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RPL Wanderers - Season 38

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10 hours ago, BylliKiani said:

What position do you have in mind boss? I'm happy to drop back to CB again, or even give L/RB a go. 

If we can get everyone on tonight an also for Thursday we can try out a few different formations and positions and see what suits our playing styles.  

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3 hours ago, LadMattFifa said:

I'll be on @Fennas3, just pop me a text.

Ok will text later when am heading on.


26 minutes ago, ikilledyanan said:

@Fennas3 this weeks not good for me too, with work and that, will be on for next thursday and friday night i can be on from 9:30pm ish this week for praccy, will have to play this season around work unfortunately but should be there 

most weeks -_-

Ok thanks for heads up.

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3 minutes ago, Theholyhogg said:

it's crazy how we matched against you guys .bit of a hard match for a div 10 game :lol:

@Luseth we were all commenting on how you wasn't using any skill moves yesterday 

You feeling ok m8?


I tried them in a game or 2 after and it went tits up ^_^ I've lost my mojo! Aha :D


Back to basics for now, I'll start a fresh with Fifa 18 :D


That game cursed us, we couldn't score after that until our final game where we went from scoring 0 goals a game to 6 :D Was a fun first game though and a bit more telling than the other games we played as it was actually against some league opposition ^_^ 


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8 hours ago, LadMattFifa said:

Good practice tonight, we moved the ball well and scored some stonking goals however we still lack in the finishing department . We fail to score a lot of our chances which costs us games.


Hopefully as our new manager @Fennas3, this is something you can address.

Will try my best. But miracles rarely happen ha

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