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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

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Glad to see that this game getting some love.   I didn't get on too well with combat but had a fine career as a thief (pre nerfing patches) and some of the side quests are excellent.  Taking a walk in the woods is stunningly realistic at times, simply because you know the music isn't going to suddenly ramp up because there are enemies afoot. 

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On 20/10/2019 at 16:29, Gavin said:

There are blocks, parries & ripostes and various combos for all weapons tucked away in there but you have to play as far as Rattay town/Castle where you can train with captain Bernard in all weapon types unlocking all of the above with no danger of dying or wasting hours of gameplay time.


I really wish game designers would realise that some (most?) players who install an open world RPG aren't playing it for the complex sword fighting mechanics, especially when it gets in the way so badly that it literally puts people off playing. There are so many games where the close combat mechanics fuck things up.


No doubt the sword-fighting obsessed lead designer "studied the blade" while the rest of us were doing more interesting things, but don't let that guy ruin the bloody game.

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Just completed this on PS4. Main gripes were always the stupidly long load times while looking at a black screen with a loading icon in the bottom right corner, fast travel that wasnt remotely fast and the way time advanced that almost advanced as fast as real time.


Other than that it was pretty good, and apart from a few bugs here and there wasnt too bad considering I spent £15 to get the game with all dlc's on PS4.

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