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If you ever wondered, this is one of the (many) real life nerd crews getting angry about the piss being taken out of them and/or about Mike being disturbed by the cultishness of Star Wars fans. Go to about 1 hour 15 minutes 30 seconds and watch the nerd rage... in the hooouse.  (how anyone can watch these blubbering goons for two hours is beyond me)


The comparison videos someone made of nerd crew intercut with the stuff it was pastiching have now been taken down from YouTube by these losers. 


The Nerd Crew stuff is almost documentary rather than parody, it's absurd!

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Surprised they rated it so highly. I thought it was okay - I guess it all comes down to whether it really resonates with you on some deep emotional level. It didn't with me. I like the idea of a film that tries to put the human experience in the context of infinite time and space, but I thought the execution wasn't as stellar as some are making it out to be. I would generally question how well this film can connect with people other than middle-class Americans to be honest - the opening 30 minutes or so didn't really get me invested in the characters or their situation, and I felt like the film was expecting me to relate to their situation more than I was. I thought the pie eating scene was incredibly self-indulgent too, for what it's worth.

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I think Nerd Crew is the weakest thing they do. Haven't watched this latest one though, perhaps it's better.


Strangely the last Best of the Worst was a bit shit I think. It felt like they couldn't be bothered, was exceptionally flat and not particularly funny. Really missed Rich Evans being involved significantly.


Then again I think Best of the Worst might have reached its absolute pinnacle with Surviving Edged Weapons.

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