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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


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1 hour ago, barkbat said:

I've only just realised what this game actually is and it looks fantastic. For some reason I was sure it was a horrible cash-in party game and of no interest to me at all. Glad I bothered to watch a video of it because if this is actually good it may well be the game to get me a switch.


Yeah, it's basically nintendo x-com. With rabbids, for some ungodly reason.

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The Switch is just awash with quality stuff this launch year:


Still playing MK8DX.

Just finding my feet in Minecraft for the first time.

ARMS is now out.

New Zelda DLC in two weeks means another tonne of hours on that (and again at Xmas).

Splatoon 2 a month out

Mario + Rabbids in August looks bloody brilliant

And then the little matter of Mario Odyssey - the new best thing ever - in October.

And then another trip to Skyrim.


And that doesn't even include top indy fare like:


Steamworld Dig 2


Rocket League

Stardew Valley

And plenty of other excellent-looking stuff.


And all of it, completely portable.








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51 minutes ago, Chooch said:

Does anyone know when the reviews for this will be published?


I'd read that the embargo is until the 28th, but I don't know if that's legit.


Most games are the day before these days though, aren't they?

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Ubisoft have announced a season pass.

From Eurogamer:



Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is getting a Season Pass encompassing three pieces of DLC.

The first, and most minor of the group, is exclusive to Season Pass owners and available at launch. This DLC will add eight bonus steampunk weapons to the game, each with their own unique stats.
Later this autumn a second DLC will arrive, adding new solo and co-op challenge maps.
Finally, the game will receive a proper story expansion in 2018.
Despite our initial concerns about the concept of a crossover between Mario and one of Ubisoft's less loved properties, we've been impressed with much of what we've seen of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle thus far. Our resident strategy king, Chris Bratt, said in his initial impressions: "I've been on board with this game's setting and humour ever since I saw the first cutscene featuring Rabbid Peach, but I'm really pleased to see some depth in its combat."


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I'm wavering on this one.


Every time they show a level properly they spend about 10mins in menu screens setting up their squad, and the levels seem to take quite a while to play - the bitesize nature of Switch games so far has been a real motivating factor for me in turning it on for a quick blast at something.


Looks decent but with Everybody Golf out the same week I may hold fire on this and see what the response is like here, it looks decent, just not sure I'll have the time to do it justice.

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