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8bitdo make high quality wireless gamepads with the designs of consoles gone by. With their best one so far just announced I thought it's time for a thread.


There's loads of different ones, and their latest looks like the best so far, a UK/Jap SNES themed update to their SFC30, this time with added sticks! Works with PC, Mac, Steam, Switch, Android, iPhone, etc, etc.





Was just announced at e3. No sign on Amazon yet but I'll be getting one as soon as it's up for use with the SNES mini or RetroPi.

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9 minutes ago, ScouserInExile said:

Shame they aren't compatible with the Wii. The Classic Controller is great for emulation, but I'd love to be able to use a SNES controller instead.


I believe they are, but I think it's a faff.


Nintendo made their own SNES controller for the Wii anyway.

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That SNES one is an utter abomination, an assault on the eyes and the twin sticks make me feel sick. At least the NES30 Pro and especially FC30 Pro look nicer, kind of an elegant understated modern take on things. 

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23 minutes ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

My first neg in over a year! Congrats, I guess?

Mate, get to the opticians.  And then get some taste.   


I  feel a bit sick every time I look at it.   It's like a 6 year old designed a game controller.  


I have one of the glorious 8bitdo SNES pads.  It's delicious to hold. So many memories.  The ones with the analog sticks look neat!

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Price dependant, the twin sticks SNES ones will hopefulyl make a decent alternative to the Pro controller for people like me who are happy enough with 2x Joy cons enough to not want to throw 60 quid at another controller, but want a D-pad and something for occasional multiplayer - and to allow me to send my joy cons in for foam addition rather than sticking the Switch in the middle of the living room floor when I play on the TV


A shame they aren't out for some time yet..

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