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Far Cry 5

Mr Do 71

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Well, I am interested. Sounds and looks rather eerie with the two people banging the head of another to ring the bell. Now I want Far Cry meets Outlast 2 (but with less night vision).

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17 minutes ago, Let us measure said:

I've never played a Farcry game before, but I'm quite intrigued by the teasers and setting. Just a shame that for a 'murica hillbilly cult, the cast look like they've walked straight out of Shoreditch.


I think the bible belt got to that aesthetic first, in fairness. 

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1 hour ago, Majora said:

Yeah I can see this causing a bit of a shitstorm amongst Americans of a certain persuasion. 


The irony is that the same people complaining about this game are the ones telling everyone else they need to go to safe spaces all the time.


Looks like I can start renting out my safe space to them..

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This is going to send the alt-right absolutely haywire.


Can anyone still remember that preposterous storm in a teacup just prior to the release of Rogue One, when rumours leaked that Disneys had changed the ending after Trump won? It was total bollocks, but just imagine what it's going to be like when their outrage is based on something real, that genuinely is skewering them. The whingepocalypse is going to be spectacular.

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