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Resident Evil - Welcome To Raccoon City - November 2021


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5 minutes ago, Gambit said:

Mr X was a creation for the Remake (and made it worse in my opinion). This is based on pure, original Resident Evil 2 (for the most part).


Tell me you didn't play the original Resi 2 without telling me didn't play the original Resi 2




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I enjoyed this. But agree it was crazy to mash up the first two games into one movie. I think my fave bit was…



The zombies being lit up by the flashlight on the gun, and then the cigarette lighter.

I liked that they managed to get a…



“Jill sandwich” line in there.


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I imagine the creators of this took the “it’s nothing like the game’s story” comments about the Paul WS Anderson films on board.


They didn’t take the other comments about those films being shit, unfortunately because this film is fucking awful and not good fucking awful.


I don’t get why they turned Leon into a moron or get someone who couldn’t act to play him.

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