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RPL City - Season 38

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@gooner4life you been smoking crack son? We had plenty of nice passing moves, as Gerry says you guys were lucky especially game one when we missed at least 3 guilt edge chances to go to 2-0.
Well played chaps last night though, I thought we were generally excellent. CDMs I thought were outstanding, and the forwards linked up well to create some excellent chances (I would agree we could have a few more pings on the edge if I was being slightly critical). That said, we were good for at least 4 points I felt, strange thing to say considering we equalised late on in both games. I was deffo at fault for their 2nd goal in game two - apols, defender took an age to hoof it.

A solid start though against arguably the league's strongest looking team so onwards and upwards! Played gents.

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1 hour ago, gooner4life said:

We played football lads, we had 1 CDM in the first half of game 1 and then switched to 4312.


Gerry could have just jumped over this imaginary wall we put up like he jumped over that imaginary car years ago.


Didn't anyone save the replay of the scramble? The one where the whole Town team, minus the strikers, were in their own 6 yard box.


I was too busy smashing your players to jump anything 



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Team then for this week:




Similar to last week then except with Jordz at RAM inplace of Luseth, and Alfromsleep moving back to CB (take your pick whether you want RCB or LCB mate). Al - keep in line with the rest of the defence, and don't step out unless you have to do so and you've been forced back deep. Let the midfielders press the player on the ball where possible.

Gerry and Kriess - need you guys to really support the defence so not go forward too much at all. Particularly protect the pocket in front of the CBs. Pressure ball possessors, cut passing lanes, basically do all you can to prevent our defenders from having to step out and break lines. Gerry was beastly last week so looking forward to him destroying folks again (in a non red-cardy-type fashion please :P).


Up top, Bennette keep making those runs, and then look for short X passing moves with Jordz and Steel. Steel although you'll be CAM in the formation but pretend like you're an extra striker - playing the number 9 "free role" effectively. Feel free to drift wide or stay central to link the play, getting in the box when you think we'll cross it. No unnecessary skill moves, keep the ball moving quickly and X passing unless a through ball is clearly on. Me and Jordz will mix it up playing the ball inside and whipping balls in - including early crosses which can be deadly in this version. All depending on where the space is of course.

All forwards: if you have a pocket for a shot around the box don't hesitate to take it, no-one will criticise (unless you have a blatent square for a tap-in!).


TLDR: Basically same as last week lads. We deserved more and played really solidly, same again, with more goals hopefully!



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