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  • 2 months later...

Monaco this weekend! On the full F1 course this time, without even the minor alterations from last year at Sainte Devote and the Nouvelle Chicane. 


The Monaco E-Prix last year was one of the best races I watched in 2021 - in any series. 


Fingers crossed this one will be another banger.

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Is this the second race weekend? The coverage seems all over the place so I've not been able to keep track.


Also, the new Gen.3 car looks like a fucking space ship!



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  • 1 year later...

Actual FE news!


Jack Nicholls, commentator since the very start, has been sacked by FE a few days ago with immediate effect. Replaced by Ben Edwards for the rest of the season.


Turns out Nicholls has been accused of multiple instances of sexual misconduct (details are scarce but seems to have been non-consensual touching of at least three separate people). Formula E has apparently made an internal investigation and decided to fire him based on the results.


He's put out a statement admitting he did what they're saying he was doing, and sort-of apologising - although he does claim that it was a "couple of isolated incidents" which isn't a great look and weakens his statement IMO. 


This also appears to be why he didn't commentate on the F1 Monaco Grand Prix at the weekend. No mention was made of him at all on the broadcast. 


I don't think there's yet been a statement from IMG (which produces the BBC's F1 coverage) so I'll be interested to see if he turns up on the BBC at the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend. 


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