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Despite watching all those Plinkett Star Wars reviews years ago I never realised they've been discussing hundreds of other movies as themselves too.


Been ploughing through since discovering this and having a great time doing it. The intro bits with the weird acting bits are always jarring, just as the psycho stuff in the Star Wars reviews was, but the discussions are so insightful and fun it's a minor criticism.

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The other night I went to a mate's house with some other friends for the 'get drunk and watch stupid movies' we do a couple of times a year, which is a lot like what the RLM guys do with BOTW. And we watched our first Neil Breen film, Fateful Findings, which is by all accounts his most accessible film. I strongly recommend doing this -I nearly lost consciousness from laughing in sheer disbelief at the denouement. It's such an incredible piece of outsider art and is a wonderful experience to share with good friends.



On that note: 


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