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Pillars of Eternity 2

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Pillars 2 is coming to Xbox game pass soon, which usually means within a week. So anyone on Xbox who's interested: get in! From what I've played it's brilliant. I stopped playing on PC because I wanted to play on console instead after enjoying Pillars 1 so much on Xbox with a controller.


So I've bought this full price on PC, half price on Xbox, and soon it's on Game Pass :lol:I don't regret it because it's a brilliant game.


Highly recommended even if you didn't like the first. In fact, if you liked the idea of the first but not the actual game Pillars 2 is the game for you! 

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How is it on console @Mr. Gerbik?


I played through what I think was the majority of PoE on a laptop but never finished it and don't really like to play at a desk on the whole.


Played through the entirety of Divinity Original Sin 2 on a pad and loved it, but recently struggled to get into Wasteland 3 because the control of your characters/cursor just feels really floaty and imprecise. DOS2 really nails the feeling of direct control over your characters movement out of combat I think.


Waiting to see if Wasteland 3 gets patched to the point where I can just bear the slightly janky controls, but equally excited about the prospect of PoE2 console edition.

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Difficult to say. I thought Pillars 1 worked really well on Xbox, but then I think Wasteland 3 also works really well. I expect Pillars 2 to control ad well on console as 1 did, but since you don't like how Wasteland 3 feels... But it's coming to game pass so you can simply try and see :)

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Fucking hell, I just excitedly fired up Pillars 2 on Xbox since I finally finished Yakuza Like A Dragon. And it turns out the Xbox version doesn't have a save import feature!!! What a disappointment. I'm now downloading Pillars 1 to load my complete save. To remind me of my character's exact looks and background, and read the journal.



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I just got this on game pass and I do not have a clue what I’m doing in battles. I don’t know what any of my abilities are called as they don’t seem to be labelled and I can’t even work out how to use a potion or something to heal. I’ve not played a game like this in a long time so probably not helping! Any tips or a good idiots guide anywhere? I do really like it other than fumbling my way through a few fights. 

Oh should probably say I set it to turn based but still seem to be missing a lot! Is there a way I can select an ability and have the game tell me what it is rather than having to just remember from the pictures?! 

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The UI is a bit messy/janky on console for sure but I'm plodding along with this.


On 07/03/2021 at 06:59, Laine said:

Is there a way I can select an ability and have the game tell me what it is?

If you're on console, when you're in the action menu (RT) then you should be able to scroll along to any of your abilities and press Y to toggle the tooltip. The tooltip is sometimes displayed funky for me but a quick toggle on/off usually sorts it out.

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On 17/05/2018 at 11:33, Stevie said:

Close to 90 minutes in this game, and I'm enjoying myself greatly. (This is much better than Divinity 2) 





Obsidian is truly a great developer. One of my all time favourites. 


Then I met a wall and didn't make any progression at all so I stopped playing. Picked it up again yesterday and everything clicked. There are so many things that reminds me of Knights of The Old Republic that its a joy to play. The freedom you have in interactions and the combat, well it just reeks of KOTOR. I ended up on a pirate island last night and went full sith. It was amazing. For the first time in a really long time I'm getting lost in a games lore, reading everything instead of just skipping past dialogue. 





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So, with this releasing on Gamepass PC I thought to go back through it - I'd never finished it on Steam after I ran into some nasty bugs earlier on (of the 'quest/companion outcomes going awry' kind, which killed my desire to progress). Having an extra copy with the DLC included gave me the excuse I needed to start over, and I'm very glad I did: now that the release-day bugs are gone, it really is a classic of the genre. I know I'm preaching to the converted in this thread, but in the hope bumping it gets a few more eyes on the game while it's widely available, I'll plagiarise my summary from another thread:


It still has its flaws — primarily a confused, opaque interface, plus a few remaining scrappy glitches experienced over its play time — but my god they're outweighed by the actual breadth and intentionality of the narrative design. An impressive exploration of ethics and colonialism in the not-Caribbean of Deadfire, tackling interventions military and economic, caste systems and slavery, piracy and oppression, duty and empathy.


It features a best-in-class reputation system — both in terms of the reputation you forge for yourself by word and deed, and in terms of the relationships built between you and your companions, you and the various powers of the Deadfire, and even your companions and each other. And it then uses that system to fuel the story, drive events and reactions, and to build your empathy and sympathy with the various agents and agencies you encounter. It's astonishing.


The quality of writing is superb throughout, in its dialogue, its narration, and its wonderful illustrated 'storybook' sections. The game straddles the line between CRPG and fantasy novel; like a Robin Hobb novel come to life. It's just a wonder to experience.


It's also a gorgeous game, its 3D modelled dimetric graphics an asset in evoking this strange, but not so unfamiliar world. It's a pleasure to explore, and a large part of this comes from the fantastic and fantastical landscapes you get to see.


The combat is deeply enjoyable too: as in-depth or throwaway as you want thanks to the broad range of difficulty settings, with plenty of opportunity for strategic character building and tactical set up — or, if you'd prefer, for fire-and-forget auto-destruction of your enemies. Stomping around the endgame with my level 20 brawler detonating enemies with her fists, as the party herald tanked every hit while singing songs of inspiration and our friendly neighbourhood scout picked off distant enemies was a delight. Also, while the game is definitely designed around the semi-realtime active pause system, the inclusion of a turn-based mode for those who prefer it is a thoughtful inclusion.


Still, in the end it's the writing that's the star of the show, and the simplest praise I can offer is that, after 60+ hours of play, my first thoughts were to immediately replay the game to try and bring about different outcomes: not in terms of redoing the final section to 'pick a different ending', as so many so-called consequence-led games are designed, but in terms of the many seemingly small decisions made from start to finish which sculpted the entire route, and thus the range and shape of the conclusions that were available to me come the end of the game.


As I said, an astonishing game. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


(Incidentally, if you're playing the PC Xbox App version of the game — i.e. Gamepass version — you'll almost certainly come across the 'save bug' where you'll play, save, have a nice time, quit the game, then when you come back the Load/Continue buttons will be greyed out. This is unique to this version of the game and will hopefully get patched, as I've had no such issues with the Steam version, but after experimenting there's a fix I found worked 100% of the time: wait for the loading circles to finish, then after you're left with the greyed out Load/Continue icons, hop into the options menu. Wait a few seconds, hop back, and voila! Your save options have returned. Bizarre and annoying, but there we go)

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2 hours ago, Wiper said:

, it really is a classic of the genre. I know I'm preaching to the converted in this thread, but in the hope bumping it gets a few more eyes on the game while it's widely available, I'll plagiarise my summary from another thread:



Right on. But the sad thing is that there are so many people who are unaware of the genre. A person not knowing about isometric PC rpg's is like a person not knowing about Final Fantasy 7.....its just unacceptable. 



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