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If I can get one in the new year, I don't give a stuff about christmas. I have to say this makes a lot of people who defended Nintendo's low supply strategy in this thread look pretty silly,


At least they have come out and said "Hey, we can make a shit ton of money off this by just making more of them". Hope the scalpers enjoy their extra consoles.

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2 hours ago, Alex W. said:

But that's impossible, Nintendo were artificially making very few of them because they're satan. 


I thought they were artificially making less of them as a clever strategy to promote the Switch and make sure production of those stayed up?

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15 hours ago, DirkCrisis said:

And then elder forum scalper, mwaam will have to do battle with the young pretender, probotector to secure the 10 available N64 mini units.

 2 men enter, one man leaves.


Then later the other man leaves holding a carrier bag containing an N64 Mini.

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I've two tellies in my living room already - the main one, and a 22" one that's only used as a computer monitor in the corner of the room. I can plug the SNES into it, but that little guy deserves sofa play.


It may be time to relegate the Xbox 360. I'm off to check the backward compatibility list one more time...


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7 hours ago, dino_jr said:

Can some one link to a USB adapter with definite 2A output for this? Various adapters suggests 2.1A but have 2x USB ports so worry they are limited to ~1A output each.

I believe I need 2A delivered  to 1 port, right?



Nope just 1A. Any iPhone charger will do. 

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