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RPL Town - Season 38

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My Son plays Fifa on PS4 it's not installed on my PS4, I play on Xbox One.


I will install tomorrow and I will then be able to play most nights after 9pm. 


If I am honest I thought I signed up for a 1v1 rather than a team ha ha. But I am happy to give this a go.



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Played last night lads , heard yous played well , I'll be back next week for league games ! 


Good to get off to a winning start ay , obviously league games be harder coz no one cares about the cup so I'll need sladey and jazz to sit in front of the back 4 and don't run across the pitch to make a tackle , let the strikers cam and other cm run back and tackle . It'll force them to play over the top or panic on the ball and give it to us. 


Sorry for taking it to serious but no matter what it is wether it's Fifa or Rock Paper Scissors I can't stand loosing :lol:



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Right who's missing tonight ? 



Nero LS 

Baz RS 

Elliot RCM

Jazzy CM 

Gooner LCM

Sladey CDM 

Gingerling LB 

Clegg RB 


Hopefully everyones on , 6 points tonight ! Quick passing and movement and no ball hogging if people start playing hero and doing pointless skills instead of making an easy pass 

 you'll be CB next week I don't care how good you are ... :hat:

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Haha, you guys are mental. We scored from crosses admittedly but created plenty more "non cross" chances to have put you to bed, especially in game one.

Special mention to that ridiculous goal mouth scramble in game two which lasted 60 real time seconds where we hit the post twice and your keeper made a superhuman save.


Good games though, felt we were hard done to with just collecting 2 points so whatcanyado. :hat:

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Sorry I ain't been about much boys and girl ! 


Ill be on at 8pm tomorrow we need to smash out some games and try get the club up a couple divisions otherwise it's gonna be a challenge playing with the shitters ! 


We wasn't amazing last week guys and that's due to not playing with eachother enough ( no homo) sladey was class ! Same again this week slade and as long as we score goals we will take all 6 ! 


We need to move the ball quicker and try and keep it on the floor , try to use the x pass instead of triangle only the forwards should be using the triangle if its trough on goal !


6 points this week boys ! 

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Well played tonight lads everyone was class ! We fully deserved all the points we got , we conceded 3 goals all from crosses just the same as last week <_< ! But we must be doing something right if that's how we're conceding ! 



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