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30 years ago Lucasarts released in a very limited form Habitat, a social MMO very much like Second Life.




And now according to http://www.indieretronews.com/2017/06/neohabitat-relaunch-of-first-mmorpg.html#more


Many of you probably didn't know this (I know I didn't) but in 1986 LucasArts, with development by Randy Farmer and Chip Morningstar, released a beta of the massively multiplayer online RPG of ' Habitat ' for the C64; a first attempt at a large scale commercial virtual community that was graphic based. Each person in this large world had to have a C64 and had to be able to connect via a modem and telephone, which for many probably caused very high phone bills. And on that note today's news is something pretty special, as The Museum of Digital Art and Entertainment have released Neohabitat - a relaunch of the first massively mulitplayer online roleplaying game, Lucasfilm's Habitat.


All you need to get going is here https://github.com/frandallfarmer/neohabitat/blob/master/README.md



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Thanks for posting this @Unofficial Who


It reminds me of the days when the whole world of "online" (was it called that in the 90s? ;-) ) seemed so new and full of incredible potential. Stuff like Micronet and playing multiplayer games like MUDs, over your telephone, were mind blowing! 


But Habitat was one of those really advanced ideas that only ever seemed to happen in the States. It will be great to finally play it as it was intended. I wonder if it would work with a real C64 and this wireless modem.....



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Found this on YouTube, it's the Lucasfilm Games company presentation video from 1987 discussing upcoming games including Habitat and Maniac Mansion.... there's a special guest right at the end. I guess in 1987 he was still revered before he decided to rape everyone's childhood (clue ;-) ).



On a slightly different note, there's an interesting looking game called Black Hawk that's previewed which looks like a mix of a typical Microprose flight sim from the time but mixed with the arcade style of Rescue on Fractalus. Unfortunately it was never released... 


Still love that C64 THX style opening for Lucasfilm games!

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23 hours ago, Lorfarius said:


There's still a version running online somewhere. I played it a few years ago. Also an offline version here


Yeh I've played the offline version, would love to play the online one, guess I'll have to find it..  OR REMAKE IT.


seriously though i cant find the online version anywhere

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