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Football Thread 2017/18


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Not related to the worldcup but i came across this on a forum when reading about the latest SPFL charimen apparently failing to raise a conflict of interest. Rangers fans are going mad, which is expected, had the shoe been on the other foot Celtic fans would habe done the same. However.... just take a look at this. A clear celtic conspiracy!!!



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The BBC has confirmed it is to show twenty-nine World Cup 2018 games in 4K HDR, to compatible TVs with iPlayer apps capable of displaying the content. Additionally, the BBC also confirmed that every single one of its thirty-three game allocation will be available in Virtual Reality via the BBC Sport's VR 2018 World Cup app.

The BBC says viewers will need at least a 40Mbps broadband connection to view the full-fat 4K HDR streams that will be shown at 50 frames per second in the HLG (Hybrid Log-gamma) HDR format. Those with slower connections might find they’re restricted to lower resolution – or at least lower bitrate – transmissions. 

Additionally, streams will be limited and delivered on a first come/ first served basis which will mean enthusiasts like you and us will have our fingers hovering over the remote just prior to the broadcasts beginning. No actual numbers have been confirmed but the BBC revealed the UHD HDR streams will be limited to 'tens of thousands'.

The VR app will be available on iOS, Android, Gear VR, Oculus Go and PlayStation VR and will let users choose between views from ‘a luxury private box’ or from behind either of the two goals.

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fair play to him, what better way to leave than on top like that.


I think he knew he isn't a super technical coach or builder of squads, rather a manager of egos and players from who he could command respect, in the short term at least, from his own reputation as an elite player.


Real have an ageing squad of superstars so why risk tarnishing your reputation Wenger style by hanging around well past your sell by date as that unravels.


Mic drop management at a level nobody will ever match ! 

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What big name managers are not in work atm?


Sarri but he's been heavily linked with Chelsea and Zenit.


Presumably Conte, if Chelsea get Sarri.




Spurs better hope Perez doesn't start fluttering his eyes at Pochettino.

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1 hour ago, Adrock said:

It's started. Perez has, according to the Guardian, chosen Pochettino as first choice.


Everyone is reporting the same, some saying Poch will take Kane and De Gea with him :lol:


I reckon Conte has to be fave.


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He'll do better than Benitez because he won things as a professional player but Madrid are like Chelsea after Mourinho left the first time, a bunch of egos and cliques that a new manager won't be able to get rid of. He's on a hiding to nothing going there but I wouldn't be surprised if he did or if he was sacked before the end of the season.

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