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Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though


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it depends if you like watching a packed grid of Formula fords amble around a wet blustery track really.

Formula Ford racing can be exciting, because the drivers tend to be of the homicidal variety with plenty of banging and crashing around. You'll never of heard of any of the drivers, and chances are you won't remember watching them if they get to F1 (unlikely).  they don't sound all that exciting, but its a spec formula so all the cars are very close and its talent that sees you win anything. So the front of the field is usually good o watch and the back brings out the red flags.   


The Walter Hayes trophy is quite a well respected event, with plenty of international interest. A good result here can lead to F3, Formula Renault or similar stepping stone to F1.


With a free pass and a day with nothing else to do, I'd probably go. unless it's raining then i'd give it a miss. I like the wheels enclosed on my cars :)

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14 hours ago, SeanR said:

We’re currently trying sell our son the idea of going full on STEM and eventually university off the back of Formula Student




and then maybe an F1 team…


He’s 14.


If he wants to work for an F1 team, he needs to be down the local kart track now learning how to the whole things works. If he wants to work in the design or mechanic bits especially. There are hundreds of people climbing over each other to get into F1, you have to live and breath it to get there. OR bring something from another discipline . 

In the 90s if you had a aeronautics or materials degree you could walk on in no problem.  Now they want battery and electric vehicle experience. 


There are plenty of jobs there. but you have to be committed and single minded to get there.


Good luck

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Has anyone been watching the Porsche road to Le Mans series on YouTube? Season 4 just came out so picked it up again and loving it - I really like Fassbender who has been very honest about his limitations and frankly had a lot of bad luck amongst his mistakes - more than that is a recent fascination with all things RSR and im hooked!

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I think he's copped a lot of flack for stuff that's wasn't his fault. When the car was on song and he wasn't be punted off the track he was a perfectly fine gentleman driver. 

The problem was he got far more scrutiny than a rich ceo playing at racing because he's a high profile actor. 


I didn't realise the series was out now, it shall be my Christmas viewing away from the family. 😁

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