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E3 2017: Nintendo - Wrap Up


Conference Review  

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This is the main conference I'm looking forward to, especially all the Treehouse stuff. Because I'm working this weekend I'll have the day off too, so that's good (it means I can stay up to watch Sony's without worrying about sleep too).


I reckon Mario Odyssey has a good chance of being my favourite game this year, despite Breath of the Wild. Hopefully they'll reveal details of how Virtual Console will work on Switch and finally show what Retro Studios have been working on.


Platinum confirmed they're working on something and I personally hope it's a sequel to Anarchy Reigns (reskinned with F-Zero characters). 

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I automatically dial down my expectations for Nintendo at E3. It's for the best to avoid inevitable disappointment. The only thing that is guaranteed is Mario Odyssey so I'm just hoping it's another joyous blow out like Zelda was last year.


*Personally, I don't think Nintendo will reveal any 'new' Switch titles as such either, nor anything on their Virtual console intentions, just further info/release dates of already announced games. And definitely no SNES Mini talk yet. That's just how they roll now. Of course I'd love a surprise F-Zero/Metroid/Kid Icarus/Pilot Wings/Star Fox/Animal Crossing reveal as much as the next Nintendo nut, but c'mon, it ain't gonna happen.


*I hope I'm wrong!

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49 minutes ago, Sarlaccfood said:

Sounds a bit daft but I'm really hoping for YouTube and Netflix to be announced for Switch :(


It's such a nice screen! 


I wouldn't be surprised if we got updates surrounding these apps appearing on the Switch, possibly not during the conference but some point over the next week.

In terms of games, I'm not expecting many (if any) new titles from the bigger series to be unveiled, though I'd love news on Metroid and/or Retro's projects. There was a 'leak' on 4chan the other day claiming that Sin & Punishment 3 would be on the show floor; I know that it's never happening, but if it did I think I would spontaneously combust.

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Can't wait for them to announce new Metroid Prime, 2d Metroid, Pikmin, Wave Race, Earthbound, Star Fox, 2d Zelda and F Zero games with a huge Mario blowout in a dazzling showreel that blows MS and Sony's 3rd person borefest conferences out of the water. 

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I do hope that Nintendo punt out some super duper game news at their spotlight. Otherwise this E3, for me, has been boringville. Just looking at the huge amounts of money that are being poured into creating brown shoot/creep qt event driven games leaves me cold. I know it's getting a tired issue but Nintendo really are the only ones who cater to my kind of gaming kicks.


All I'm wishing for is one, just one Nintendo, big new franchise update. That's all I ask! :( 


edit, the rabbids game does look good though. Even if I don't like the design of the rabbids themselves!

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49 minutes ago, Purin said:

So it's up to Nintendo to save E3.


C'mon buddy, you can do it!

They're showing Mario Odyssey for the first time properly in playable form, so it's pretty much guaranteed. The only downer would be it being delayed. Fingers crossed.

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