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Wow. Was ticked off that I didn't get a pre order in yesterday. And knowing Nintendo they'll do what they did with the Nes mini and for some bizarre reason cancel production of a product that is still sold out due to demand. Because they hate money it something. Just checked in this thread while at the bog in work and a helpful forumite at the moment linked us to Nintendo's own pre orders.


Pre order in and thanks :) 

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9 minutes ago, max renn said:

do they require payment right away?


6 minutes ago, KriessG said:




1 minute ago, Zombait said:

Does the Nintendo shop take the money right away? 




I used Paypal and got an email stating 'Your account will be charged when the merchant processes your payment'.

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F*ck me I've actually got one through the Nintendo store! WOO!


40th birthday at end of Sept so a present to myself!


Also, says this on my Nintendo store Paypal confirmation: "To make sure you get your items as soon as possible, we may post each item separately. Please note, payment will be taken from your card or account within 48 hours from dispatch."


So looks like no payment taken until ~27th Sept.

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Ordered one from Amazon yesterday, and just put one in on the Nintendo link. Will probably cancel the Amazon one unless someone I know wants one.


Sent the Nintendo link to my brother, and he says that it let him add it to the basket, then told him it was out of stock!

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