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The Witcher - new TV series based on the books (not the games) coming from Netflix!

Captain Kelsten

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6 hours ago, OogyBoogy said:

Hard to tell, the trailer shows a lot but doesn't tell us much.

I'll be the optimist and say it's going to be good.


I'm taking the same view. They have said it's different from the games, which is fine, and I've not read the books but I hope it follows those more as it seems like very strong source material. Geralt looks OK, but then he looks too much of a pretty boy in the one scene in the bed, I actually thought it was someone else for a second.

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There were a few bits which reminded me of the battle with Striga (from the games. Haven't read any of the books).



I really loved the games but I'm not particularly precious about the franchise. A cool looking geralt having cool fights is pretty much all I want from this.

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The final part of that trailer doesn't look too hot to me, the CGI seems off. But otherwise it looks good. Looks like we get to see Yennefer become the great sorceress she already is in the games. 


Edit: Ha, that's Triss who's talking to Geralt about "monsters and money" ... the racists are gonna have a field day...

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I think it's looking solid. Also a couple of bits from as deep in as the fourth book - I was expecting season one to just stick to the short stories. The look for each character works for me.


Trying to keep my expectations under control/10. 

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