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The Witcher - new TV series based on the books (not the games) coming from Netflix!

Captain Kelsten

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It's a basic costume, makeup & lighting test.  Meaning they'll probably have him look a bit different in the final product.


The reason it looks strange is because, while he doesn't have a beard in the books, the games gave us an image of Geralt that we know, instead of a mere description.  So any changes to that would be jarring.


I think it looks fine. And it's not like he can't grow a beard later on in the show if fans are still whining about it.

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Funny. To be honest I've only read one of them, and I too was puzzled. Turns out having two swords on your back was an invention by the game developers. In the books Geralt has two swords, but picks which one he's going to take with him out in the field depending on what he's likely to be up against. That would suck big time in the game: "Ah fuck, I brought the wrong fucking sword. AGAIN! FFS!!"

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