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1 hour ago, Salsa Party Animal said:

No more news from Shopto order yet. What is RRP price for SNES Mini. 


Officially, Nintendo don't "do" RRPs.


In reality, of course they do, and their own webstore sold the thing for £69.99.

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Apparently the SNES Mini video output is brighter and the sound a bit harsher - although I wouldn't necessarily trust the average US comparison video unless they're explicit about how the video from the real SNES is being captured. They never really had RGB connections / compatible TVs across the pond so something like composite video might be a more likely comparison point.


With regards to the differing visual effects on the SNES Mini version of Yoshi's Island, that's probably more likely to be due to deliberate modification of the ROM and / or a system setting toggle than straight up poor emulation, judging by some of the differences observed between the original and NES Mini versions of NES games.

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