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wahay! turns out I DO have an Amazon order, £67.99 (I had a little prime saving)



We thought you'd like to know that we've dispatched your item(s). Your order is on the way, and can no longer be changed. If you need to return an item or manage other orders


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I went to the next town over and headed straight to Asda, they had none, didn't get any in yet.  Then quickly headed to Smyth's, resigned to the fate that they probably didn't have any. So I asked and they had two left behind the desk. I am very happy right now.  They only had 10 non pre orders in.

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14 minutes ago, Disgraced Toblerone said:



By the way, you can plug the usb into the tv for power I believe.

Yeah, set mine up this morning powered from a TV USB port. I'm not sure if all ports will provide the necessary power though.

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If anyone has a spare still, please let me know. 


My five year old has recently decided he likes video games now & spends an hour or so each day playing Mario Kart 8 on my Switch.


He'd love some of the games on this, and had he been interested months ago when this was announced, I'd have picked one up. :(

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