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RPL Town - Season 38

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Wagwaannnnn Bitchessss 



GOONER - @gooner4life

ELLIOT - @Elliotnufc

JAZZY - @Jazzy

NEROO - @jnero

SLADEYY - @Sladey19

CLEGGERTRON - @Cleggertron

GINGERLING - @gingerling


Welcome to Town Lads ... and Gooner 


Got a line up already in mind , I'm around most nights for games like to get a few in before the season starts 


my Psn is BiG_BoY_BaZ96



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Good games tonight boys ... div 8 in the space of an hour ! Think we finished 2 games in 11 and one of em was a loss in which we had 14 shots on target and didn't score a goal :lol: I made it 36 goals scored and 5 conceded 


ill be on from 11 tomorrow if people are about 

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What I had in mind when picking team was 




RS - Baz 

LS - Nero 

CAM - Elliot 

LCM - Sladey 

CM - Gooner 

RCM - Jazzy 

LB - Gooner 

CB - Clegg

CB - Gingerling 

RB - Gooner 


Right corner - Nero 

Left corner - Nero 


Free. Kicks - Gooner/Nero 

Pens - Baz/Nero 


I think this is the best formation to suit the players we got , if we move the ball quick and clever as we do in practice It'll be hard to stop us. Me and Nero will always be on the shoulder and pulling defenders out making space for eachother and the cam to run into. no one should be taking more then 3 touches in midfield , get it and release it quick playing it to elliots feet or down the wing if you have to just don't get caught on it! Jazzy and sladey try stay compact one of you should always be infront of the back 4 ideally one go to the ball other to try intercept the pass. Defenders don't run out of the defensive line let the midfielders do the tackling just stay in line and people will run offside all day ! 


Call me mourinho I don't mind :lol:


I really don't see us being beat if I'm honest we got quality all over the gaff ! 


it can can always be changed if someone's not happy that's just from what I know from playing with people who ive played with in here 


P.S jazzy just try limit it to 1 red card a week please mate ;)


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