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Great News - like methadone for 30 Rock


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Miss 30 Rock? Ever wish it had an overbearing mother co-lead character and a ridiculously good looking leading lady? Not really?


Great News is about Katie (Briga Heelan), a producer on a news show, when her overbearing mother, Carol (Andrea Martin), decides to intern on the show.


It sounds rubbish. The trailer made it look awful. It's pretty good. It's by Tracey Wigfield, a former long-time 30 Rock writer, and produced by Fey and Carlock (30 Rock's showrunners) and from their production company. It's a little less manic than 30 Rock but not a million miles away. It got spring run with terrible ratings but NBC has renewed it for a second season to air after Will & Grace, of all things, with Fey guest starring in season 2.

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