searching for a member of his tribe (the Great Worm Tribe) who had come here, and also to search for treasure. He asked to be allowed to leave and he would ensure that his tribe would never attack the party again and would aid them where possible. The party decided to let him go and Farren cured his wounds a little. Cora, clutching her gray bag of tricks asked if he was hungry and he shook his head.


The party then approached the large ice covered doors and asked if Harshnag could open them. He walked forward and put his shoulder to them and they burst open to reveal a huge chamber with a 100 ft vaulted ceiling, 6 giant stautes, 40 ft tall all faced inwards towards a cowled statue some 80ft in height. Each of the giant statues carried a weapon except the frost giant statue. Cora felt very very small indeed. Harshnag recognised the large statue as Annam the allfather god of all giants. He also recognised the frost giant statue as Thrym. There was an archway in the east wall that glowed when examined they were identified as ancient Giant runes - Harshnag recognised the Ise rune of the frost giants but no others. The rest did not recognise anything although Kel'doran could tell this was a magical portal but it was not active.


The party decided to explore the rest of the temple finding two small rooms near the entrance hall with large levers. The party then exited through the doors to the north. they found a barracks of sorts with stairs leading upto a second level. Their was a statue of a stone giant at the entrance to the hallway. They searched all the rooms and found a fissure leading out of one, seemingly formed by earthquake or similar. Foehammer headed up to the next room and felt a click under his feet, walls of stone sealed off the side rooms and a large stone granite ball rolled down the hall towards Foehammer and Cora (Kel'doran Tamth and Farren were trapped in the side rooms). Cora hunkered down at the side of wall but Foehammer did not have such luck and took the full brunt as the ball rolled over him. Kel'doran tried to blast his way out of the room and managed to create a head sized hole in the wall of stone. The statue at the end came to life and pushed the ball steadily up the hall back into the wall and then returned to the alcove which reset the trap releasing the stone walls.


Aching from the experience of a 40ft ball of stone trying to crush him Foehammer stood with the others as they decided what to do next. Cora popped back to see if Harshnag was alright and he seemed happy enough and did not seem surprised that there were traps. When told about the fissure he indicated it was nothing to do with the giants and was likely a natural occurence. Cora asked Harshnag if he was hungry and he indicated he was ok , Cora pulled an animal from the bag of tricks which turned out to be a giant elk to keep Harshnag company.


The party then entered the narrow 5ft wide icy passage which was slippery under foot, Cora led the way on her broom and the rest followed but given the difficult terrain some were slipping and making noise. As they approached a junction 4 ice spiders jumped out at cora, 2 attacked her with one hitting and poisoning her and 2 tried to web Foehammer following but failed. A frantic battle then took place in close quarters with Cora getting bitten twice more and poisoned once more before the party managed to destroy the remaining menace.


They continued on through winding passages until they found a cavern completely covered in icy webs beyond which they could see bodies. Kel'doran burnt through the web revealing a corpse of a mountain goat, a dead dwarf and a barbarian who was unconscious. Tamth cast cure wounds to restore the barbarian who rose and asked what was going on - she explained her name was Noori and she was a member of the Great Worm Tribe and she was here to investigate the temple on behalf of Wormblod, she found another entrance but got caught by spiders (3 or 4 and one was larger than the rest) and taken here. The party rested for a short while to regain their resolve and then carried on


They headed through the tunnels and found the one Noori used to enter and she bade them farewell and thanked them for their kindness. The party then continued on til it found a lair filled with curtains of webs and a large spider. Despite cover from the webs the party made short work of the Queen with Tamth dealing the killing blow. They searched the chamber and found some spider eggs which they torched and they found the following...


1 potion of climbing

a warhammer inlaid with a sapphire worth approx 1000gp


They left the narrow hemmed in corridors and re-entered the temple.  At this point the party split. Cora and Farren went to see Harshnag who seemed fine except the Elk was gone. It seems Harshnag fancied some fresh meat but it vanished as soon as he killed it. Foehammer, Tamth and Kel'doran searched the upper floor of the barracks and found a giants sack (ooer) which contained


A bronze gong

A human skull

Giant-sized necklace made of dragon fangs (not bones I misread)

3 frozen dwarven heads with 10gp worth of gold teeth (which you left behind)

A shard of Ise - a powerful magic item.


The party regrouped in the main hall debating what to do next. Some wished to rest but Harshnag said he had heard some sounds coming from the south (might have heard him killing an Elk?)


What will they do next week? tune in next time :)




Session 20 - Sunday 15th October - Day 43-44



After the traps and spiders and the cold of the temple seeping into their bones the characters decided to rest in the upper barracks of the temple. They lit a fire which Harshnag cooked some meat on and shared it with the party.


They setup a rope trip wire and iced the floor expertly before sleeping with a rotating watch. During her watch Cora heard some noises below, possible scuttling but other than that it was a quiet night.


Day 44


The next morning they ate trail rations and headed downstairs to find the temple as they left it. They still hadn't found the missing axe from the statue so they looked to the doors to the south. As they approached they noticed the warmth coming from them again but this time it was silent within. After listening quietly at the door Foehammer kicked it in and revealed a massive mess hall for giants, enormous tables dominated the room which was warm and well lit by magical light sources in sconces in the wall. Propped up at the table to the south they saw the greataxe.


Tamth entered the room and moved forward only to be accosted by a huge (giant sized) creature which was blue with many legs and a hard carapace. it attacked on site and bit Tamth who took enough damage from the bite and fire damage to almost knock him unconscious. He was gripped in its jaws held in the air as the party rushed forward to attack.


Immediately cora darted out and got in a good hit as did farren (only 1 hit though), Tamth healed himself as he was held aloft in its jaws. The Remorhaz spat Tamth out to the side and attacked foehammer biting him causing huge damage but failing to grip him in it's toothy maw. Harshnag swung his axe to good effect and Kel'doran cast slow on the creature. Foehammer went into a rage and got in a critical hit which wounded the creature heavily.


The party continued to attack, Cora with another sneaky arrow, Farren with not so sneaky but just as devastating 2 arrows and Tamth healed up Foehammer.The Remorhaz bit foehammer again and the damage wiped out the heal Tamth had given and foehammer was held aloft in the creatures jaws. kel'doran blasted it with multiple magic missiles and foehammer braced himself in the jaws and hit the creature twice.


The creature was now weakened and Cora and Farren added to this with more wounds from arrows. Tamth again healed Foehammer and then the Remorhaz bit deeper into Foehammer and swallowed him whole. The party looked on in shock as Foehammer felt himself crushed within the creature's body.Harshnag hit the creature and Kel'doran did as much damage as he could.  Foehammer was blinded and constrained but gripped his axe and swung as best he could and managed to hit the creature from the inside. The party looked on as they suddenly saw a familiar sight, Foehammer's axe blade emerging from the creature's belly, as the creature slumped and died Foehammer slid out from the wound covered in viscera.


Slightly taken aback by events the party retrieved the axe and returned to the temple. They put the axe on the Frost giant statue but nothing happened, they examined the runes but only 1 could be deciphered.Kel'doran asked Harshnag to touch the rune with the greataxe and this lit up and the portal changed to thunder and clouds through which they could see another chamber.


The party went through the portal and found themselves in the chamber of the Oracle. The room had six statues and a corpse of a giant in the centre covered in frost from the years spent there. Tamth approached and a ghost emerged from the corpse saying it was Eigoron who imparted his story.


Eigeron and his father, Blagothkus, came to the Eye of Annam seeking wisdom. The divine oracle told them that a great upheaval would upset the balance of power in the world, giving all giants the opportunity to win the respect of their gods and bring glory to their race. The oracle told Blagothkus outright that he could never impress the gods enough to earn their favor, then urged Eigeron to step out from beneath his father’s “dark shadow.” Blagothkus was overcome with despair and envy. A terrible fight between father and son ensued, in which Blagothkus slew Eigeron. Blagothkus then retired to his castle to mourn.


Eigoron told the party that he would be happy if they could avenge his death by destroying his father who lived in a cloud castle. He then explained how the oracle worked, someone had to stand in the circle and ask questions, they could ask 6 and then the oracle would be exhausted until next sunrise.


The party asked their questions and found out that the


Ordning was broken by Annam the All Father to rouse his children from their complacency.


When asked how to fix the ordning the reply was to


find a magic conch of the storm giant king, Hekaton. Use it to visit Hekaton’s court. Root out the evil therein.”.


They asked for the location of the conches and the reply came back


“In the clutches of a giant lord.”


and then when asked for their location


“First, you must prove yourself! When human barbarians came to these lands, they fought our kind and stole our relics, burying them in the ground. The humans built altars to Uthgar, their god-king, atop these relics and surrounded their altars with burial mounds. Go to these mounds, retrieve one or more of our lost relics, and bring them here as tribute. Do this, and your path will be made clear. There are many paths you can take. The more relics you deliver, the more paths you will have to choose from. Several evil giant lords stand ready to oppose you. You can ruin all of their plans by defeating just one of them. Which one that is remains to be seen.”


The party asked Harshnag who provided them a map of the mounds which they could follow - he said he would stay at the temple while they went to fetch the relics to please the Oracle.


The party left the temple only to see a strange vehicle hanging in the sky overhead, slowly drifting closer. It looked like a small ship with sleigh runners, held aloft by a giant red balloon. It got to about 50ft from the ground and one of the crew (dressed in dragon cult garb)  said it was a gift from Klauth and said


“We come to you on behalf of Klauth, the Great Dragon of the North! Klauth offers you this vessel and our services as a gift, so that you may cross his vast dominion while avoiding the many perils of the land below. War against the giants is inevitable, but the Great Dragon commands you forge ahead and face your destiny! The ordning of the giants is broken, and they are not united. Slay their leaders, and you may yet prevail. If you succeed in quelling the giant threat, Klauth bids you come to his hidden vale, so that he can reward your bravery.”


Despite misgivings the party boarded the airship and set off for the burial mounds...


To be continued





Session 21 - Sunday 22nd October - Day 44-48



The party boarded their new ship and set course for Great Worm Cavern, the nearest of the burial mounds. They made small talk with the crew and found out how the ship worked (a trapped fire elemental to fill the balloon and an air elemental to drive the propellor), asked about the ship's name (Klauth's Boon) and had some passive aggressive to and fro about the merits of worshipping dragons (Bahamut vs Klauth). The party did not fully trust the crew but the ship was well provisioned (100 days of food and drink for all onboard) and comfortable enough if a little cramped. Kel'doran made a point of learning how to operate the ship.


The party arrived at Great Worm Cavern, a large open cavern with burial chambers within and impressive 70 ft high ice covered rock ledges. 4 barbarians stood guard and the party called out to them. A short conversation took place as the party told the guards that they had done the clan a great favour and Wormblod and Nuri would back up that claim. The leader was not back yet but two guards disappeared and consulted the clan's shaman (yes they had 2 so it didn't matter you killed one). THe shaman communicated with the leader and confirmed the party's position that the clan owed them a favour.

They asked about the Gong to the rear of the cavern near the altar (which was the giant relic). Surprisingly the tribe did not seem attached to it and said that the party could take it. The gong was 13ft wide and weighed 250lbs made of burnished copper and covered in red dragon scales. As they approached they all heard a voice in their heads (to Cora's consternation she has PTSD about voices in her head) which told them not to be alarmed and they were the guardian of the altar. The party were cautious but the voice explained that the clan had fallen under the evil influence of Wormblod and he needed to be killed so the clan could be restored. The party questioned this and asked how was it evil. The reply came back that the clan was pushing beyond its bounds and means, trying to assemble great powers and this incursion into the mountain temple was indicative of this, the motivations were not those of the clan but seemed to be more from an outside influence. The altar confirmed that the party could take the Gong as the clan did not see it as anything more than a trinket , it held no power for them.


They approached the gong and they could see a chunk was missing from it. Kel'doran looked it over and determined it had once been a magical item but now it gave off no arcane aura(The damage presumably having ended its magical powers). The party decided to drag it out (or use it as a SLEDGE!), Cora said she'd lift it and gave it her best try :D and as Foehammer lent a hand she thought she'd done a pretty good job at lifting it.


They returned to the ship with the gong and discussed their next move. Foehammer was all for tracking down Wormblod and killing him. The rest wondered if they could show Wormblod's posessions to the altar and fool it. The plans shifted back and forth with possible use of the Vonindod to track Wormblod once they were within 1000ft. The crew changed over as night fell and they asked for their orders.


As this discussion came to the conclusion of a search of Khedrun valley between the cavern and the temple cora heard yet another voice in her head

(I am going to try and remember everything now, apologies for any - and some of the following you didn't know in session as they were whispers but there is no reason to hide them now :) )


I am using a magic item to send you this message your aunt is in danger in Loudwater. A new force led locally by Flint


the message was from Urgala - Cora replied with this


Can you get her a message? I'll be on my way immediately. If you can message her, tell her to keep hidden and I'll teleport


Cora then blurted out that she had to leave, her Aunt was in danger from a man called Flint and a new force. Kel'doran and Foehammer (and rest of party chipping in) said that the group would help her and Cora refused saying this was a path she had to go alone - Flint had a personal grievance with her. The party would not take no for an answer and Cora relented and let them fly to Mirabar where they could teleport to LoudWater. The party fetched provisions and ale from the stores and Kel'doran noticed a small table wedged amongst the supplies with a small leather pouch on it which seemed magical, he picked it up and took it back to the others for examination. Cora tried to peek inside but the flap closing the pouch was too tight - Kel'doran used mage hand to open it and inside they could see some playing cards, 13 of them. There was definitely a magical aura but Kel'doran was not sure what they were. Tamth had heard tale of magical packs of cards that could give out great gifts but it was a myth.  Kel'doran spent part of a long rest working out what they were.


They slept the night as the ship forged towards Mirabar. During this time Kel'doran determined that he could draw cards from the deck and magical effects would take place. Most of these were great boons that could be incredibly powerful, however he was aware that there were some downsides, not all cards were "good"


Day 45


The day's travel passed without incident although there were many more discussions as well as long distance ones.


Tamth asked Urgala via Sending spell


Urgala - can you give more info on Cora's issue. How did they get in contact?! Any idea of timescales of dangers?


The answer came back (from memory)


Flint is part of a new dangerous force called xxxxx xxxxx they threaten her aunt and Cora needs to accompany me to fight them (two words were scrambled in transmission)


Urgala then did a sending to Cora


the others should not come - bigger things afoot - come to LOCATION REDACTED we will put them off (as DM I have redacted the location :D )



The shipped was close to Mirabar by nightfall and would arrive in the early hours, the party took a long rest and decided to head to Mirabar in the morning.


Day 46


In the early hrs Cora snuck on deck and asked the crew to lower the ship so she could disembark and the crew complied. She headed off into Mirabar. The party awoke some time later to find Cora gone. When Kel'doran woke he found near him


Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location

A leather satchel containing one blue egg

A letter from Cora (which I don't think anyone has read yet - not sure if @Rikku wrote one, or if she wants to, she had talked about it)


She had also left behind stuff for the party


Heward's Handy Haversack

7x100gp gems

The flying broom

Warhammer with gem embedded in it worht 1000gp

329gp in coin


The party immediatley rushed on deck and asked where Cora was and were told she had left for Mirabar. The party went into Mirabar too, finding their way to the teleportation circle and asked Zazspar Bronzefire (circle attendant) if he had seen Cora. He said yes and she had gone to Loudwater.


The party followed and found themselves in a 30ft wide cellar with a book and candle in one corner but no attendant which was unusual. They went upto the bar, bought a round of ales and asked the barman, Gharwin, if he had seen Cora which he had not. When asked about the circle attendant,Revil Slombarr, he said that he often sloped off for a little bit now and again. The party waited for him and Kel'doran used the rod to try and locate Cora's rapier but she was not within 1000ft.


Revil arrived and the party asked him about Cora but he had not seen her and he had been attending the circle until briefly before they arrived. The party left the tavern and tried to work out if the 1000ft covered a decent chunk of the city, it did but still no detection of Cora's blade. The trail had run cold and Foehammer said that if Cora wanted to do this alone then maybe they should let her , if she doesn't want to be found then we can't find her. But Kel'doran was not in the mood for giving up and he urged the group to try and track Urgala, if they went to Triboar they could ask as to where she was.


The party agreed and they teleported back to Mirabar and rejoined the ship and told them to "set sail" for Triboar. The captain asked if this was to help defeat the Giants and the quick reply was "yes of course". The ship moved off and the party settled in for the journey.


Day 46


The day passed with little of note although Tamth did cast Divination. He asked his god


where should we head to to intercept our missing companion


the answer came back, Bahamut's presence and power evident in every word -


Which one do you refer to? One is veiled from sight, from you and all others and there is no easy way to reach him. As for the other? Your paths have diverged. Her path and destiny lie elsewhere. Your paths may cross in the far future but for now your destinations are different.

(or something like that - give me a break it was myfirst divination response :D )


The party continued on and again rested over night as the ship "sailed" on through the night


Day 47

 Passed without incident the landscape slipping beneath the ship.


Day 48


The ship arrived mid morning just north of triboar and descended once more. The town seemed to have black smoke rising from it which worried them but they strode forward to see what had happened. As they got close they spotted a large adult black bear sitting facing the town staring at it quite intently.


Foehammer approached the bear and used his spirit seeker ability to speak with animals. for the next ten minutes the party heard Foehammer and the bear growl and groan back and forth. He asked what the bear was doing and the bear answered (Well Rikku answered - the DM was not voicing this one) and said it was watching the town. He asked why and the reply came back that it was interested in the giant attacks. The conversation continued and the bear looked around at the others and asked if they knew Reidoth and Foehammer said they did and the bear replied that she knew him and was investigating the giant attacks amongst other things. The chat between the gentle giants came to an end with the bear saying ti would accompany them on their travels if they wished. It then turned and approached the party and Lori attempted to smile at Tamth but was still in bear form - unfortunately despite Foehammer saying it was a friend it looked mighty scary to Tamth. Lori then licked Tamth's face which got him very wet and made him fall over.


Lori dropped her bear form to reveal she was in fact a half elf druid with long brown hair and green eyes carrying an ornate staff which was intertwined with grasses and tree bark almost as if it were living. She said she was the niece of Reidoth and she had heard of the party. She was trying to investigate barbarian burial mounds as she had heard there were clues to the giant attacks there. The party explained their part in this along with their quest to solve the mystery of the giant attacks and Lori offered her help which the party accepted. However their next task was to continue tracking Cora.


Entering Triboar they could see that barricades on the main roads were smouldering but the main buildings seemed unharmed. They headed to the Northshield guest house (Urgala's place) and found it empty. They found Darz Helgar who seemed to be in charge of the defences and he told them that Urgala had gotten itchy feet and decided to go adventuring again with talk of a new threat on the horizon.  He did not know where she was.


with the trail cold the party rested for a short while in Triboar debating their next move!





Session 22 - Sunday 29th October - Day 48-49



DAY 48

We found our party in Triboar having failed to track down Cora. They did however have a new party member Loraveil (Lori for short). They boarded the ship and headed to Flint Rock. As they did Tamth tested the ice mantle by jumping 20ft to the ground and suffered no damage. He managed to persuade Lori to try it from the ship and she plummetted 200ft and miraculously was unharmed.  Either the druid was trying to prove herself or she is into extreme sports!

They arrived later in the day to find a burial mound in the shape of an elk with cairns dotted around it and an altar with multiple Menhir. There were also 2 Elk present. A thorough investigation turned up not much , no inscriptions on the menhir nor the altar and the cairns themselves were very old. Lori spoke to the Elk (much to Foehammer's chagrin he also did speak with animals so he could monitor what they were talking about), the male of the pair answered and a short chat revealed no information, however the Elk did think that Lori was chatting him up!


they searched but no relic could be found, Tamth used his divine intervention to ask his god how to find the relic. The reply came back that the artifact was arcane in nature and someone trained could detect such things (like a detect magic spell). Sadly the party didn't have it amongst them at that moment so they went for more traditional methods. The party failed to lift the altar stone and so Lori turned into a badger and dug under the altar. She managed to find and dig round the relic so foehammer could reach in to grab it and thus it was retrieved, a 5-foot-long mithral spear tip weighing 75 pounds.


With their prize collected they boarded the airship and headed north to Shining White. Night fell and the party retired Kel'doran and Lori had a heart to heart and Kel'doran explained how he felt about Cora, he wanted to help her especially as she had helped him back from death and fought demons to do so. He felt bad that she did not feel they could help her.


DAY 49


The next day the ship was heading close to Shining White when Foehammer spotted a green shape far off in the distance. He warned the others and the crew and as the shape grew closer they identified it as a green Dragon, and worse, it was Venomfang their old adversary out for revenge.


The Dragon dived under the ship but both Farren and Kel'doran got in hits before it vanished. The rest of the party prepared themselves as venomfang rose up at the side of the ship and unleashed his breath weapon instantly killing the captain and another crew member and heavily damaging others in the process including Tamth, Foehammer and Farren.


Venomfang dived under once more and Farren and Kel'doran managed a couple more hits and Tamth rose up a spiritual guardian (Farren placed an arrow trap). The rest prepared attacks for its return. A crunching sound from underneath told them the dragon was damaging the ship. It reappeared and clawed and bit foehammer and Tamth but before disppearing Foehammer and others got multiple hits on venomfang who was looking worse for wear.


awkward attacks at it under the ship followed before the dragon emerged to use its breath weapon once more this time killing another crew member outright and heavily wounding other party members (I believe Farren and Tamth went down during the fight). But now it was here the rest were prepared and Foehammer carved chunks out of it before Lori dealt the coup de gras, a calll lightning to its backside... Venomfang felt an enormous rectal electrocution and tumbled from the sky 200ft to its death.


Tamth revived the captain but had no facility to save the other two crew. They continued to Shining White and decided to rest before descending to the burial mound.




Session 23 (badgers badgers badgers badgers badgers)- Sunday 5th November - Day 48-51






After the epic battle with Venomfang the party took a long rest before tackling the next burial mound


Day 49


Shining White


This burial mound looked to have been ransacked and partially destroyed with the altar reduced to rubble. The Griffon tribe were not very active here as there main settlements were some distance away (Lori informed you). Detect magic revealed no relic but Lori turned into a badger and dug underneath the ruined altar and found a giant's porcelain facemask broken into 2 pieces which she retrieved.


They next set a course to Morgur's Mound. Overnight Tamth discussed the deck of cards with Kel'doran and indicated he wanted to pull a card. Kel'doran was unsure this was wise but Tamth's love for games of chance meant that he wasn't dissuaded. Kel'doran told him there was a 50/50 chance of bad vs good (after a better arcana check on the deck) which Tamth believed (although it may/may not be true).


Day 50


Morgur's Mound


The ship descended to the rather imposing site of the burial mound of the Thunderbeast tribe (a legendary beast like a giant lizard). The burial mound was laid out as if it were a gigantic thunderbeast skeleton with animal bones used to represent ribs and other features. There were already several dig sites here as the mound seems to have been looted many times over the years. Tamth and Foehammer dug in seperate sites looking for magic items and relics. Tamth had some luck using his detect magic spell to guide him (you have no idea how long it would have taken without that :D ) finding a scroll and a potion (I think).


Finally Tamth found the relic a very large giant's tooth, gold plated. Once unearthed the ground began to rumble as 4 undead thunderbeast skeletons rose from the ground and attacked. Unfortunately as Tamth was split from the party he was surrounded and stranded.


The party did some damage but then the 4 thunderbeast skeletons turned on Tamth and tore him to pieces leaving him unconscious. The party manasged to ehal him and dealt more damage to the creature but next round Tamth was downed once more, it seemed the thunderbeast skeletons were to protect the relic. Once more the party healed Tamth and he had enough energy to turn undead on one of the beasts. The others were taken down with a combination of Farren's arrows , Foehammer's blistering attacks with Bow and Greataxe, Kel'doran's use of slow and spells and a very good Moonbeam from Lori.


The party (well Tamth) licked their wounds and retreated to the ship with their prize.


Day 51


Raven's Rock


The next destination loomed before them and seemed to be two burial mounds, one for the Raven Tribe (a large statue of a raven) and one for the grey wolf tribe (A simple altar). Raven's circled the statue.

The party investigated the altar and Lori went badger again to dig and find a 14-foot-long, 250-pound red dragon’s thighbone. Part of the bone is wrapped in old leather, suggesting that it was once used as a giant’s greatclub. If a creature attunes to the greatclub, it magically shrinks to a size that the creature can wield effectively. The greatclub is considered a magic weapon that deals an extra 2d8 bludgeoning damage whenever it hits a dragon (including any creature of the dragon type).


They then investigated the Raven Statue and a detect magic revealed a ring of hardened magma sized for a fire giant’s finger. When a creature attunes to the ring, it magically shrinks to fit that creature’s index finger, and warm orange light spills from minuscule cracks that form on its outer surface. The ring has 6 charges left. While attuned to the ring, a creature can expend 1 charge to cast conjure minor elementals (summoning either four magma mephits or four magmins, as the wearer wishes) or fire shield (warm shield version only) from the ring. Once all of its charges are spent, the ring loses its spellcasting properties but retains its resizing property.


The party returned to the ship and decided to head for Mirabar next for "shopping"?





Session 24 - Obligatory shopping episode - Sunday 12th November - Day 51-53(or 54 - just after midnight)



The party were on their way to Mirabar to pick up supplies with their arrival being around about dusk.


Early on in the journey Farren and Tamth both spotted that the crew seem to be busying themselves making the ship spick and span. Ropes were being re-coiled correctly, decks carefully swabbed etc. When questioned, the captain said it was standard practice and an inexperienced crewman called Laz told Tamth the same. Tamth chatted to Laz for a bit to try and understand why they worship a dragon (a tricky prospect when Tamth also worships a dragon). A little more time and a red blot appeared on the horizon and more chat revealed that Klauth was paying a visit.


Tamth cast aid and the others prepared themselves accordingly for the arrival. Klauth lazily beat his wings and cruised up alongside the ship. His mouth had a permanent snarl due to a scar across his mouth but he seemed to be in a pleasant(?) mood. He asked about progress and the party told him they were collecting information and locating the giant lords. The party were very careful avoiding using any untruths and skirted around whether they would defeat the giant lords or not. (if this were a Telltale game then the message would now pop up "Klauth will remember that") He seemed pleased with this and said the giant lords must be smashed, this would ensure the ordning remained broken and the giant threat would be quashed. He told the party when they did this he would reward them with a (small) portion of his hoard collected over hundreds of years. He also told them that the ship was theirs to keep, he had no use for an airship he only wished the mission to be a success. They could also send the crew back if they wished. He showed scant regard for his followers it seems.


Finally he told them that he needed to concentrate on other larger matters in the world and the giants were an irritation, when asked of these new dangers he was very cagey.

Farren attempted a quick witty retort and Klauth was unimpressed (to say the least). Kel'doran question Klauth about the deck of many things and he told him that he enjoyed chaos and the cards represented that.


After more verbal jousting Klauth left and the party carried on to Mirabar. The ship stayed outside of the city and the party found their way to the Brave Egg where Haril greeted them warmly, the party took rooms and Haril called through to ensure the best stew was on tonight and it was drinks all round as the night passed very pleasantly in the company of the half orc who was a  little more chatty than Foehammer :D Kel'doran asked about any arcane libraries but Haril wasn't sure.


Day 52

The next morning the party went to a trader of gems to exchange gems for diamonds so Tamth now has two lots of 300gp worth of diamonds (2 revivfy spells). He also wanted a keepsake and the jeweller offered him a piece of the Walls of Mirabar, a beautifully worked piece of ancient stone which Tamth bought.


Next they went to the magical item shop called Luminescent Conjuration where they met Helar Ikar once more. The elf had a small stock of interesting items but two of them were of interest, a mace of smiting and wings of flying (a cloak). the party didn't have much cash but they did have a potion of vitality, an incredily rare and expensive potion. Helar accepted the trade.


Kel'doran then asked about arcane libraries and showed Helar the deck of cards. He told him the best place was Everlund or Silverymoon to find arcane libraries. He did however tell him that the item was almost unique and value beyond the pocket of most collectors. The price it was worth would be dependant on what buyers you could find, he said a price in excess of 50000gp was possible. He said the cards inside were hugely powerful but that a number of them had downsides some of which were similarly very powerful and dangerous. Tamth asked if Helar would pick a card if offered and Helar said no he was too cautious by nature.


The party left Mirabar and headed back to the ship and continued their journey onward towards GRandfather tree (although Farren seemed a little reticent to be so near to his home). It was late afternoon when they left and it was 2.5 days to Grandfather Tree.


Tamth caught up with Laz in the evening and gave him the keepsake from Mirabar saying "You said you got to travel the world, but you can't see much from the ship despite the great view. Here's something to remember your travels by" - the lad thanked him and seemed genuinely pleased by the gesture.


Day 53


The Journey passed so far with little incident and the party rested. Tamth used divination to ask his god if the captured dragon over evermoors could be helpful. The reply came back that all metallic dragons could be helpful. He also cast Sending to ask if Harshnag was ok and to see if there had been any trouble at the temple. He got back a fair short reply to say all was well.


There was some debate about whether to search the evermoors for the Cloud Giant castle. The decision was made to keep going rather than pause and wait for daylight to pass over the Evermoors. Night fell and during the night the party were awakened by a crew member telling them they could hear the dragon in distress nearby. it was pitch dark but the castle itself had some lights on it and there was enough for the ship to find the castle and approach carefully.


They could see a balcony area where they could land and they hovered (seemingly undetected) as they decided on their next step!




Session 25 - Mission Impossible - Sunday 19th November - Day 54





Day 54


We find our party on the deck of the ship deciding what to do next.


Foehammer is not happy with infiltrating the castle at night, preferring to approach in daytime and parlay - Kel'doran and Tamth seem unsure too. Lori and Farren seemed confident they could slip in unseen using invisibility and wild shape and flying broom and wings of flying as well as pass without a trace and spider climb to sneak in, get the lay of the land and escape. As they discuss this long into the early hours the ship circumnavigates the castle and they pick out more details including finding all windows and arrow slits and mapping out the roof gardens including a rather ornate chess set of full sized humanoid pieces. The light is dim but enough to work out the lay of the land.


The toing and froing goes on for a good hour or so and eventually they decided to go in with the ship waiting high above the castle (with the crew offering tactical advice here).



Lori and Farren flew invisible on the flying broom to the topmost spire  arrow slit and slipped inside. They found the ornate and expensive bedroom of Countess Sansuri herself (they did not know this til later on).



They looked around and the room was covered in ornate expensive tapestries and the bed inlaid with gems, jewels and lots of gold. Lori motioned to Farren to go with her downstairs at which point they both remembered they couldn't see each other. They made contact holding hands  and  snuck downstairs to the next level and found a study with a large 25ft cabinet and  table (all of the furniture was giant sized as were the doors and steps were each 3-4 feet high). They heard a sound to the south of the room but could not see what made it.


They continued downstairs to find a chamber with walls filled with masks, beautifully ornate each depicting different emotions.





Here they came to a giant 25ft high door and it seemed tricky to open so they went back upstairs carefully and flew out the window again. They now flew over and saw a domed building on top with no obvious entrance, they thought the dragon might be there but there was only a large door to enter so they dropped to the next level with two gardens to port and starboard with a large building inbetween and chose an arrow slit to enter.


On doing so they came upon a functional room with a glass vat of green liquid next to holes in the floor (seemingly leading to main entrance corridor below). A cloud giant was standing guard in the room and the only exit was a door so they left via the arrow slit and headed down.


Here they discovered 2 aarakocra bird creatures but they looked unusual in colouring and were identical as well as asleep. The main door was shut.


They skirted the castle to the port side and entered an arrow slit to find a large room with 3 ballistae and a Cloud Giant on guard. Farren stumbled as he dismounted the broom and the giant jerked his head towards them and made his way over , the two silently slipped out and went round to the other side and re-entered the room. Here they saw him again and this time Farren clumsily collided with the ballista and the giant stalked over to investigate and the two fled through the window once more.


They went to the starboard side and found an indentical room with another giant but this time Farren kept his footing and they slipped downstairs. They found themselves in the aft courtyard out in the open once more! They went up a central straircase to the interior of the castle and found the main entrance hall, listening at all 4 doors found silence and snoring creatures in one room (not giants though or dragons).


They returned the courtyard and flew to the starboard where there were two large windows and peering in they saw 5 griffons in cages... They opened the window and snuck in (only 1 Griffon stirred). The room had double doors at one end and 5 griffon cages - listening at the door they couldn't hear anything but as the chamber beyond had no arrowslit or window they thought it might be a prison.


Lori wild-shaped into a mouse and slid under the door to find a bronze dragon manacled to the wall. she dropped wildshape and invisibility and tried to rouse the dragon quietly saying they were friends. Felgolos awoke rattling his chains which disturbed the griffons and Farren, now visible was trying to pick the lock of the giant double doors. Lori explained that her party had a ship gifted by Klauth which put Felgolos on edge, to say the least, but he seemed to trust the intentions of Lori (better he escape now!) and shifted form into a blonde lad with bronze irises which helped him to slip his bonds.


Lori couldn't deal with the door  (her acid damage would've burnt through the lock in about a minute) and Felgolos offered to try his dragon strength. He shifted back into his native form and pressed himself against the door. The door started to creak and hinges bend but it took a time to break , in this time the Griffons were beating wings and trying to escape cages and the noise would be heard, Lori told Farren to run which he did, the door shattered and Lori turned herself and the dragon invisible and also ran for the window (lori climbing on the back of Felgolos) and just as they flew out they could see a Cloud Giant burst into the room.


Farren flew up with his new wings of flying but his elven form seemingly was spotted as ballista were fired at him, just missing. The invisible form of Felgolos and Lori were also heard but the ballista did not find their mark. Once on the ship the weight of the dragon landing was felt and the crew questioned it but the attack of the Cloud Giants distracted them and they set course and flew as quick as the ship would go.

The Cloud castle did not immediately pursue but once it did it was trying to track them. Over the next 12 hrs there was a game of cat and mouse as the ship tried to lose the castle and when they came to a stop some 12 hrs later it had been 2 hrs since they had seen the castle and night was falling so the crew were confident more course changes overnight would lose them.


During this slow motion chase across the skies Felgolos told the party that he had been captured by Sansurri as she wanted the location of great magical artifacts from the Ostorian Wars. He explained this was a waste of time as he believed those relics had long lost their arcane power which had leaked away into the very firmament of the Faerun and that is how we have magic users and items we have today.


Felgolos also mentioned Sansurri was scrying on him so kel'doran gave him the necklace to protect him from that.


The party explained their connection to Klauth and their mission. Felgolos said Klauth was a liar and not to be trusted. He believed the Ordning was broken to cause disruption and the best way to keep it would be to have the Storm Giants remain with Hekaton at the head. He also suggested dumping the crew as they would be in contact with Klauth. he also said that Iymrith was more problematic than Klauth and when asked if she could be behind the breaking of the ordning he said it was possible.


The conversation continued long into the night, the party weary from lack of sleep and the tension of the chase.




Session 26 - Stealth and Slaughter - Sunday 26th November - Day 54 - 55




Day 54 continued...


The party exhausted by their escape from the cloud giants took a much needed long rest aboard the ship as it changed course throughout the night to eventually reach Grandfather Tree.


The next morning there was much discussion with Felgolos. They told him about, and showed him, the blue dragon egg. He stared and told them it must be destroyed and thrown over the side. He insisted it was an item created by Iymrith and she could scry on them at will with that egg present. Tamth and Farren both questioned why Felgolos' suggestions always seemd to be to throw things overboard, he retorted saying if they showed him something of value then he would happily say so. However he said that in the current circumstance the party can easily be tracked by Klauth the red dragon and Iymrith the blue dragon, leaving the party somewhat exposed.


The party mulled this over for a while and came to a decision. Foehammer smashed the egg which broke easily, a wave of blue energy pulsed from the egg as it was destroyed. The wave went beyond the room and soon there was a knock at the door, one of the crew asking if everything was ok. The party kept the door closed due to Felgolos and said all was fine. The crew member sounded uncertain but went back on deck.


With the egg destroyed the party went down to the Grandfather Tree, Felgolos was in his halfling form and invisible to hide him from the crew. Once on the ground the party quickly spotted 7 Centaurs milling around the mound searching for something. They approached them and ascertained that the Centaurs were struck with a curse/sickness which prevented them from eating. THey had a short discussion with them and the lead Centaur said they were hoping to find a cure here at the holy tree. Beyond that there seemed no immediate way to help the Centaurs (Tamth did not have the right spell learnt) so the party returned to the task at hand.


Tamth approached the tree and cast detect magic. As he got within 50ft of the tree 4 dryads emerged from the 4 smaller trees surrounding the large central tree. They seemed to emerge from the tree trunks their body and skin forming from the tree matter. Once fully out the dryads were beautiful and naked with elven like features. They spoke in soft breathy voices and told the party to leave this holy place.


The party (or the elven speaking ones) tried to persuade the dryads to let them search under the tree in the root system. However neither Kel'doran nor Farren were persuasive enough and the Dryads stood firm despite protestations of danger. They agreed that Tamth could circle the tree close enough to detect magic but not enter the root structure. Tamth did this and discovered nothing. The party decided at this point to leave.


Once back on the ship they left the halfling visible and indicated he was someone they found below and was helping with the investigation, a halfling called Fordor Shortstack. Delsaphine seemed suspicious of this and said nothing. Someone (sorry) spoke to Delsaphine one to one and managed to persuade him to tell the truth. Delsaphine felt indebted to the party due to being raised from the dead and so told them that he spoke to Klauth regularly and next time he would mention the halfling with gold/bronze eyes. He said he could not lie to Klauth but would tell them when Klauth had been in contact.


The party rested up for the day and Tamth started construction of a scroll of revivify (day 1 of 8).


Day 55


The next day the party formulated a new plan, Lori and Farren were to move to the tree invisible and investigate whilst rest of party aided the Centaurs (a distraction). They returned to the clearing and Farren and Lori went into the root system seemingly undetected. Once in there they quickly found what they were look for, an electrum U shaped ornamental torc inlaid with giant runes. They returned to surface to find the rest of the party had left the clearing.


The rest of the party were trying to track the missing Centaurs who had left the clearing. The tracks were easy to follow for 30 mins or so but then vanished. Then Felgolos heard faint sounds of activity ahead. He said it sounded like heavy footed troops maybe 15-18 of them. The party moved forward and then all could perceive the same thing. Still thinking of helping the Centaurs they moved forward and were confronted by 25 Uthgardt Barbarians. The party decided to attack and the result was a bloody and short battle.Felgolos changed shape to his true form which caught the barbarians attentions.


Kel'doran cast greater invisibility on himself and moved to a better vantage point. THe barbarians were a distance away but still managed a few attacks catching Tamth once. Next Foehammer rushed into battle and started carving through the barbarians. Tamth cast command on three of them to make them "betray" their colleagues. Felgolos moved forward and simply blasted his lightning breath against the barbarians killing half of them in an instant.


Kel'doran did some damage. Next the Barbarians attacked and got some good hits in, unfortunately some were against their own men! Then Foehammer killed another two splitting them in two with each crushing blow. Felgolos swooped over and killed 4 with his wing attack leaving just 1 remaining barbarian who tried to run but the party ran him down and killed him.


The party looted the corpses for 25ish gold I think it was and left the bloodbath behind to go back to grandfather tree. Farren found them and Tamth asked if Farren could track the Centaurs. Farren tried his best but the blood, body parts and organs littering the area made it impossible to track anything. He did tell them that he and Lori had found the relic and they all returned to the ship.


The next stop was to be Stone Stand which would be reached by mid afternoon. there was more talk of whether to abandon the crew somewhere but still no decision made.




Session 27 - Adventuring ages you! - Sunday 3rd December - Day 55 - 56




We join our party as their airship heads towards Stone Stand, the next burial mound. Felgolos is now on board in his halfling form but the day crew are aware he is a bronze dragon. Delsephine takes Kel'doran to one side and explains that he is meant to report such things to Klauth (he shows him an arcane symbol on his palm which marks him as an acolyte of Klauth). However Delsephine feels gratititude to the party as they revived him after he died, and so he will not tell Klauth. He cannot guarantee that the night crew won't report back if they find out (the head of the night crew, Oriskus is also an acolyte of Klauth and can communicate direct).


The party mull this over and decide to drop the night crew off explaining that the mission is dangerous, they need more space and they only want one crew as they can man the ship when the crew is off duty. They do this just north of the High forest before they reach Stone Stand. The night crew comply happily with no illwill as they were instructed to follow all orders. Delsephine continues on course to Stone Stand.


They arrive mid-afternoon and after a little discussion decide to land and check out the burial mound. The entire party including Felgolos land near the tree at the centre of the burial mound. This mound has a very distinctive feel compared to the others, the air is chilled despite the warmer weather nearby and there is an eerie stillness in the air with no sounds of wildlife. The party approaches the tree and as tamth is about to cast detect magic to find the relic two ghosts emerge from the ground nearby. They are both Uthgardt Barbarian chiefs although their attire indicates they held the position some years apart, there is not much time to note any details before the ghosts attack.


Foehammer starts off by raging and getting in two good hits on the ghosts but some of his damage is not working as well as others. Tamth gets his spiritual weapon up which seems effective as it cleaves through the creature, each blow cut whisps out of the apparitions. The ghosts then turn on the party and display horrifying expressions of ghostly torment, Lori and FOehammer are chilled to the core and both seem to have visibly aged as they are frightened - Felgolos shrugs off the effect. Lori brings down lightning which seems to do some damage and Felgolos sits next to the tree and observes saying "oh you have got this just fine". Kel'doran isn't so sure and blasts off his scorching ray which seems to have some effect and finally Farren shoots two arrows very effectively into the ghosts passing through but heavily damaging them.


Foehammer is frightened but still attacks and again does a good load of damage. Tamth keeps his spiritual weapon working and then the ghosts seem to try and pass into Foehammer and Tamth but both fail. Lori brings down the lightning once more and Kel'doran keeps the pressure up, Farren fires two more arrows and the two ghosts are despatched. The party pause for breath.


Suddenly two more apparations appear again Uthgardt chiefs but this time older garb again generations apart. The ghosts immediately frighten Kel'doran and Farren one of which looks aged but Farren barely looks affected. Foehammer and Tamth both attack followed by Lori's Call Lightning and Felgolos' words of encouragement.Kel'doran and Farren both make good attacks (Farren having to resort to his seldom used short swords).


Foehammer and Tamth keep the hits coming but then the ghosts try to enter Tamth and Farren and both succeed leaving both of them possessed by the ghosts. Lori is unsure what to do and Felgolos tells them they must defeat their friends to release them. Kel'doran uses magic missiles on Farren and Farren shoots Foehammer.


Foehammer hits Tamth very hard almost putting him down and then Tamth attacks Foehammer and does a little damage. Lori calls lightning down on Farren whilst Kel'doran targets Farren again with magic missiles. Farren shoots his allies once more.

Foehammer makes no mistake and strikes Tamth who falls and the ghost emerges. The ghost tries to possess Foehammer but fails in its weakened state. Lori casts healing word on Tamth to bring him back and then Kel'doran brings down Farren causing the ghost to emerge which Kel'doran despatches.


Foehammer despatches the last ghost and farren is healed, the party rest for a moment as life returns to the area, birds can be heard and there is a warmth in the air.


The party remonstrate with Felgolos for his lack of help and Felgolos explains he wanted to see what the party were capable of and he was impressed. Farren pointed out he had seen what they could do when they saved him. Felgolos agreed but wanted to know their battle prowess. The party looked at each other and Lori,Kel'doran and Foehammer had all aged 20 years (Foehammer most obviously), Farren had aged ten years but it was hardly noticeable. Felgolos said a greater restoration would solve the problem and it had to be done in the next 24 hrs. The party discussed next steps and some wanted to go to Everlund straight away (to visit the temple of Helm).

In the end they decided to quickly search for the relic and then head for Everlund. The detect magic soon revealed the relic under the tree, a skull with magical properties. Lori turned into a badger and dug it out and then they headed back to the ship.


On the ship they set course for Everlund and it was obvious they were not happy with Felgolos. Felgolos took Kel'doran to one side and explained that he wanted very capable adventurers so that he could retrieve something dear to him. He explained that some years ago his hoard was stolen by two Blue Dragons, Anaxster and Chezzeran, both offspring of Iymrith. Felgolos did not mind so much about the treasure but he wanted one possession back, a keepsake, a silver pouch of pipeweed gifted to his father by the halfling goddess Yondalla. If successful the party could take as much of the hoards as they could carry and he would be in their debt forever. He said that the Dragons were powerful hence why he would never go against them but he thought we could sneak in and out and if there was any trouble and he could distract them as the party made their escape.


Kel'doran took this proposal to the party who had many questions. The upshot was they agreed to help Felgolos once they had collected all the relics. He said that was fine and to show good faith he would assist the party fully at the next two burial mounds if necessary.


Day 56

The party rested and then the next morning set out bright and early for Everlund having parked the ship somewhere safe! Felgolos waited near the city as he didn't like Everlund too much, too many Arcane users.


Arriving in Everlund they beat a path to the temple of Helm  and their friendly priest Narder Dage to see if he could help them with their aging problem. On arrival Narder Dage was open and friendly and when hearing of the plight of the party he said he would help as best he could given their assistance with the curse on the temple. He took them to a side room and explained that the priests of Helm were battlefield medics and charged handsomely for their services and Horix Zoar would not be happy if such services were given for free. But given the help the party had lent them he was willing to do the greater restorations for the price of the materials (100gp) plus a small fee which he could then massage through the books and accountants (50gp) making a total of 150gp per restoration. The party paid and thanked him for his help. He performed the rituals and sadly informed the party that he wouldn't be able to disguise the costs of further cures in the same way in future if they needed his assistance. The party understood and went on their way looking their usual youthful selves.


They left Everlund and headed back to the ship with Felgolos and set a course for One Stone.






Session 28 - Approaching the Blue meanies! - Sunday 10th December - Day 56 - 59





Day 56


The party now back to their youthful selves returned to the task at hand, heading for One Stone, with Felgolos' extra mission a tantalising prospect.


Day 57

The ship arrived at One Stone to find it quiet and deserted. This was a burial ground for the tribe of the Sky Pony with the raised area being of similar  shape to the animal, with the eye being marked with a large boulder. There was no sign of an altar so Tamth cast Detect Magic which revealed that the boulder itself was magical. Spending time with it Kel'doran understood that this massive boulder could be shrunk with a command word and carried and so that is what the party did.


As they did so two large blunt nosed creatures burrowed up from beneath the earth with two riders aboard and immediately attacked the party. Farren quickly killed one rider and Tamth banished a bulette as the party laid waste to the creatures. Felgolos used his breath weapon to kill the other rider and severly damage the bulette it rode. Kel'doran followed up by killing the injured Bulette. When the other one appeared it was almost instantly slaughtered under a flurry of attacks with Felgolos getting the killing blow.


Felgolos noticed a large presence of Uthgardt barbarians watching the party from the NorthEast but for some reason they didn't fancy tackling the heroes!


The party returned to the ship and made the short journey to Beorunner's Well, the last burial mound on their list. The burial area was sunken below a clearing in a partially underground cavern. They descended cautiously and on arrival saw an Uthgardt camp the NorthEast and a Manticore to the NorthWest. As they landed a shaman emerged next to them and questioned them, the presence of Felgolos obviously made her nervous!


After quite a bit of chat it turned out this was the resting place of Beorunner, a half ogre barbarian leader of the tribe. He had stolen a giant relic and he was indeed buried with it. The Shaman did not want to hand it over, but realised that fighting a dragon was beyond her tribe. She agreed that the party could remove the relic only as long as Beorunner's bones were not disturbed.


The party retrieved the relic, a mammoth tooth horn and returned to the ship. They now had all the relics in the hold and it was time to do Felgolos a favour! They set sail/balloon for Ascore on the border of the Anarouch desert.


Day 58


The day was spent travelling to Ascore and the party saw little on the way as they weren't passing over larger settlements.


Day 59


The ship arrives on outskirts of Ascore and the ship is hidden in Arn Forest and they approached the place on foot. As they approached a cliff/mountain range the road led them to a large cavernous entrance which had a statue outside, the statue was of a dragon but was inert. The party entered the tunnel and after a small rockfall made their way through until the tunnel opened out into a large desert dock. It seems that this desert once was a sea as a small derelict village led to a dry dock of sorts and a 30ft drop where 2 ships were at rest on the sand.


The party carefully and stealthily flitted from building to building trying not to draw attention of the two blue dragons who were lazily flying around each other a few hundred feet up. They found mostly rot and filth and a party of 4 dead adventurers who obviously had already tried to steal from this pair of dragons.


The party finally approached the ships , one was upside down with a gash in one side and the other was sitting the right way up albeit half of the ship was gone, sheared off leaving an open deck and a pile of treasure on it. There were 4 dragon statues on the railing of the righted ship and they were also inert.


Tamth flew over the edge of the drop to approach the ship as the rest of the party strolled down the dock to meet him when the 4 statues came to life and started to attack.


And that cliffhanger is where we leave our intrepid team til next week!




Session 29 - Attack of the Blue meanies! - Tuesday 19th December - Day 59




We rejoin our fearless heroes as they attempt to ransack dragon hoards in search of the pipeweed of Yondalla for Felgolos, their bronze dragon friend!


4 stone statues leapt from the railings of the ship and attacked the party. The group tried to despatch them with minimal fuss as they didn't want to attract the attentions of the two blue dragons above. Foehammer jumped on board ship and tamth joined him from his broom, Kel'doran used the underside of the ship with his boots of spiderclimb and farren fired from afar.


The gargoyles proved to be not much of a challenge and Felgolos watched the skies above. Just as the battle was coming to an end the last gargoyle flew straight up and Felgolos reacted.  Farren managed to find the pipeweed in the hoard on deck as the two blue dragons started to descend towards the ship. felgolos said he would keep them occupied. Despite the great distance Farren managed to shoot one of the dragons which seemed to draw its attention to the ship below and it altered course.


Felgolos and the blue dragon traded blows in the skies above as the Blue dragon landed and started to attack the main party. It's breath weapon caused alot of damage to Tamth, Foehammer, Farren and Lori but they all rallied and tamth healed up his colleagues as Foehammer started to hit the creature heavily scoring to critical hits. This enraged the dragon who lashed out at Foehammer over and over, it dodged the firewall Lori put up as a distraction and she managed to grab some treasure as well during the confusion.


At one point Foehammer was down but his orcish resilience brought him back up again and tamth healed him as best he could. The dragon now started to fight smarter and used its range to confound some of the damage dealers (although Kel'doran was still firing on all cylinders with his sneaky tactic of hiding beneath the ship. It managed to down Farren who fell taking further damage that put him at death's door and only fast action from lori and Tamth saved him.


Lori ran for it and encouraged the party to do the same. The other blue dragon and felgolos descended and joined the fray and despite a seeming invitation to retreat one of the dragons petulantly attacked once more leading one of the party to deal a fatal blow to it. This spurred on the party who fled during the chaos of the blue dragon crashing to the ground/deck of the ship dead. The party escaped to the safety of the tunnel leaving one dragon dead and another wounded.





Session 30 - An unwise course of action! - Sunday 7th January - Day 59-60





Battered and bruised from their battle with the dragons the party decided to rest in the tunnel and consider their options. Foehammer was all for going back and taking out the other dragon. Felgolos asked the purpose and was told they wanted more treasure (and Foehammer wanted to kill the dragon). Felgolos suggested going in under cover of night after a long rest and steal directly from the vacant hoard.


The party rested and snuck back in at midnight. They saw the dragon corpse was gone and the hoard on deck, whilst slightly depleted, it was seemingly unguarded,. The party snuck over there and found


11000 gp

1500 pp

10 gems worth 1000gp each

A hessian bag with markings of similar design to Heward's Haversack

Counterspell Scroll (lv5)


The party whispered a plan to raid the other hoard and Felgolos said this may be unwise. However the party forged ahead and flew onto the roof of the ship under the cover of night near the large hole in the roof. Those with dark vision could make out a very large carcass of bones bleached white which, according to Kel'doran belonged to a very large worm.


Tamth cast a silent spell with the guidance of the Bronze Dragon, as only Felgolos could see the dragon laying on his hoard in the bow of the ship asleep. This worked and allowed the party to fly down into the hull of the ship. They made their way forwards and 4 wormlings erupted from the sand and attacked.


Felgolos transformed into a dragon, Lori cast call lightning on a worm damaging it and farren shot it with arrows damaging it further. The 2 worms to the south crawled towards the dragon and roused it from its slumber and it awoke and glowered at you all. Foehammer bludgeoned one worm and Tamth dropped the silence spell and spread hope throughout the party whilst using spiritual weapon to hit another worm. Kel'doran fireballed the dragon and the worms.


Felgolos rushed forward and took on the dragon hitting it with both claws with raking them across its chest. Lori used call lightning on another worm to finish it off. Farren shot another worm dead and the Dragon as well. At this point the Dragon used a lair action to blind Tamth, Farren and Lori with a sandstorm. It then used an action to frighten Felgolos, Foehammer, Tamth and Farren. It then swooped round (taking a hit from Felgolos) to use lightning breath on Tamth, Foehammer, Lori and Farren causing hefty damage to all. The remaining worm burrowed underneath the sand.


In response Foehammer moved to the treasure and  failed to shake off the effect of being frightened. Tamth also failed to shake off the blindness and frightened statuses and attacked with spiritual weapon, which missed and used a Command word which the Dragon shrugged off. Kel'doran used his Thunderstep to blast the dragon and teleport himself to outside of the hole.


Felgolos tried to shake off the frightened status, but couldn't, he seemed terrified. Lori then cast lesser restoration on herself to remove her frightened feelings and healed FOehammer. Farren shot wildly seemingly terrified of the dragon but still managed to hit once. The Dragon called down another lair action causing a piece of timber to pin Tamth to the floor - and with that the Dragon stalked over to Tamth and attacked him viciously biting and clawing him til he lay there unconcious. Foehammer looked for items in the hoard but came up with nothing. Kel'doran seeing Tamth lying there used his thunderstep to teleport down next to Tamth and give him a potion bringing him back to life.  The Dragon used a legendary action to fly up and the beating of its wings caused damage to Tamth and Kel'doran and the cleric went down again.


Felgolos still frightened managed to finally shrug off the effects and it rushed at the dragon attacking effectively.  Lori felt things were going badly, healed tamth and jumped on the back of Felgolos. Farren fired arrows at the dragon but still was frightened of it. The Dragon flew away from Felgolos (taking a hit) and used its breath weapon again on Kel'doran, Tamth and Farren which downed Farren and Tamth. Foehammer found a potion and managed to shake of his fright. Kel'doran used thunderstep again and teleported him and Tamth out of the hole onto the roof.


Felgolos swooped down and grabbed Farren and Foehammer in order to beat a retreat. Lori cured farren which brought him back up but the dragon regained his breath weapon again and blasted Lori, Foehammer and Farren downing all of them but Foehammer's cast iron Half Orc constitution revived him. Foehammer then fed a potion to Farren who came back up and Kel'doran managed to revive Tamth and they dashed away on the broom with Kel'doran also thunderstepping them further towards the exit.


Felgolos dashed out and made a run for the exit with the dragon in hot pursuit. Tamth used mass healing word to bring back lori and cure the others and then made a move to exit. Kel'doran thunderstepped once more bringing them into the tunnel exit.


Felgolos made his final move and landed as he couldn't go into the tunnel in dragon form. Lori exited into the tunnel. The blue dragon swooped down once more and blasted foehammer downing him once more with his resilience used up. Tamth and Kel'doran rushed out and grabbed foehammer with Tamth healing him as they dragged.


Felgolos followed and the blue dragon told them it was a mistake to return and to never come back.


The party rushed inside took a short rest and then decided to leave quickly. As they left the dragon statue at the entrance was imbued with the spirit of Iymrith and lambasted the party for attacking her children and killing one of them indicating there would be payback. When the message was given the statue exploded causing more damage to the party. They returned to the ship bloodied, with armour dented and torn. Delsaphine asked if all had gone well with a wry smile and the party wearily boarded the ship. They set a course for Everlund.  The party looked at their spoils and Tamth split them between the haversack and the new bag of holding, as he placed a handful of coins in the new bag he noticed that there wasn't enough room for lots of coins and at around about the same moment he felt a force pull him into the bag.


The party looked on in astonishment as Tamth vanished into the bag.


And there we leave our team looking at the bag lying on the floor and their colleague gone.




Session 31 - Cleric - Bag, Bag - Cleric* - Sunday 7th January - Day 60-62



The group stared dumbstruck at the empty bag on the floor where tamth had stood moments ago.


Farren stared and asked what had happened. Kel'doran grabbed his rope with grapple hooks on the end and placed one end in the bag and one end in Foehammer's hand. Foehammer looked at the rope and then stuck his hand in the bag to grab Tamth. Foehammer was dragged into the bag his hand caught in the maw at the bottom of the bag and Tamth caught there as well alongside. Foehammer managed to break free and escape the bag falling to the floor.


Farren looked in and couldn't see Tamth and then Kel'doran tried to see if Tamth had caught the rope. Foehammer stuck his hand in again to grab tamth but couldn't feel him there at all. They all looked in and the bag was empty. Felgolos said he had heard of such things but hadn't seen one before and it was possible Tamth was devoured or deposited on another plane of existence.


The party debated the issue and asked Delsaphine to try and get to Everlund quicker. It seemed the best course of action was to head to Everlund and get advice. Kel'doran studied the item and discovered it was a bag of devouring, any creature lost to it was most likely devoured/destroyed permanently.


Day 61


The day broke and the party took over the running of the ship from the night crew. The journey passed uneventfully but Kel'doran noticed that far below, the road was deserted with no travellers, no merchants and no traffic at all. As they got closer to Everlund he noticed a haze/mist above the high forest far to the south which also might have been smoke which made Farren very concerned for his village.


On approach to Everlund guards stopped them and asked what their business was. They revealed their contacts in the city and the guards relaxed, when asked if there was trouble the guard said there had been refugees from all directions. Farms were being destroyed, fires in the forest to the south and no trade coming in or out. Farren asked about fires to the south and was told there had been a handful of Elven refugees.

Entering the city the difference to their last visit was stark, the market was sparse with few goods on display and the streets almost empty but for guards. They headed to MoonGleam tower and spoke to the mage there. Drowen seemed distracted by the demands placed on him but when the party told him of their plight he softened. He told them the bag most likely had devoured and destroyed Tamth and there was no way for him to come back other than a Wish spell or a True Resurrection. He told them both are god-like powers and he knew of noone with such talents. When asked if there was no chance he said there was a chance that the bag was modified to eject the person on another plane of existence and that a cleric with divination might be able to get an answer from the gods.

When asked about the troubles here Drowen told them that the council had decided to close the gates and barricade themselves in whilst the Giants wreaked havoc. They hoped to weather the storm, however he had no knowlege of fires in the High forest.


The party thanked him and paid a visit to Narder Dage at the temple of Helm. He seemed harried explaining that giant attacks were on the minds of all and his clerics were busy healing. The party quickly explained their loss and Narder cast divination. His answer was not a good one, according to the answer from his god Tamth was devoured and destroyed and nothing short of god like powers could bring him back. He explained that True ressurection was necromantic and well beyond his abilities and he knew of noone who could help. He again pointed out the Wish spell but said that it also was very rare.


The party, despondent, left Everlund. They tried to buy potions before they left but shops were short of stock and very little of use remained. They went back to their ship and planned to head to High Forest to check on Farren's village.


On the way they came across a scuffle in the forest, a gnome with twin rapier blades was in combat with a massive Hill giant. Both had bloodied wounds but as they arrived the gnome produced a devastating flurry of blows that scared the giant out of its wits (and ruined his potential for producing offspring!). The hillgiant hit back but the gnome dived away from the attack causing the blow to become a glancing one. The party joined in and Kel'doran and Farren got in good hits before the gnome finished off the attacker with panache.


After he caught his breath he introduced himself as Billin Strife Laugher.  He explained he was heading north to Zymorven Hall under contract to Harthos Zymorven who needed help to defend the Hall from Giants. The party explained what they were upto and Billin seemed to struggle to understand the concept of doing anything for free. He agreed to accompany them as they could get him to Zymorven Hall quicker despite a stop off at Farren's homestead.


The party boarded the ship and flew to Farren's village, upon landing they approached carefully. Farren could see that old trails had been disturbed and didn't look the same. He also spotted two elves who were tracking them in the undergrowth and called them forth. Conall and Eldrin introduced themselves and after some pleasantries he told Farren where to find his father.


Upon arrival at Farren's house the door was opened by his mother, Elandril, who embraced him warmly, which embarrassed Farren somewhat. Then his sister appeared, Eroan and she embraced him also. Finally Farren's father appeared, Folduin, and their greeting was a little frostier. There was tea and chat as Farren and his father exchanged guarded words. Folduin indicated that his wife and dauighter missed farren and that he himself did too (in a roundabout way). There was some talk of how much Farren had progressed and how powerful or important he was in the war raging across the world. Giving little detail Farren indicated he was deeply involved in trying to solve it. Folduin tried to set Farren's mind at rest as to how safe the village was and Farren seemed somewhat happier.


A feast was held and the party ate well. Farren spoke to his sister to see what her plans were. She had skills with a bow and with nature tracking and stealth but her horizons were narrow, as were Farren's at that age. Farren tried to explain there was more in the world to see and she seemed to understand.


There was a touching farewell with Eroan passing a carved wooden leaf to Farren and Kel'doran bagged himself some of the delicious tea.


The party boarded the ship and headed to Zymorven Hall late into the evening


Day 62


The ship skirted the Evermoors and the party saw that the city of Silverymoon had taken damage to its walls but nothing major. They approached Zymorven Hall nearing nightfall and it seemed structurally sound apart from the front doors being caved in. The ship descended and the party investigated. The doors were smashed in by a blunt weapon and the entrance hall had 4 empty suits of armour and a dead woman her head gone, bludgeoned by large weapon of some kind.


As the party stood in the empty quiet hall they contemplated their next move...


Next week...




Session 32 - Keep of the Dead - Sunday 21st January - Day 62-63




The party stood in the eerily quiet entrance of Zymorven Hall.


Foehammer and Kel'doran went left - Billin and Farren went right. They explored both sides and found some damage but mostly quiet rooms. Foehammer and Kel'doran found store rooms, the latrines, a cold forge, the kitchens, dining room and kitchen staff quarters (perception roll too low to spot Liseera in there?). Billin and Farren found an empty dining hall and a meeting room of sorts and more stores. As they headed north they heard noises from behind them.


They positioned themselves either side of the entrance and Lord Zymorven himself lumbered into view in his plate armour, on seeing Billin (sorry he got a nat 20 perception) he turned and Billin saw a zombie wearing very posh platemail and wielding a large sword. Behind him were three further zombies.


Felgolos in halfling form nostly looked on. Foehammer hearing noises headed up through the main hall to flank them. Lord Zymorven swung at Billin twice but only 1 hit connected. Billin responded with three rapier attacks two of which pierced the zombie's thighs causing substantial damage. Kel'doran rushed up in to the hall but could do no more. The other zombies attacked but with little success however two more zombies appeared from the west one of which was a zombified Hill Giant! Farren now knowing the fate of the Lord shot an arrow into him but missed with the second.


Foehammer rushed up and hit the first zombie three times killing it even though it tried to stand up again. Lord Zymorven continued to try and hit Billin without much success. Billin attacked Lord Zymorven with a flurry of rapier attacks (5 in all) the first tripping him and the rest stabbing down into him as he lay prone. Kel'doran fired a ray of fire that severely damaged all the zombies in its path (4 of them). The hill giant moved forward and swung twice both connecting with Foehammer causing crushing blows  to him against the wall. The other zombies failed to hit anything much. Farren shot Lord Zymovern twice but he wasn't down yet.


Foehammer stood toe to toe with the Hill Giant zombie and hit it twice doing a large amount of damage. Lord Zymorven swung at billin but his attacks were not what they once were. Billin finished off the Lord and went on to attack another zombie. Kel'doran killed two zombies and the remaining zombie was downed by Farren.


Foehammer attacked the Hill Giant again and it gave as good as it got, Kel'doran slowed the creature and Billin moved in and attacked as well. Farren shot it full of arrows before Foehammer finally spliced its head in two  after a couple of attempts.


With the place clear, the party began searching. They found a half eaten corpse in each of the rooms next to the main chamber one of which was Harthal, son of Lord Zymorven. Billin got a few gold from his pockets (he didn't know he was the son of the Lord). Further searching of the rooms revealed nothing but a few silver pieces, some paperwork and some ashes/burnt objects in front of a statue.

As they searched Kel'doran spied someone near the entrance and called out. A frightened human woman stood there frozen in fear gibbering about having been hiding for weeks. Her name was Liseera and she said she was the scribe of lord Zymorven. With some gentle persuasion and a suggestion spell to calm her she said she had been there at the time of the attack in the kitchen area  and had seen 3 Cloud Giants come in along with a Hill Giant and a man in black - she had heard battle and death and decided to hide in the kitchen quarters under the bed. Seemingly she was not found. The party surmised she had been hiding for 7 days.


It seemed that Harthos Zymorven had no other family and Liseera found the deeds, which Foehammer grabbed (after a short tussle with Billin) and they all headed to Silverymoon to inform the Harpers.



Day 63


On arrival Bartholomew the guard approached them and asked their business after him noticing that he recognised them from the Noble's house some weeks ago. After they explained the problems at Zymorven Hall he looked shocked and told them to see the High Marshall Mathrammar. Instead they went to see the leader of the Harper's , Akir who was equally troubled by the news as Zymorven Hall was a strategic defensive point and lookout post to the north. The party suggested he might want to occupy the hall but he suggested they go and see the High Marshall.


The High Marshall saw the party immediately and again was concerned. He asked if the party would take over the hall and they refused saying they had bigger business to deal with, when pressed further they explained their mission with the oracle and the eye of the all father, all of this was news to the High Marshall. He told them that their mission was important, as all the cities were doing was battening down the hatches with no attempt to solve the problem. He promised the group that if all they said was true and they solved the problem of the giants then many cities would be eternally grateful. Liseera stayed and the High Marshall said he would hold the ownership of the Hall in abeyance, in the meantime he would send forces there to secure it. He said he would send word of the party's intentions and asked them their name and when they had no answer  he chuckled and said "in which case I will call you the Unknown Adventurers"


After this the party headed out to the shops and found


Aerytht and his potion shop. They purchased four healing potions and 2 greater healing potions. They also swapped their potion of longevity for a potion of invulnerability, the former of which Aerytht knew he could sell to the elderly rich for a pretty penny!


Enwenden the weaponsmith was next and this elf had a lovely range of swords. Foehammer got himself a new great sword in part exchange for his long sword. A vorpal sword of great legend tempted him but the pricetag of 75000 gp was too rich for their blood, they offered the deck of many things in exchange but Enwenden said that such legendary items had to have the right buyer and he wasn't it. Farren also got a lovely +1 longbow which gave off a burst of light (5 ft radius) if it hits the target.


The armoursmith Bryda, a dwarf, bought a breastplate off them for 1000gp and the two elemetnal stone breastplates for a further 700 gp.


Finally Theli, a halfling, sold Kel'doran a wand of the war mage +1. A wand of magic missiles was also purchased by Billin.


And with that the party left Silverymoon, boarded the ship and headed north to the Eye of the All father once more.





Session 33 - run awayyyy!!!!! - Sunday 28th January - Day 63-68




day 63


Last time we left them the party were heading north to the spine of the world as they wanted to place the relics in the temple to the all father and receive their guidance.


On the way they discussed what questions to ask the oracle and also Foehammer and Billin decided to do some serious sparring to find out each others abilities.


Billin marginally got the jump on Foehammer performing a successful attack that left Foehammer briefly concerned and unable to approach Billin. Billin followed this by a rapier blow which felled foehammer onto his back. Billin struck again and with unnatural quickness he surged forward doing two more attacks before retreating behind the fire elemental chamber. Foehammer stood up dazed, confused and more than a little perturbed. Feeling wary of approaching he shot two arrows, one of which hit and then raged.


Billin darted forward and did three more attacks, this time the menace was not quite the same and the damage did not bite as deep into Foehammer. Foehammer was badly winded but rallied and hit Billin hard with one attack, missing with the other.


Billin attacked with 2 attacks but his blows were no longer as devastating so he healed himself. Foehammer swung the axe twice more doing big damage, but only with one hit.


Billin hit foehammer again and seeing foehammer was panting heavily and almost beaten he offered him a hand saying it was a good fight (Foehammer only had two hp). Foehammer agreed and then swung hitting Billin twice and knocking him out.


This seemed to create some sort of respect between Foehammer and Billin. In the meantime Felgolos was restless and said he had to return to his lair in Starmetal Hills as he did not want to enter the holy place of the Giants. He said that if the party needed his help they could contact him at his lair. As a parting gift he gave them some of his pipeweed which, when used, gave good bonuses to attack and saving throws.


Day 65


THe party arrived in the bitter cold reaches of the north setting the ship down outside the temple entrance and heading in. Harshnag was waiting them, seemingly unaffected by his month long wait, it seems time passes differently for giants. The pleasantries were exchanged and they all went through to the chamber of the Oracle.


The party asked 6 questions - via Farren


Who now leads the Storm Giants

Hekaton's daughter Serissa


Is Iymrith involved in the giants actions/disruption

Iymrith is involved yes


Whose is the most imminent giant threat

All are a threat to small folk


Which giants destroyed Phandelin

Hill Giants did


What influence is Iymrith seeking

Iymrith is seeking to influence the reformation of the Ordning


Which relic will lead us to the Hill Giants

The one from the Grandfather tree or one of the ones from Raven Rock


then they presented a relic of the hill giant and they were rewarded with a voice telling them they had found a relic of Chief Guh. A stone bas-relief depicting the giant lord of the Hill giants protruded from one of the chamber’s five bare walls.


After a short conversation the party decided to choose that path rather than put more relics in the circle. Upon doing so the ORacle spoke once more


Travel south over tree, hill, and vale. Let the great river be your guide. There, on one of its eastern arms, you’ll find Grudd Haug—the den of the hill giant chief. The conch you seek is close to her.


The party felt a strange sensation as they were all magically aware of the location of the Giant Lord(lady) far to the south and this sensation could lead them. They informed harshnag and decided to head back to the ship, taking Harshnag with them.


When they exited the portal they were greeted with a terrifying sight, a blue dragon larger than anything they had seen before. Upon seeing the party Iymrith grinned and she leant round the statue of Annam with claws digging in and damaging the stone surface and said that the party would find her much more challenging than her sons. Harshnag reacted first and ran in shouting for the others to flee.


Iymrith laughed and bellowed a roar that shook the entire temple causing all party members to be terrified of her. Kel'doran leapt on the broom and grabbed Billin hauling him up onto the broom before speeding off, using thunderstep to teleport them further forward. Foehammer sprinted for the exit. Billin fired two arrows at Iymrith and one hit her with a gentle jab between two of her scales before he clicked his boots of speed. Harshnag could not attack but shook off the fear. Farren headed in the same direction of Foehammer.


Iymrith circled round and blasted her lightning breath out catching harshnag,Foehammer and Farren. The latter was down and Iymrith seemed to be toying with you. Kel'doran pushed Billin off the broom and headed back, picked up Farren and headed back using Thunderstep to get nearer the exit. Foehammer carried on sprinting. Billin got up and using the boots managed to escape. Harshnag swung his greataxe and managed to damage Iymrith but the damage was not significant.


Iymrith reached behind her and tore a chunk out of a statue and slammed it into harshnag twice before biting down on him. Kel'doran, Foehammer,billin and Farren (now given potion by Kel'doran) all ran as Harshnag slammed hugh blows into the statue to Annam behind him making it shift


Iymrith blasted Harshnag once again with her lightning breath and he was still standing (just). The party fled as they heard the sound of axe against stone and a huge rumble behind them as if the place was falling in.


Outside they immediately notice the airship was gone so the party stealthed to the north. Fortunately two of the stealth rolls were poor and the ship spotted them, it had been hiding from the blue dragon!!! The party told Delsaphine to set sail south.


day 68


After 2.5 days of uneventful travel the party landed 2 miles from Grudd Haug. Farren and Kel'doran were made invisible and they flew on the broom to recce the Hill Giant camp. They found a very large log  roofed cabin with mud walls ontop of mud foudnaitons and a massive pile of wood. All of it was to create a dam and an impressive (to rural folk anyway) abode. they also saw a lookout post with a number of hobgoblins on top,.


The pair of them saw an orc camp below and investigating they discovered lots of sheep, 5 orcs and 3 entrances leading into the underside of the large giant house. Down an entrance or two they saw 2 hill giants and decided to head back upto the main entrance. a distraction led the entrance guard away and the invisible twosome darted inside and had a look behind the curtain.


Chief Guh lay at the west end of the hall, slumped atop a four-wheeled, flatbed wagon that bends and creaks under her great bulk. The wagon’s axles are cracked and bowed, its wheels canted inward. Piled around the wagon are bones and other refuse from Guh’s recent meals. there also 9 hill giants and 6 goblins visible as well as 4 ogres. Unfortunately 2 goblins and a giant saw something and headed towards the giant lady Guh.

With that Farren and Kel'doran headed back to the ship and the party plotted an assault



How will it worked out? We will find out next week!




Session 34 & 35 - The Assault on the Hill Giants - Sunday 4th and 11th of February - Day 68-71



Day 69

The party were well rested and as the ship approached Grudd Haug from high above, ready to strike at first light.

Foehammer and Farren were given invisibility by Lori and swooped down on the guard tower on the broom. As they got close, Farren cast Silence onto the tower from a scroll and Foehammer jumped onto the tower, swinging wildly and killing one of the Hobgoblin guards instantly.. One tried to escape down the tower and another tried to ring the 'silenced' bell..
Kel and Billin followed shortly behind, Kel carried by the Wings of Flight and Billin carried by Kel, who signalled the airship to decend.
Billin helped Foehammer massacre the guards while Farren and Kel flew to a window on the south side of the stronghold..
They didn't know if they'd been spotted.. but for now, the element of surprise was theirs..


Billin and Foehammer, having disposed of the guards, decended the tower and moved up to the west door of the building, hoping it's proximity to the guard tower might mean it was lightly defended..
Farren gifted them both Pass Without Trace, before Kel cast Greater Invisibility on himself and went inside..
The interior was much as he and Farren had observed before, though there were now a couple of giants in closer proximity to Guh's makeshift 'throne..' He could see she was sat upon at least several items but was unable to tell much more..

Hoping to tip her off to cause a distraction and hopefully find the conch, he blasted one of the cart's axle's, Guh was tipped to one side but remained on the cart.. moving away as the guards reacted, he managed to remain undetected..
Billin and Foehammer made their move, dashing inside the building into a kitchen-like area inhabited by a number of goblins, as a few fell to Billin's blade, the rest turned tail and ran into the main room leaving behind a still living halfling tied to a spit..

Seeing this Farren unleashed the power of the Ise Rune, covering a wide area around Guh's wagon with a thick sleet storm, shielding the inhabitants from sight and causing many of them to slip and fall..

He signalled to Lori on the airship above, who called down lightning strikes onto the roof of the hall, confusing it's inhabitants further.. Kel then unleashed a fireball into the sleet storm, hoping to catch those who now lay helpless within.. before ducking into the nearby doorway past the fleeing goblins that hopefully led to Foehammer and Billin..

Inside, the two had freed the halfling and told him to run, Kel beckoned them over, having dropped his invisibility, recasting and twinning the spell onto them both.. The invisible pair ran out, Billin summoning four Magmins from the Magma Ring and causing havoc among the fleeing goblins killing most of them either with claws or by detonating amongst those that cut them down..


Farren peppered the oncoming giants with arrows from his vantage point as Foehammer and Billin rushed into a group of oncoming Giants who were moving forward to investigate the sleet storm. One dashed past them towards the now visible Kel..
Billin unleashed a second batch of creatures, Magma Mephits, that circled above the onrushing giants, harrying them and catching them in gouts of flame as Foehammer dealt several massive hits to them..

The sorcerer saw his oncoming assailant and ran towards the giant, vanishing in a clap of thunder that left the giant's ears ringing and reappeared at the window near to Farren.. he flung further fireballs into the sleet storm as the ogres inside repeatedly slipped and slid inside.. 
Despite taking a few heavy blows, the invisible Half Orc and gnome kept slicing their way through giant after giant, the creatures unable to land many hits on the unseen pair, their numbers dwindling between weapon strikes, arrow and flame..


The sleet storm finally abated revealing the 3 confused ogres, Chief Guh herself (scorched) and the battle continued as Chief Guh urged the giants on to chomp on the intruders' bones. The party however slaughtered them with relative ease with the invisible fighters dominating the giants. The slick wet pile of corpses was proving tricky to circumvent and led to movement being restricted but the party prevailed.


When all were dead Chief Guh tried to bargain with them asking what they wanted. Kel'doran shot out the other axle with a firebolt and the chief tumbled onto the floor which also released a goblin corpse that was in the folds of her flab. Upon trying to stand her massive bulk was too much and she stumbled and fell thru the hole in the floor 30ft to the cavern below. Kel'doran searched around the base of the cart and found





a cap of water breathing - wear it to breathe underwater

a ring of swimming - swim speed of 40ft

Potion of Hill Giant strength

Shield +1

Dust of sneezing and choking


They asked her where the conch was and she said it was inside the cart but it would do them no good. Farren searched inside the cart and after two attempts ending in retching at the stench inside the cart he found the conch but it was cracked.


Billin looked down and saw Guh lay amongst scores of pigs... he asked Guh if they had any other prisoners and she lied. He threatened to kill her unless they were released and she called for them to be released. Foehammer was restless and wanted to kill the remaining inhabitants but Farren felt they had done enough. Guh lying to Billin provoked him and he unleashed 4 magmins and told them to set light to anything below. At this point 3 other giants appeared along with an Otyugh and a two headed giant (an Ettin).


There was more posturing and the party fired upon Guh. Billin hit well but a giant grabbed  a pig and hit him squarely in the face, the falling pig damaged the chief however! The giants started to run away one by one as they realised all was lost as their chief was killed gradually from above with arrows and fire the killing blow falling to Billin. Pigs were on fire below and the stench was unbearable. Foehammer arrived downstairs but couldn't catch the giants that were fleeing. Billin set fire to the hall above and they all flew up to the airship.


On the airship they attuned to the conch but found it was broken, the enchantment weakened/damaged. They decided to head to Silverymoon and the Harper wizards for advice.


On the flight Foehammer asked Billin to spar and show him his moves. Billin did so but he had his price, one potion of invulnerability.


Lori was dropped off so she could go and consult with her uncle about the vast amount of information she had accrued during her time with the party and promised to return.


On arrival at Everlund they were instantly recognised and led to High Marshal Mathrammar. He heard their tales of bravery and congratulated them and indicated he would send word to Red Larch to see if they could investigate. Otherwise news was grim. The main cities were battening down the hatches and letting in refugees but there were no offensive plans at all in terms of taking the fight to the giants. He apologised but Everlund were becoming more insular and here wasn't a Giant army to fight. The best they could do was support the party and keep people safe.


He also had information about Zymorven hall. Liseera had remembered more and some papers had been found indicating the Necromancer they used was in fact undead. A figure in red robes with gold embroidered edging. He also told the party that he was willing to give ownership of the Hall to the party. he would expect the Hall to be manned etc but it was theirs. Until they could take it over he would staff it as best he could.


When asked about other giant lords he mentioned the Stone giant lord was in Deadstone Cleft, a name he had heard was south of here but no more info. The strongholds of the giant lords was not information that was widely known.


The party thanked him and headed to see Akir the Harper wizard. After pleasantries he examined the conch and told them it was broken and whilst they could repair the teleport enchantment the destination was lost. The party asked if it could be repaired with a destination of Zymorven Hall and he agreed but it would take 3 months and cost 7000 gold (500 in advance). The party agreed the price.


Then the party discussed the situation with Akir as follows


1) Akir warned the party they would be on the GIant's radar given their rout of Grudd Haug.

2) The giants' ordning is broken, Hekaton missing and Lord's Alliance blamed for the death of his wife. Akir said he would consult with the Lord's Alliance on the latter point as he felt it was ridiculous

3) he did not know the location of any giant lords

4) The necromancer was a new threat connected to the Cloud Giants

5) What was Iymrith's involvement - is there a plan?

6) Who was the being that killed Halia Thornton from a great distance. Akir said he knew of no such magic that could do that and it would take a very powerful creature to wield such power. This creature would surely be involved... was it Iymrith or another interested party.


there were no answers to these questions above but they were discussed.



At the end Akir seemed frustrated and said that their needed to be an agreement between the HArpers, the Zhentarim and the Lord's Alliance. Put differences aside to create a network which could supply info to the party. Whilst an offense on the giants was pointless the party had the best chance of success and a new network of all three factions would work for the greater good and help the party. he promise to put that plan in action. The party said that if they could help in any way they would.


The party requested a private room to discuss their plans and they broke down as follows


1) Search for pieces of the vonindod and try to find Fire Giants to track down the lord

2) Search the Evermoors for the cloud castle

3) Head to the eye of the All father and see if they could once again consult the Oracle for a guide to another lord.

4) Travel to cities to see if they could get info on DeadStone Cleft

5) Track down Urgala as she seemed to know more than most.





Session 36 - Circling - Sunday 18th February - Day 71-76



Day 71

The party left Silverymoon and travelled to the Eye of the All Father. They did not spot the cloud castle or track any parts of the Vonindod. A pair of Uthgardt barbarians flew alongside the airship during the night but when challenged the crew said who was aboard (the raiders of relics) and the barbarians flew off


Day 73

On arrival the airship dropped the party, carefully, at the entrance to the spider tunnels they had explored before instead of the main entrance. All was quiet inside the tunnels with just the odd small spider scurrying around.Billin communicated with one of them and asked if it was dangerous inside the temple and got the answer "We no go inside".


They exited the tunnel network into the barracks hall which seemed undamaged and they slowly made their way south to the main hall. As they reached the doors they could see fallen masonry had pushed/broken the doors to the main hall inwards. This revealed a room packed with large chunks of rock and slabs meaning they could'nt see very far at all. An initial look indicated that for the first 10 ft Billin, Kel'doran and Farren would be able to squeeze through but not Foehammer.


Billin volunteered to try and make his way to the portal and to map out a route as he went. With little trouble he made his way, albeit circuitously, to the portal where he found Harshnag lying still with bad injuries to his legs. He examined him and discovered he was breathing. With that he fed Harshnag a potion which brought the Frost giant back to life. He was weak but could communicate explaining that Iymrith had not got to the portal, she had smashed the statues in the ensuing fight and retreated as the ceiling started to fall in leaving Harshnag to his fate. He had greivous injuries to both legs, presumably from having masonry land on him and him dragging himself to the portal. He asked about the conch and Billin told him it was broken and Harshnag cursed the clumsy Hill Giants.


Billin went back to fetch Farren and Kel'doran (Foehammer would not fit) and as they made their way to the portal the rocks shifted and trapped Kel'doran, fortunately with help they lifted the rock to free his leg. The masonry and rock was unstable it seemed, but obviously the whole mountain was not collapsed in on them.


As they reached Harshnag they had a quick discussion about what to do and healed Harshnag further. He dragged himself to his feet and activated the portal and they all passed through.


The Oracle was untouched and appeared as before. Farren stepped into the circle and asked 6 questions


Can any of the other giant lords be trusted to negotiate?

Yes if you have something they want or are interested in


Where is the Necromancer who was helping the giants?

On his way back to Thay


Where is Iymrith?



Which of the other conches are broken?

None are currently broken


Who is working with Iymrith in Maelstrom?

one or more of his daughters


How can we get Harshnag out of the temple in one piece?

There are many ways - dig him out, teleport, stone shaping spells


After this they placed the following relics in the circle - horn,shield, tooth and mask. This revealed the four remaining giant lords and the Oracle asked them to choose the giant to face.


There was some discussion! Harshnag said that Stone Giants were not as powerful, Frost and Fire were equal adversaries and Cloud Giants rarely fought cleanly and their true strength was unknown. He said the Stone giants were determined to kill smallfolk, when the party said that all giants did that Harshnag corrected them. Smallfolk usually were disregarded unless in the way and would often be scared off. However Stone Giants seemed to want to kill and invade.


Finally there was a majority vote which was split equally between Stone, Fire and Cloud (I'm not sure who voted for which) the party recalled Foehammer's opinion when aboard ship and his casting vote of Fire gave them their answer


They told the Oracle of their decision and they were all told that the Duke Zalto was to the East in Ironslag deep beneath the mountains. All three of them had the location lodged firmly in their head (D&D GPS)

The party left the Oracle and then turned their attention to Harshnag. They gave him rations and the endless water decanter. Billin scouted out a route to the main entrance that would be the "largest" that maybe Harshnag could negotiate with alot of moving of masonry and squeezing through gaps. Harshnag thanked them and said that with his renewed strength he would at least have a chance - better than he had with 2 broken legs! Farren estimated he had 6 days ish before he was once again exhausted beyond help.

Finally Billin, Farren and Kel'doran returned to Foehammer and relayed what had happened. Foehammer was happy that they were going to the Fire giants but said that they must save Harshnag. They discussed how this could work, possibly finding Lori so she could stone shape a way or polymorph or even just give Harshnag some enhancement to his strength ability. Billin went back to harshnag, who gave him an ornate gold pendant (which would be a locator for the Teleport if they found it). They decided the nearest best hope was the Harpers at Silverymoon and they quickly made their way to the ship and travelled there.


Day 74

On the way the journey was without incident but Farren did spot the cloud castle above the Evermoors. The party felt it could not pause and carried on to Silverymoon.


Day 75


On arrival the party were greeted warmly as most of the guard had been informed of their deeds. They were led to the Harper's tower and Akir met with them immediately. The party asked if someone could teleport to Harshnag to retrieve/save him. Akir said that all arcane resources were severely stretched right now and the arcane cost of two teleport spells would be onerous and would need council approval. The party did their best to persuade Akir with tales of Harshnag's bravery and reminding him of all they had done to help the situation. Akir was sympathetic but said it was a decision for the council and he would have the answer in 4 hrs, he said that if this was unsuccessful he would give them a scroll of Teleport that he had for emergencies.


He also told them that the reason resources were tight was that their neighbour, Everlund, seemed to be appeasing the giants. They no longer showed resistance or any sign of opposing the giant threat and this seemed to be a decision of the council there which had recently changed. In addition to this as part of Akir's investigation into pooling resources of the Harpers, The Lord's Alliance and the Zhentarim he found a rumour that the Zhentarim were aiding the Frost giants in return for being left alone. Their closest neighbour being in league with the enemy put SilveryMoon on high alert.


The party thanked him and went to see if they could sort out a plan B. They went to Aerythts potion shop but it had no healing potions, although he did offer to hold back a couple next time he had any stock. They also asked about a potion of Reducing but he did not have one and in any case the potion would only make Harshnag one size smaller.

Next they went to a shop which sold scrolls and asked for polymorph, gaseous form and ehnance ability - the latter was available and they bought it.

Finally they returned to Akir's chambers and he returned with the answer. They would teleport and retrieve Harshnag if the party explained how they travelled so fast as the temple was too far to the north to get there and back in 5 days. After some internal discussion they told Akir of the airship and briefly explained how it worked, telling him they found it at the Eye of the All Father. He seemed to accept this at face value and asked if, after the troubles are solved, they would permit the harpers to investigate the Airship to maybe duplicate its technology and the party seemed to agree. With that information obtained Akir took the pendant and teleported telling them he would return tomorrow.

The party, now at a loose end for the night, headed to the nearest tavern. The Greedy Pilgrim was a single story stone built place with grubby windows but seemed welcoming enough. The proprietor, Agil was wiping down the bar as they arrived (lose 1gp bet Billin). He served them very good dwarven ale and some very tasty sausages with blue cheese. Supplies were scarce in the city so the bill was high, but not a problem for our rich crew! The rest of the patrons seemed to have roasted onions or basic vegetable dishes.


After a bit of a chitchat Agil said there was not much fun to be had round here these days but with the arrival of a strong half-orc maybe they'd care to have an arm wrestle with the tavern's current champion to liven the place up. Foehammer agreed and a stocky dwarf came out from the kitchens (the cook as it turned out), Glili was half Foehammers height but at least as wide as him with strong shoulders and arms. The odds were set on evens for Glili and 3-1 on Foehammer. Billin put in a bet of 250gp and Agil said he couldn't cover that bet as that would probably cost as much as his tavern. Billin offered to wager the 250gp against the tavern and Agil (persuasion) agreed to bet. Other patrons bet coppers and silver here and there and there was a decent stack of bets as the opponents assumed a strong grip across the table.

As the match was called to start Glili got a distinct advantage pushing Foehammer back a third of the way. Foehammer then used his raw strength to push Glili back to the brink of defeat and the dwarf looked surprised. Then Glili recovered and managed to hold a stalemate position, it seems her technique was matching the superior raw strength of Foehammer. Once these techniques were in play Foehammer was struggling as his raw strength just wasn't enough as Glili recovered, pushed back and won. Billin lost his second bet of the night. The rather happy Agil gave free drinks to all and everyone drank well that night.

The drunken group returned to the ship to rest and returned to the Harper's the next day.


Day 76
On arrival they were led to Akir who was alone. He said that he had teleported to Harshnag but he was in the mountains just south of the Temple having escaped his tomb. With broken legs and exhausted he couldn't move let alone move masonry, however after the healing and rations and proper rest he felt his strength and vitality return. It took him almost 2 full days to slowly follow Billin's exit path, on the way he had caused more rockfalls and damage to himself but not enough to stop his escape. He thanked the mage for the return of his pendant but said he had business to the west and Akir rested with Harshnag for the night then returned.

The party thanked Akir and left Silverymoon to head for Ironslag, the home of Duke Zalto of the Fire giants!





Session 37 - Idyllic village life - Sunday 25th February - Day 76-78




Day 76

The airship took a day and a night to reach the mountain range where Ironslag resides.


Day 77

The 500ft sheer mountain range before them looked cold, uninviting and bleak. The party could sense ironslag itself as they approached feeling its presence seemingly in the base of the mountain and deep within. They flew the airship 500ft over the top of the mountain directly above Ironslag. Below they saw huts and barns and crops, an idyllic village tended by strange looking creatures standing on two legs but looking otherwise like Yaks. They also saw halflings working in the fields with a yakfolk looking over them. He looked up and saw the ship and headed down to a hut and the party flew over the village and took the airship further north to hide behind a peak.


Day 78
The Party slept aboard ship and woke in the early hrs to fly (by broom wings etc) back to the field of crops to arrive just before dawn. On arrival they saw 4 yakfolk stationed in the village seemingly on watch. At dawn the watch changed over and the 4th Yakfolk was leading the halflings back into the field.


Billin and Foehammer stealthed forward amongst the crops and Billin tried to use a minor illusion for a noise to try and get the attention of a halfling, unfortunately he misjudged the sound level (it was a DC5 to be fine by the way :D ) and the Yakfolk heard it and came forward with another yakfolk. They searched found nothing and hit the halfling to punish him for making noise. Billin made another noise further away and the Yakfolk walked away giving the halfling one last backhand. They couldn't find source of the noise so brought the halflings back to the village leading them into a barn, two other guards investigated the area near the fields as everyone seemed to be on alert.


Billin broke the standoff by summoning magmins which he had dancing and frolicking. The Yakfolk nearby immediately attacked the fiery sprites killing two instantly and setting the hut on fire. One of the Yak sounded a horn and this was followed by the sound of a gong from the central hut and all hell broke loose.


Billin and Foehammer rushed in stabbing and slicing and dicing. Kel'doran and Farren made their way to the barn containing the halflings - arrows flying and a fireball targetting the two yakfolk near the magmins. The initial skirmish was bloody and brief but soon the party could see other Yakfolk approach from other huts. Kel'doran flew up to the roof of the barn and Farren went inside to find the halflings with Billin. They found all but one dead and they both killed the yakfolk within. In the meantime the 2 yakfolk near foehammer hid behind the building and Foehammer threw his small stone above them and then activated the enlarge making a 15ft diameter boulder land on them killing them both instantly.

At this point the main barn had been set on fire to by two Yakfolk to smoke out Billin and Farren. Billin left and skirted round building to find another hut. Farren stayed and persuaded the halfling to run to the fields, this took two attempts and giving the halfling "pass without a trace". Farren took a few hits providing covering fire for the halfling's escape. Meanwhile Foehammer outside was the only target and 5 Yakfolk pulled longbows and shot him, 10 arrows with 5 finding their mark, Foehammer shrugged it off but damage was done. He jumped through the window of the burning hut to get away from the volley of arrows.


With no valid targets the Yakfolk regrouped slightly with more arriving and the barn on fire. Billin set fire to another hut with dead halflings inside to try and cause a distraction, Foehammer escaped the collapsing hut to another barn and Kel'doran and Farren took potshots at Yakfolk they could see taking them out and providing covering fire. Billin went to another barn found more dead slaves and set fire to it and headed to the central hut. Foehammer shot a couple of yakfolk but noticed three more come through the gates and head for him. Farren and Kel'doran continued to range attack and have a standoff with the Yakfolk protecting the central hut.


By this point there were several yakfolk dead on the floor one hut blazing away, the barn wall fire spreading to the roof, another hut catching light and a barn also starting to catch. Billin looked through the window of the main central hut and saw 3 Yakfolk in robes, one looking more important as well as three naked elf slaves. One of the robed Yakfolk saw him as he darted out of sight. Next thing he saw was two glowing spectral greatswords either side of him and striking true causing him some vicious damage.


Meanwhile 3 Yakfolk invaded Foehammer's barn and hit him and tried to restrain him, one managed to grab foehammer by the arms but the other failed to capitalise by restraining Foehammer, he pushed it away with a boot and swung his greataxe  killing the one in front. Farren and Kel'doran were shooting the Yakfolk outside thinning the herd further and trying to control the chaos :)


Billin shouted that they wanted to negotiate which led to a response from the chief saying that that wasn't going to happen. Billin then ran to the other window, the two priests both tried to restrain Billin with Hold Person spell but he resisted both and again offered to negotiate, the chief responded by telling him, to lay down their weapons and magical paraphenalia. Outside Yakfolk were being blasted by firebolts and being cut down by arrows, corpses everywhere. Foehammer swung the greataxe and landed devastating blows killing the other two Yakfolk who were trying to imprison him.


Billin jumped through the window of the central hut and sprinted through the room landing 3 blows on one of the yakfolk priests and then next round he repeated the trick with 5 more blows to the same priest who was still standing (tough priests!!!) however this time the priest clocked him on the head which put him off balance and he fell out of the window unceremoniously.


With all the yakfolk outside now dead Farren approached the door and called inside asking to negotiate as the others were all dead. In response a priest opened the door muttered an incantation and Farren blinked out of existence. Farren looked out upon a barren landscape of volcanic rock plain, rivulets of lava crisscrossing the landscape and nothing but ash and a distant volcano to be seen.


With that, the Chief called out and offers to return Farren if the party leave peacefully.





Session 38 - Complications - Sunday 11th March - Day 78




Day 78 cont.

Farren blinked out of existence to the horror of Foehammer and Kel'doran. Billin ran to the door and threatened the chief but it seemed to have little impact. Foehammer similarly tried to intimidate the remaining Yakfolk but to no avail. Farren stood unable to move, his eyes gazing over the volcanic plain before him. Kel'doran flew in through the south window and used a scorching beam catching all 4 Yakfolk, one died instantly from her wounds and the other 3 were heavily injured. In response the Chief and the warrior grabbed an elf each and held blades to their necks (The chief's blade also had magical fire sheathing it).

Billin told the Yakfolk to stand down and Foehammer did the same. Farren stood on the plain unable to move or speak. Kel'doran dropped his invisibility and cast suggestion on the warrior and the chief telling them to drop their weapons and surrender. The Warrior did so but the Chief was made of sterner stuff and in reaction he slit the throat of the elf he held killing it instantly. The yakfolk priest cast hold person on Kel'doran which succeeded but as a result Farren blinked back into existence. Just in time to see the chief not hesitate but attack kel'doran twice with automatic critical hits due to the paralysing effect of Hold person. Kel'doran was almost felled in two blows.

Billin immediately ran into the room and unleashed five attacks against the chief carving him up in the process causing him heavy wounds but not the killing blow. Foehammer then rushed in and swung his axe twice hitting once and putting the chief near death. Farren notched an arrow and fired killing the chief instantly.

Seeing this the priest fell to her knees and surrendered. The party tied them both up and searched the room finding treasure and potions and a nice flametongue sword. Billin told the priest to revive the dead elf but she said she did not have that power. As this was happening Kel'doran spoke to the remaining two elves (handing them clothes to cover their blushes) to get more information. Halani and Jevin (their lost friend was Vandar) told them that the Yakfolk captured slaves from the forest below and put them to work in the fields and sent some down the mines to work for the Fire Giants. The slaves barely lasted a week at a time (the ones in the mine slightly longer) as the Yakfolk treated them as disposable. The priest backed this up and said that they did not serve the giants, it was an uneasy alliance whereby Yakfolk guarded the top of the mountain and lived their lives and the giants left them alone.

The elves also told Kel'doran that dwarves had been brought into the camp as slaves but instead some of the yakfolk possessed them and went on a secret mission to Citadel Adbar to assassinate the king. As for why they were not sure. They asked the priest of this possession and she denied knowledge of it. Kel'doran thanked the elves and asked them where there home was and they told him it was the MoonWood nearby. He said the party would take them there and he asked if they wanted to take the Yakfolk as slaves and the elves declined.

Billin went around the huts preparing them for being burnt as the party left and found more treasure in a few along with potions. Farren went to fetch the halfling slave he had saved in the fields.

Foehammer interrogated the priest and the warrior yakfolk about how to get into the mines. He was told there was a lift through the doors to the north and a lever operated it making the platform descend into the mine. They also told him that there were lizard people, goblins, orcs and ogres below as well as fire giants. They were not sure how many fire giants were down there. There was a main entrance in the base of the mountain but it was sealed.

The party prepared to leave piling up the bodies and getting the elves and the halfling in the fields ready to go. Billin and Kel'doran checked the final huts over the chasm finding a water wheel that powered a mill as well as disappearing into the area where the lift was (it powered the lift). They discussed breaking it but decided not to draw attention to themselves further. Searching the last two huts Billin found a small yakfolk child cowering under the bedding and he managed to persuade him to come out. He found out that the child's name was Imberu and his mother was a priest and Billin said that is fine he would take him to his mother. On the way realisation dawned that one of the priests was dead so he told the child to wait, he went inside and asked the priest where she lived and it was not the same hut! (50% chance, I rolled). Billin seemed to fluster and stammer a bit at this point and Foehammer took over.

He told Imberu that the child's warrior father was dead and the child gulped and took in the information asking how he had died. Foehammer told him that the party had killed him. Then Foehammer told the child his Mother was also dead, killed by them. He said that the Yakfolk were evil and slavers and they had killed them. He told Imberu he was an orphan now just like foehammer and needed to be strong. The child looked up to Foehammer and said he was strong and one day he would track down Foehammer and kill him for what he had done (brave thing with a nat20 to blurt that out!). Foehammer clapped the child on the back and said he looked forward to that day and it would be a great battle and one of them would have a glorious death.

The party then searched all the huts again in case there were any other children, but there were none. Kel'doran went to the airship and returned to pick up everyone including the yakfolk the elves and the halfling. They asked the elves if they would take in the child and they could not answer for their elders but thought it might be possible.

Farren's heightened awareness picked up the sound of a creature over the wall to the south making a screech. He questioned the Yakfolk and they said a creature did live there. It was a flying creature, fearsome with wings of a dragon and three heads of dragon, lion and goat. The Yakfolk said they fed it so it allowed them to pass.

There was no time to consider this as the airship arrived at this point and as they boarded a Fire Giant came through the gate and lobbed a rock at them, missing. The airship soared into the sky and escaped north circling back round.

It was decided that the party should go to Citadel Adbar to warn the king of the assassins plan. Billin asked the yakfolk if they would look after the child if they were set free, they said yes. Billin did not believe the warrior was telling the truth and with a quick move unbalanced the warrior sending him tumbling off the ship to his death. Kel'doran and Farren looked on dumbstruck and Billin explained he felt the warrior would've killed the child.

At this point Farren spotted the Priest casting a spell. There were no ill effects and she said she had sent a warning to her kin who were on the mission and telling them to withdraw. The party gagged her and threw her holy symbol overboard.

It was not long til the ship approached citadel Adbar, an impressive fortress cut into the side of a mountain. Battlements and turrets all carved out and a drawbridge over a chasm the only entrance to those who can't fly.

Kel'doran and Billin flew over on the broom and as they approached the 3 or 4 dwarves on the battlements became 10 then 20 until they arrived faced by a battery of crossbows. They explained their presence and persuaded very well and were led down to the King's antichamber.

They were led down 4 long flights of stairs and down a long corridor before they entered the antichamber to be greeted by King Harnoth, 3 elderly dwarves in the background (advisors?). Kel'doran and Billin were flanked by 12 armed dwarves. Kel'doran and Billin explained the plan of the Yakfolk and the King said they would keep an eye out for the scouting party concerned. He said the Fire giants were behind this and were a scourge on the area. He asked the party to go and "clear out" Ironslag and he would reward them. Kel'doran said they weren't really up to that and the King said to kill Duke Zalto, that would work just as well and he would reward them greatly with magic items of their choosing. Kel'doran and Billin wondered why the forces of Adbar could not mount an attack and the King seemed to avoid answering that question.

Just as this conversation was getting going the doors busrt open, everyone turned to see 6 dwarves rush in with crossbows raised all aimed at Harthnor.

And that is where we leave it til next week!




Session 39 - Dwarves and Giants - Sunday 18th March - Day 78-82




Day 78 cont.

We left our party split asunder at Citadel Adbar with the barbarian and ranger on board ship whilst the fighter and sorceror are in the King's chamber confronted by 6 dwarves that they assume are possessed by Yakfolk!

One possessed dwarf bars the door immediately leaving the room sealed with the king, his advisors, guards, Billin and Kel'doran inside!

The battle starts as Billin attacks the dwarf who barred the door, his plan to open the door to allow reinforcements to join the fray. The dwarf gets in a hit on Billin but no serious damage done. The other 5 possessed dwarves all fire crossbows on the king (ignoring his guard and the party between them) hitting him 3 times. The guards fall back to their king surrounding him and firing arrows at the intruders with all missing. The King, judging the situation carefully simply calls for his brethren to defend him. Kel'doran casts one of his favourite spells, slow, and all but one are affected by the spell limitng their movement and reactions. The King's advisors simply run to a small door towards the back of the room and leave!

Billin continues to stab the intruder covering the door but this time darts away to prevent further attack on himself. The possessed dwarves move forward and all fire. However with his defenders around him blocking line of sight only 2 manage to hit - the guards fire back but they only hit once. Kel'doran starts using firebolt which is far more effective. With the advisors gone, the King is cowering amongst his guards not willing to attack.

Billin carries on his war of attrition with the possessed dwarf blocking the door. The rest of the intruders, seeing the cover the King has, tries to thin out the guard by killing 2 of them. Kel'doran now sees the opening he was looking for and unleashes a massive fireball which heavily damages all of the possessed dwarves, killing one instantly. This provokes a reaction from the intruders as they realise that they had taken on more than they bargained for! The dwarven guard fire back but these men are not experienced warriors and most miss their mark.

Billin sees the door is now clear and runs forward to open it - but the heavy door bar is too much for his slight gnome physique. He realises the situation is desperate and takes a potion of hill giant strength potion and uses a surge of adrenaline to attempt to lift the door bar once more. Either by misfortune or poor technique he finds himself unable to harness his new found strength and fails to raise the bar on the door :D. The possessed dwarves, realising time is short when there are powerful mages present, return attention to the King hitting him twice and the king is starting to look badly hurt. The defenders again fire back ineffectually and Kel'doran unleashes another fireball severely damaging all of the remaining intruders.

Billin concentrates, focuses his new found strength and heaves on the door bar one more time. The bar starts to shift, the groan of wood on metal can be heard, and he... fails to lift it again. The assassins release another volley of bolts but the King still stands. The defenders shoot back but again all miss. Kel'doran switches to scorching ray, targetting 3 of the intruders killing all three. Billin dives in and subdues the last knocking him out with a non-lethal attack.

In the immediate aftermath Kel'doran calls the advisors back in who heal the king and give a smaller heal to Billin. The King looks over the bodies and says it is a scout party they had sent out so this may be all of the assassins for now. Billin ties up the live but unconscious assassin and he is taken to the dungeon deep within the Citadel. Kel'doran says they have a yakfolk prisoner aboard ship who they are happy to hand over to the dwarves for interrogation and the King sends dwarves to fetch Foehammer, Farren and the prisoner. As this is discussed Billin searches the assassins but finds nothing but 100gp in mixed coinage, he leaves this in open sight.

When asked why the yakfolk want him dead the King thinks for a moment. He says that they want him dead as without him the Citadel would be in chaos and they could take more dwarf slaves more easily, he is the last of the royal line and the only one capable of holding the Citadel society together. He adds that although there are yakfolk he believes the fire giants are behind this attempt. At this point Farren and Foehammer arrive and (given Billin's killing of a yakfolk by pushing him off the ship) Farren asks if Billin killed anyone else - Billin, not in the mood for this slaps him. Farren kicks Billin back and as the two squabble Kel'doran apologises for the behavious in the Kings throne room! The King laughs and says he understands the sometimes tempestuous party relations for adventurers.

The king turns more serious for a moment and says that Duke Zalto needs to die as it will cut off the head of the fire giants leaving them in disarray. Without Zalto, the Fire Giants will lose their purpose. When told that Zalto plans to reforge the Vonindod he simply says that Ironslag is not hot enough to forge the vonindod, it would need a fire elemental of great power to do so and those are rare.
The King again returns to talk of killing and explains that if the party kill Zalto he will give them a magic item of their choice (which he will source).

THe party asks if perhaps the dwarves could mount an attack on Ironslag in order to aid them. The king answers that he cannot as they do not have troops to go to war. The Citadel's dwarven population was decimated when they fought a war with orcs over at the Silver Marches some years ago. He says they are only now just recovering numbers. When asked for supplies to help he gives them two healing potions, the advisors look very unhappy at this but do not prevent it.

As the party deal with the King they feel that he seems honest and straight with them, his explanation that he is last in line to the throne and without him the Citadel would descend into chaos seems to ring true.

After some more discussion the party leave, board their ship and head for Moonwood.

Day 79
The day passes without incident, the party drop off the halfling Farren saved near his homeland and continue their journey to Moonwood.

Day 80
At around midday the ship arrives at moonwood with Halani and Jevin. The party are led to an icy waterfall some way into the wood and are met by a group of armed moon elf scouts. Once explanations are made by Halani and Jevin the scouts thank the party and offer them rest and recuperation at the waterfall. This holy place is blessed by ancient spirits who would reward the party if they rested in the glade with the waterfall.

The party spend the night eating and drinking with the elves who seem friendly but not worldly wise. Farren realises this tribe of elves is very sheltered, even more so than his own, they live a simple life away from the bustle of civilisation.

The party ask if the elves will care for the yakfolk child in their charge. Halani and Jevin consult with the elders. There is much debate which the party was not aware of and when they return they are told they will care for, and bring up the child. They warn that it is unlikely the child will stay and accept this simple life as their nature will most likely mean they want to be with their own kind. Foehammer told them that the child wants to be a mighty warrior and the elves say that if that is the case the child will have to leave as it gets older if that is what it wants. The party decide to leave the bhild with the elves as agreed.

Day 81
The party rest in the area of the icy waterfall and awaken to find they have been blessed by the ancient spirits of Moonwood. Each now has a weapon that has the Giantslayer effect placed upon it. An extra +1 against giants and extra 2d6 damage with a chance to knock them prone. This effect lasts for 8 days.

With their spirits raised the ship sets course for Ironslag!

Day 82
The ship arrives at the mountains and our adventurers decide to skirt around to the rear of the yakfolk settlement as before.

The party utilise the broom and wings to fly down to and peek over the edge of the mountains overlooking the fields. They are met with the sight of 3 fire giants seemingly on guard in the village. All of the huts are burnt to the ground bar 1. They watch and track the movements of the patrols but they seem pretty standard as the village is not that big for three giants to keep an eye on.

The party tries to see what is inside the portcullis area they had seen before. Flying up carefully they see that the roof is natural rock so no way to look down into the chamber. With the main door to the chamber covered the only other entrance to the chamber is where the water wheel drive shaft goes into a gap in the rock and into the chamber itself. The gap is very tight and Foehammer would struggle to make it through.

Kel'doran looks through and can vaguely see a shape at the edge of his dark vision but it is indistinct. There is some discussion wondering whether to sabotage the water wheel to try and create a distraction but in the end Farren sneaks in through the gap, in the darkness he sees the shaft drives some sort of machinery, there is a hole covered by a 30 ft wide disc of metal and wood suspended by chains that seem to connect to the shaft somehow but he cannot fathom how it works.

He goes back to the rest of our adventurers, explains what he saw and Kel'doran works out it is a lift of some description that likely goes into the bowels of Ironslag. Again they discuss many different ways to distract the Fire Giants to operate the lift. In the end they decided to talk their way in using their rod of vonindod as a bargaining chip!

The party go to the front gate and Kel'doran casts a new spell, Seeming, on himself and his friends. It transforms Farren, Foehammer and Kel'doran to look like orcs and Billin, due to his size, looks like a goblin.

Without further ado Foehammer pushes the gate open, a Fire Giant immediately approaches the opening gate. Foehammer says (in Giant) "we have gift from Guh to give Zalto". The Fire Giant stares down at Foehammer and with his fiery red eyes aglow he growls back "how dare you use our language scum!". Kel'doran and Farren both pitch in at this point in common with their best orc impressions but the Fire Giant is not impressed at all.

Foehammer says they have a gift of a rod of Vonindod to give to Duke Zalto and the Fire Giant says he will take it to him. Foehammer replies saying that Guh told them to deliver it personally to Zalto. There is some squabbling at this point and the Fire Giant cuts it short by sending one of the other giants to go to the lift area. When he returns there is some talk in giant, which Foehammer understands, saying that they are getting word to Zalto to explain the situation.

Farren at this point pipes up to say Guh is fat lump. The Fire Giant says that is disrespectful and looks closely at them all but he seemingly cannot see through their disguise! He says that for an Orc Farren sounds weedy and not much like a normal orc and the others say that Farren is the idiot of the group.

Foehammer says that Guh will kill them if they dont complete the mission and the Fire Giant laughs and replies that they will probably die anyway for bothering Zalto. Foehammer pushes on and asks if the Fire Giants need more orcs and the Fire Giant says they have orcs already. Billin now pipes up to insult Guh to try and show allegiance to the Fire Giants.

The Fire Giant cannot believe a goblin whelp is daring to talk to him so he walks forward and picks him up by the scruff of the neck intending to toss him off the mountain! Kel'doran reacts by casting polymorph - turning the Fire Giant into a crab.

This causes the other Fire Giants to get ready to attack this unusual group of orc and goblin!




Session 40 - Goblin minecart ride! - Sunday 1st April - Day 82 cont.




Day 82 cont.

We left our dynamic team facing two fire giants, having turned the third into a crab! Initiative was the first thing to happen...

Kel'doran rolled high and simply popped the crab in the bag of devouring which ate the crab causing it to "do a Tamth". Farren shot the first giant twice hitting once with a big critical hit, sadly he was so proud of the hit his second arrow went astray and hit Foehammer. The Fire giant was unimpressed and it clobbered Foehammer for two crushing hits instantly halving his hit points. Billin darted forward and attacked 3 times with his usual flourish and dextrous speed - two of the rapier hits found their mark. He then retreated to a safe distance but even with the small dextrous target the giant managed to hit him doing big damage! Foehammer then went into a rage and attacked twice hitting once.

Kel'doran knew his fire spells were useless so he switched to Toll The Dead on one of the giants and caught it once doing some decent damage. Farren fired two more arrows and they were both big damage hits! The Fire Giant once again laid into Foehammer hitting him once. Billin darted forward and hit the Fire giant three times doing considerable damage. Finally Foehammer hit the giant twice and then retreated to a safe distance.

The Fire Giant was breathing heavily and had taken alot of damage, the party were definitely surprising him as he thought he was dealing with 3 orcs and a goblin. He now knew his opponents were not all they seemed!

Kel'doran stopped this thought with another toll the dead which damaged the giant. Farren again fired two arrows, both causing damage again. At this the Fire Giant shut the door and barred it and shouted to the other giant. Billin could not see his quarry and held his attack action. Foehammer used the wings to fly up over the wall carrying Billin. He dropped Billin off who attacked the giant hitting both times.

Kel'doran was similarly unable to see the battle and held an action of casting slow. Farren mounted his broom and flew up with Kel'doran. Kel'doran cast slow which affected the heavily injured giant. The fresher fire giant ran for the lift chamber but the badly injured one stood his ground knowing his time may be short - he made desperate attacks on Billin and Foehammer. Billin ran to the fresher Fire Giant to try and block his escape (being hit in the process by the injured giant) and tried to frighten him with an attack, which succeeded, trapping the 2nd giant. Foehammer ran to join Billin and attacked the frightened giant.

Kel'doran did a toll the dead which finished off the injured fire giant. Farren shot the other fire giant with unerring accuracy. The Fire Giant lashed out at Foehammer who was looking a little worse for wear by now. Billin attacked again and this time did huge damage, Foehammer followed this up and brought the Fire giant close to its end.

Kel'doran did toll the dead once again. Farren fired two arrows and brought the giant close to death but only hit once (a 2nd would have done it!). The Fire Giant lashed out wildly hitting Billin and Foehammer and Billin was knocked out by the blow. Foehammer stepped up and finished off the second fire giant.

Farren healed Billin immediately and then the party regrouped. They searched the giants large hessian sacks that they carried and found - a wooden toboggan, dried mushroons, an iron necklace, a trussed up live sheep and 10ft rope. They were puzzled by the random crap giants carry around!

Then they went in to look at the lift machinery and saw the platform was gone, descending. Looking down they could just about catch sight of the lift some 60 ft below and a fire giant on it. They found the lever that operated the lift and tried to reverse it but they failed to pull it back - they got the idea that the machine in motion was very difficult to stop and could almost feel the gears and mighty wheel work against them as they pushed the lever back. They considered destroying the mechanism but held back for the moment.

They found a set of steps leading down into the mine nearby and decided to head down stealthily. The stairway led down with spurs off at regular intervals but these spurs were dusty and out of use on the upper levels, seemingly mines that were tapped out. They descended some 300ft til foehammer just caught the sound of a creature below them (maybe 100ft below). As they stealthily got further and further to about 370ft they heard the sound of mining. Finally as they got to the next spur at about 400ft they came across a lizard like creature which was scaly with steam rising off its very hot interior. It looked to them, saw 3 orcs and a goblin and let them past. They saw a glimpse of the slaves mining but felt they could do no more at this point without breaking their cover.

As they descended the final 50-100ft they felt heat emanating from the tunnel in front which now had minecart tracks leading out. They emerged into a room where 3 slaves were waiting for ore to arrive in trucks which they loaded into hoppers which were suspended on a cable/chain above the floor - the hoppers seemed to move onto the next room that they couldn't see - they were overseen by another lizard creature who paid the party little heed.

They went in the opposite direction to the hopper carts and came across the main smelting chamber, or indeed a gantry lining the walls overlooking the main smelting area as it was obvious there was a massive lower level beneath them.
Here they stumbled upon 3 ogres who were tipping the hopper buckets to allow the ore to fall into the smelter far below as well as three fire giants, one of which was younger than the others and was holding a dwarf out above the smelting area.

The younger fire giant identified himself as Zaltember and he was telling the dwarf to plead for forgiveness. In the meantime the nearest ogre approaches the party of orcs and goblin and asks them what they were doing there. They claim that there is an attack from above and they have been sent to warn the entire mine so they can prepare. He seems to believe this and went to speak to the others.

Zaltember dangles the dwarf by the ankle over the smelter giving him a last chance to plead, the dwarf spits at Zaltember in disgust. A fire giant now approaches the party and they explain their story, he seems unconvinced but says he will call Zaltember. As he goes to Zaltember the dwarf is dropped to a fiery doom.

Zaltember now speaks to the giant and then goes to the motley crew of orcs and goblin asks them what is going on. Foehammer (and the others) bows their heads in an act of contrition and explain that there is an attack on the mine from above and they must assemble reinforcements.

Zaltember asks why his father, Zalto, hasn't told him personally and Foehammer again bows his head and says he doesn't know. Zaltember says he will check with his father and work is to continue, in the midst of this he threatens Foehammer with death if he is lying and pushes him to the ground, Foehammer lets him. Foehammer gets up and leaves with the others back to the first chamber as Zaltember exits to the South.

At this point a "decision" is made for one of the team to recce the mine and Billin, as a goblin, does this by hopping into one of the hopper trucks and letting it carry him round the mine complex (temple of doom or View to a Kill style!). He hides inside the hopper and pokes his head up when he sees the chamber roof open up or change. In the first area he pops his head out to see a two story massive chamber which has gantrys on the upper level. he sees pieces of the Vonindod (a massive statue maybe?) being held high up by chains as if held ready for assembly work later.

He also sees Duke Zalto, Zaltember and hell hounds, all of them see him but he is a goblin. Even so Zalto does not look happy at this and what his son is telling him and they leave the room as Billin ducks down.

In the next chamber he pops his head up to see a fair few orcs grabbing ore from the hoppers to sort and remove the rubbish. Seeing Billin they question him and he says that slaves pushed him into the hopper. The orcs laugh at him and tell him to fuck off. Billin goes south and nonchalantly hops into a hopper truck near the exit to the room (seemingly unnoticed).

This leads back into the chamber with the Vonindod but there is no sign of Zalto and Zaltember this time.

In the next chamber Billin, unseen, sees how the hopper bucket is operated, there is a massive wheel pushed by slaves which causes the chains to pull along a track suspending the buckets. There are two ogres forcing the slaves to comply.

The next chamber is the main smelter room with gantries again. Billin sees the ogres tipping each bucket in turn, their contents falling into smelter below. Billin has to hop out and does but is spotted by one of the Fire Giants. He is asked what he is doing there and again he says a slave pushed him in but the giant does not believe a word of it. Billin runs back into the room with the wheel and the Fire Giant gives chase shouiting for the ogres in the next chamber to grab him.

And it is there we leave our unfortunate gnome/goblin!





15th April - Session 41 - An uneasy bargain - day 82 to 83



As we left off our intrepid gnome (disguised as a goblin) was on his stealthy reconnaissance mission where he had been spotted and was currently sprinting away from a Fire Giant. He sprinted round the corner onto the main gantry and discovered it was a dead end. The Fire Giant was following but seemed slower. At this point Billin heard a voice from below, it was Duke Zalto and his son Zaltember as well as the Duke's pet hellhounds and they told the goblin to halt. Billin shouts back saying "I'll catch them boss" and carries on running. The Fire Giant continues to chase but billin is faster. THe Duke and his son get onto the upper level and say that Billin has to stop! Billin runs round the corner and hides on the gantry. THe Fire Giant, Duke and son follow but can't see the gnome/goblin anymore!


Billin then hops on the broom and flies (unseen) under the gantry to the floor below. The group of Fire Giants come round the corner but can't see Billin. Billin runs forward on the lower level but the fire giants catch sight of something and speak between them and split up with the Fire Giant remaining on the upper level and the Duke and his son going back down the stairs to the lower level. Billin hides behind a pillar seemingly evading the gaze of the Fire Giant above and the duke reaches the lower floor but also can't see him. Billin then flies up and behind another pillar further along, The Fire Giant moves forward but can't seem to spot the gnome (neither can the Duke and son).


At this point Foehammer(still disguised as an Orc) hears Billin and rushes to the edge of the chamber , Billin waves them back as he then dives over to them in the mine entrance. The Fire Giant spots him and shouts down to Zalto that he is going to head around to the mine entrance. At this point the party regroups and Billin breathes a sigh of relief as he explains the rough layout of the place. The party (still disguised) decide that rather than face the Fire Giant on his way around they will hop into the carts to make their way round the smeltery complex.

Farren is in the lead cart followed by Billin then Foehammer then Kel'doran. As the carts rumble through the main chamber Billin leaves his cart and flies north to see what is there and finds two fire Giants and three ogres. Fortunately for him they are in the middle of arm wrestling and don't spot him, he then flies back to his cart. Once they are near the ore sorting chamber they exit the carts amongst the orcs and Fire Giant in this section, Foehammer does the talking here! An orc asks him how they got here and Foehammer says "we were sent here!". The orc replies "yeah but how, that is a dead end?" and Foehammer deftly replies "yeah I know that's why we were sent here". The orc, confused calls over another orc and after a little chat he says "No he wants to know HOW you got here" - Foehammer replies "I dont know i just do as im told". The two orcs are confused then say "yeah i know what you mean" and tell him to avoid the Fire Giant to the south.


The party go to the lift area and realise they cant fly up easily without being seen. Kel'doran casts suggestion and tells an orc to run around for five minutes, this works but another orc notices him casting. However as the Orc runs around the party fly up the shaft seemingly unnoticed.


Back up at the top the party consider their options and they heal Foehammer. Should they go downstairs? Should they wait til the heat is off. In the meantime Billin investigates the one hut still standing and discovers all of the yakfolk corpses piled up inside.


A decision is made and Foehammer slowly flies down the shaft. He spots a Fire Giant coming up on the lift (seems the alarm was raised or the party's disguise was seen through! The Fire Giant spots Foehammer and slings a rock at him hitting him hard. Foehammer drops the shrunken magical boulder on the giant doing major damage to him. As Foehammer reaches the top Billin throws down the toboggan packed with straw on fire, the Fire Giant stamps it out but not before being skewered by two arrows from Farren.


At this point the Fire Giant shouts up that if he is killed the Duke will fortify below and the party won't get in. He says that Zalto wishes to talk to them as they are obviously powerful adventurers. The party wait for the giant to arrive and on arrival he says that Zalto has an offer for them that the Duke will deliver in person. After some to and fro about where to meet the party agree to go and meet the Duke down in the forge. On the way down the giant explains that the Duke knew the party were powerful and Zalto was impressed and wants to see what they want so they can bargain.


As the lift reaches its destination they can see the Duke flanked by 9 fire giants. The imposing figure of Duke Zalto dominates the room and he asks them what they want and why they are infiltrating Ironslag. Kel'doran explains why the party killed the yakfolk but Zalto doesn't seem to care. He asks them "What do you want!". Kel'doran replies that they want access to Hekaton's court, they want the conch. Zalto laughs heartily and Billin seems to think Zalto isn't overly bothered about giving away the conch. When questioned on this he says King Hekaton is likely dead and his daughter Serissa is weak and useless.


After a moment he says that he will give them conch for a price. He says that he is assembling the vonindod and they need a fire primordial called Maegera last seen in Gauntlgrym to provide enough heat to forge the vonindod. Kel'doran gave a great speech on how dragons are the problem and they need to unite with the giants to defeat the dragons and hence why they need the conch. Zalto is not impressed by his words and says that the vonindod will defeat all dragons and give the Fire Giants their rightful position atop the ordning. Once he has maegera he will have all he needs.


He tells them the primoridal is in Gauntlgrym and it can be captured using a special iron flask - he has engaged others in this task but they have failed. The party ask why he doesn't do it. He replies that the long dead city of Gauntlgrym is protected from his kind so he is contracting others - he sent dark elves before but has not heard back. He again says if the party get maegera he will give them the conch. After some debate the party agree to his bargain (albeit they might be lying).


The party head back to the airship and discuss how to go about this, what to do next and whether they are going to deliver this primordial. As they arrive on the ship Delsaphine tells them that Klauth has been in contact and he has told them basic information on progress etc. The party know that Gauntlgrym is near Klauth's domain and they discuss using teleportation circles to avoid him but in the end decide to carry on. They set a course for Gauntlgrym.


Day 83

During a full day's travel Farren spots and recognises some Aaraokra which were at the cloud castle he invaded some time ago. He knows they are intelligent and so he watches them, they fly about but dont follow the ship.


Day 84

In the early hrs of the morning the party are rudely awakened by the crew, when they reach the deck they can see 4 manticores surrounding the ship and attacking the balloon above the ship.

And with that we leave our intrepid team until next time!



22nd April - Session 42 - accurate pebble throwing - Day 84 - 86 ( patchy writeup as I lost my rough notes on this)




Day 84 cont.

The party's airship is under siege as we rejoin them in the skies above the Sword Coast. Initiative is rolled and the battle commences.


The Manticores seem to concentrate on bringing the ship down by piercing the balloon, during the battle they do not engage/attack the party much unless there is no option. As for the party, Foehammer flies up into melee range and does major damage, Farren shoots from afar with Hunter's mark and colossus slayer both doing big damage. Billin uses a mix of ranged and melee and uses superiority points to do more damage and also to unsettle them in the air with some success. Kel'doran uses his ranged spells and his slow spell to prevent the Manticore doing too much damage each round. The end result is 4 dead Manticores and a moderately damaged balloon. Delsaphine says the balloon is usable and will work but repairs are needed and will be costly and take time.


Day 85
The next morning the crew assess the damage and it seems the materials will cost 400 gold and the repairs will take 20 days in total to complete, but they can be done piecemeal as and when time is available. When asked he suggested that Mirabar is a good place to find materials like the rubber sheeting needed to effect repairs.


Mirabar is on the way so the party decide to stop there to pick up supplies and do some further shopping. Delsaphine is sent into the city with the money needed for the materials while the party do some shopping. They decide to visit the Brave Egg once more. The place is still as grubby as ever but Haril the half orc greets Foehammer warmly (for a half orc) and ales are dished out. Haril gives grave news, tales of refugees in the city, people leaving and businesses closing. There is some concern that the Frost Giants to the North will plunder the city. He has considered leaving with Dahk and perhaps returning to their tribe, as difficult as that might be. Foehammer says that it may be less safe in the wilderness and maybe they should hold here and see how things develop. Haril thanks him for the advice and the two chew the fat some more before heading to the shops.


They stop at their favourtie potion shop, The last Aid with its proprietor, Annrowe Dudley. Here they find the shelves bare of basic healing potions. They buy a greater and order six (or was it twelve) basic healing potions which he says will be instock in 7 days.


Next they visit The Luminescent Conjuration run by Helar Ikar. Helar has many items but alot are too rich for the party's blood. (please tell me if you bought anything here I can't recall :D )

And with that they board the ship and continue on to Gauntlgrym. Delsaphine says that he managed to get all the supplies necessary. The trip to Gauntlgrym is uneventful but at one point Billin feels a presence in the back of his mind which he cannot place, he shakes his head and the presence is gone.


day 86

As the day dawns they are faced by Gauntlgrym . It is a similar place to Citadel Adbar but the battlements and towers and entrances cut into the sheer rock face are far less elaborate. This place is obviously of smaller stature.


The party fly over invisible and stealth into the corridors inside via one of the towers. They see dwarves on both corridors ahead of them and hear some talk of Bruenor Battlehammer as they listen in. Eventually after a few attempts at getting past they try the more direct approach and reveal themselves, close to the main entrance. The dwarven guards seem surprised and on edge at being caught out but some persuasive words get them an audience with Bruenor Battlehammer.


During these moments Billin feels the presence again in his mind and this time gets a vision of shadowy figure at a desk seemingly trying to look/spy on hum and then the vision is gone.

Bruenor is a formidable looking dwarf with a gravelly voice seemingly ageless and ancient all at once. He addresses them and the party explains their mission here, to capture Maegera in an Iron flask. The party hurriedly tell him that they have no plans on abducting the primordial and this mollifies him slightly but he seems not to trust the party 100%. The party explain Zalto's plan and his efforts to obtain Maegera. They tell Bruenor that maybe Maegera is safer with them as they can defend it and it won't be such an obvious target moving with them as opposed to being in Gauntlgrym where the fire giants know it is located.


Bruenor nods and says that Maegera goes nowhere and the fire giants must not have her. One time she escaped this place and caused a volcano to erupt which destroyed part of an entire city (Neverwinter it seems she has been here hundreds of years). He says that his brethren were the guardians of Maegera, they had no intention of using the forge at the moment but they recognised they need to guard Maegera. One day he hoped to build up forces so the forge would run hot once more. Bruenor says that they have been trained to defend this place and Maegera to their last and they would not allow that duty to be taken from them.


Bruenor seems proud of his task and the party knew they would fight to the last dwarf to guard the primordial. As the talk continues Bruenor suddenly looks around the room, a messenger appears and goes to Bruenor but he knows what he is about to be told, there are intruders who have captured Maegera. The temperature in the place has dropped and that was enough to heighten Bruneor's suspicions, he looks to the party unsure of their motives but asks for help.


The Party agree and follow down to Maegeras chamber. Before they can get there they come across 8 drow and 2 summoned demons in a corridor. Upon being seen two Drow mages cast a spell making the corridor under the party's feet writhe with tentacles and battle commences.


The battle is short and sweet! Kel'doran slows them and farren gets off shots but the drow move forward and cast lightning bolts. The party fight for another round until Foehammer is in position and he tosses forward his pebble above the heads of the Drow. In such close proximity it crushes them all when it enlarges killing seven of them. The one remaining Drow is questioned, they were sent by Zalto and their Iron flask contains Maegera. The party are honest and tell Bruenor this, dwarves walk forward and kill the Drow and then take the flask.

The party follow the dwarves to the great chamber where Maegera is held captive. The dwarf experts are about to release Maegera when Kel'doran asks how she is kept captive and they explain runes around the room hold her here... Kel'doran suggests they make sure the runes have not been tampered with. The dwarves check and the runes seem fine so they release Maegera who swirls around the room before being held captive in the centre once more.


The party speak to Bruenor once more and he thanks them for their help. They tell him they admire his dedication to this cause and bid him farewell.

The party return to their ship and leave unsure of their next step.


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So first thing is to decide our games night.  Please list nights and say what the chances are of you making it 90% ish of the time. For me it is as follows -


Sunday - Yes
Monday - in immediate future yes but in longer term I'll possibly struggle beyond August so would need to replan then maybe.
Tuesday - Yes - but I would miss the odd one
Wednesday - Yes  - will miss the odd one
Thursday - no
Friday - yes
saturday - no


(first session might be as soon as this sunday so get those updated character sheets to me!)


we will go with majority as I'd like us to have a regular night. Also if we all wanted to start a smidge earlier at 7 or 730 to get a 2.5-3hr session in then I am open to that too so mention it when you say what days are good.


Note that if one is missing we may well carry on and I'll play your character a little bit along side but without killing them :D Also I like to roll real dice so alot of DM rolls won't be done on Roll20. If this bothers the majority then i can change it but I'm honest and no point in fudging rolls as it ruins the game - I just like real dice :) For BIG decision rolls I'll do them visibly because its more dramatic that way anyway :) Finally I am not as familiar with roll20 so you may not get atmospheric music for awhile as I acclimatise to it!!!



This is a big adventure and is very open so feel free to go wherever you like - the only suggested guidance will be for session 1 when i suggest you head back to phandalin to rest after defeating the dragon :)

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I am definitely up for this now, having reignited my interest over the last couple of sessions. 


However, I cannot do Sundays or Tuesdays, as those are the days I raid with my guild in World of Warcraft. Whilst things are quiet at the moment, the new raid opens at the end of June and will likely see a surge in activity as a result. 




Character: Thunderchild, Dwarven Bard. 



Sunday - No

Monday - Theoretically yes

Tuesday - No

Wednesday - Yes

Thursday - Yes

Friday - Yes

Saturday - Yes


My wife and I take it in turns to put our son to bed, so ideally I'd not want to be busy three nights on the bounce (i.e. sun/Mon/Tues), but can do double nights easily enough. 


If, however, the majority want Sunday then I'll bow out and wish you all the best; Thunderchild will remember you all fondly as he rides off into the sunset in search of stories and adventure. 

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Days are tricky for me. 


Sunday is is best but I know that doesn't work for Dr Shark. 


Monday is next best. I am trustee of a charity and they meet (infrequently) on a Monday so I will definitely miss some sessions. Also work is an issue as I am often home late. 


Tuesday to Friday are all difficult because of work. The difficulty probably increases as the week goes on. Tuesday better than Wednesday, which is better than Thursday. 


Friday and Saturdays tend to be reserved for socialising and my wife. Saturday would be better than Friday but either would make me unpopular at home and I suspect I would miss a fair few.


Sorry for not being very flexible. :(  


I'm I'm enjoying playing and will do my best to make as many games as possible whatever the outcome. 


Edit starting earlier could be a problem too. I could start at 7:30 but 7 will be a real problem. 



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Farren's played by Mogster! :quote:


I'm already excited for this though. I'll get my character sheet sent over later, along with my choice of home forest (sorry!). As for days:


Sunday - Yes (Might miss the odd one though)

Monday - Yes

Tuesday - Yes

Wednesday - Yes

Thursday - Yes

Friday - No

Saturday - No


Weekdays are better for me than weekends, apart from Fridays, but Sundays would be fine 90% of the time.


Oh, and good to see you back, Doctor Shark! :D

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I shall endeavour to make a Cleric tonight.


Level 5 though. Blimey. I'll be able to make ALL the sparkling lights. :D


Only have a regular thing booked on Wednesdays. Other nights might have things adhoc, but if we fixed a regular night could avoid planning things there. Would prefer not Friday or Saturday as that's when most things are.




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Hrmm, looking at this, there isn't going to be a night that we can all do so far.  Friday and Saturday seem to be definite no.  Thursday is also a definite no, if the DM can't make it then we don't have a session!


Sunday, is majority yes, Monday is also a strong contender, one is a theoretical yes (Sharky), would be better not for me, and in the future we'd have to potentially change to another night for the DM. Wednesday isn't good for a couple of people.  Think it's going to have to be your call, Clipper! I'm happy to put off joining this board game thing for a while anyway.


I can do Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Would prefer to keep Monday, Friday and Saturdays free.  Also happy to start a little earlier, whatever suits everyone else.


Will get a level 5 sheet over to you.

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Am generally free any nights aside from Saturday.. (Very occasionally busy the odd Weds and Thurs evenings but it looks like those are out anyway!)

An earlier start would be fine by me..

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Clipper has been a don this afternoon and answering questions.

Think I'm sorted on a Cleric now. Just trying to decide if he likes Life (Yey. Better heals) or THE POWER OF THUNDER!

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2 hours ago, Rikku said:

:lol: It's going to be Thunder, isn't it?


Maybe :D

I just spent chuffin ages making the character (thinking hmmm. Ability Rolls have to come up right?) before realising I'd missed them near the start


41 minutes ago, The Hierophant said:

To be honest I cannot think of a single decent Thunder god. 




I haven't, tbh picked a god (getting all the numbers right*. Will sort lore/flavour later). I'm struggling to find a non-eveil Tempest god though




*(I say that. I rolled personality. I'm hard drinking cleric that loves to gamble, loves my crew not ideals - but I'm pissed off that someone cheated my out of my share).








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@Clipper Help!  So I'm levelling up to 5 at the moment, and proficiency bonus is now plus 3.  For my rogue ability, Expertise (p96 of PH), I can double the proficiency bonus for a couple of my chosen skill proficiencies.


Am I calculating this correctly, it seems awfully high.  Just as an example, as I don't think I did choose stealth, but I might at level 6 and just want to ensure I understand.


I'm proficient in Stealth, I choose this as an area of expertise, so it would be +5 for Dex then +3 for proficiency but actually +6 for expertise? So my stealth rolls would be +11? :unsure::omg:

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2 hours ago, Rikku said:

@Clipper Help!  So I'm levelling up to 5 at the moment, and proficiency bonus is now plus 3.  For my rogue ability, Expertise (p96 of PH), I can double the proficiency bonus for a couple of my chosen skill proficiencies.


Am I calculating this correctly, it seems awfully high.  Just as an example, as I don't think I did choose stealth, but I might at level 6 and just want to ensure I understand.


I'm proficient in Stealth, I choose this as an area of expertise, so it would be +5 for Dex then +3 for proficiency but actually +6 for expertise? So my stealth rolls would be +11? :unsure::omg:


Rogues have big advantages and they tend to use them on stealth so yep +11 is not unusual. Surprised you didnt pick stealth as one to double at level 1 :)



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2 hours ago, Hexx said:


Maybe :D

I just spent chuffin ages making the character (thinking hmmm. Ability Rolls have to come up right?) before realising I'd missed them near the start



I haven't, tbh picked a god (getting all the numbers right*. Will sort lore/flavour later). I'm struggling to find a non-eveil Tempest god though




*(I say that. I rolled personality. I'm hard drinking cleric that loves to gamble, loves my crew not ideals - but I'm pissed off that someone cheated my out of my share).








I am looking at your sheet - for god you are going to struggle as you should really picka  Forgotten Realms god and yep both Tempest ones are Evil. This is downside to an agressive cleric. If you were neutral then I thinkt hat is doable as you can RP it. If you are good? then you'd be in conflict with your god a fair bit and your god gives you your divine power :D


would be very intersting.. a cleric worshipping evil god who is trying to be good. It can be played and can work but lots of conflict


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Hindsight! :) I had no idea how things would really work when I made her. I chose Deception and Insight. But I get another 2 at level 6, so will go for Stealth then for sure! 3d6 sneak attack now as well. :omg:

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11 minutes ago, Clipper said:

I am looking at your sheet - for god you are going to struggle as you should really picka  Forgotten Realms god and yep both Tempest ones are Evil. This is downside to an agressive cleric. If you were neutral then I thinkt hat is doable as you can RP it. If you are good? then you'd be in conflict with your god a fair bit and your god gives you your divine power :D


would be very intersting.. a cleric worshipping evil god who is trying to be good. It can be played and can work but lots of conflict



Did I not make myself nietral?


Itll be fine :P




Edit - Eek




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18 minutes ago, Rikku said:

Hindsight! :) I had no idea how things would really work when I made her. I chose Deception and Insight. But I get another 2 at level 6, so will go for Stealth then for sure! 3d6 sneak attack now as well. :omg:

I know you get 3d6 sneak attack and foehammer gets extra attack. I think farren gets extra attack as well - Im gonna need some bigger dragons :P

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Ok I have looked at the availability and it is a tricky one to navigate if I'm honest.


Sunday is the best night for most with only 1  maybe but Doctor Shark cannot do it. Monday is next best all can make it but there are more maybe's and I can't do it after August.


My proposal is this - we include maximum people for now so we choose Monday and see what happens in future (especially august onwards).


Saying that I know Doctor Shark is off on hols next week so I suggest first session is Sunday 14th May and I will propose a start time of 730 to give us a little more time for a session. Ther first session is likely to be a transition session so not sure how far we'll get but then we can spend a whole session getting pissed in Neverwinter so no worries there :D



Apologies if this seems woolly but I am trying to accomodate all points of view here and give everyone best chance of being involved. As I said if 1 person is missing I will play their character for that session

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Barbarians don't seem to get much at 5th level: +1 proficiency, extra attack and faster movement. 


Will we get time to spend some money at the start of the session? When upgrading to 5th level can I add some new equipment please?

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9 hours ago, Clipper said:

Ok I have looked at the availability and it is a tricky one to navigate if I'm honest.


Sunday is the best night for most with only 1  maybe but Doctor Shark cannot do it. Monday is next best all can make it but there are more maybe's and I can't do it after August.


My proposal is this - we include maximum people for now so we choose Monday and see what happens in future (especially august onwards).


Saying that I know Doctor Shark is off on hols next week so I suggest first session is Sunday 14th May and I will propose a start time of 730 to give us a little more time for a session. Ther first session is likely to be a transition session so not sure how far we'll get but then we can spend a whole session getting pissed in Neverwinter so no worries there :D



Apologies if this seems woolly but I am trying to accomodate all points of view here and give everyone best chance of being involved. As I said if 1 person is missing I will play their character for that session


As I said, if everyone else can do Sunday I'll just drop out. 

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1 hour ago, The Hierophant said:


How about a Storm god?  (I don't know if there is a separate Storm domain in 5e.)



There isnt but those could be Tempest in theory - most are evil but three - Isis, Anhur and Aerdrie are all good deities however they don't mention tempest and they usually aren't worshipped by clerics.


However D&D is all about house rules and making the world your own so if Hexx picks one of those I'll homebrew in a clerical order or something :D


Oh and Barbarian only gets an extra attack and fast movement? :D So just double the attacks/damage and faster then. Just wait til level 6 you really don't get much then.


Shopping? Well we are starting with you back in Phandalin and then it is upto you. If you wish to purchase new equipment drop me a message about what you want to buy or ask "in thread" if you like. Basically I'll see how that can fit or where you could get it etc. Helps me prep because if you need to buy unusual equipment it'll send you off on a different path :D



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45 minutes ago, Doctor Shark said:


As I said, if everyone else can do Sunday I'll just drop out. 

I know I am just trying to ensure everyone can be involved if they wish hence my idea for short term.

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1 hour ago, The Hierophant said:

Barbarians don't seem to get much at 5th level: +1 proficiency, extra attack and faster movement.


An extra attack is pretty good I'd say!

I just get the proficiency bonus and access to Level 3 spells.. (Though that level does include Fireball for extra pyro-maniacal fun!)


Cora - I'd say Uncanny Dodge is pretty awesome too! Half damage on anything that hits using an attack roll against you (if I'm reading it right?)

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6 minutes ago, MDY said:


An extra attack is pretty good I'd say!

I just get the proficiency bonus and access to Level 3 spells.. (Though that level does include Fireball for extra pyro-maniacal fun!)

Fireball?!? fireproof your taverns and lock up your barmaids!!!

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Nah I can't make Tempest work (shame, but these are the things).


I'm also no where up on my DnD deities/lore to risk not mucking up - I think I'll just go with Life. Boring. Safe. :P


(I've got to redo my character sheet as I sent it to Clipper for "marking" and he pointed out I'd used an extra die for my ability rolls. I was godly!!!!!)

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