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On 17/10/2018 at 16:27, womblingfree said:

Psycho 2 is such a great movie, all the more so as everyone expected it to be terrible. Seeing as how the first one has zero surprises and shocks for anyone that didn’t watch it in 1960, the second is the better film if you’re actually looking for a whodunnit.

I've never seen it! That's going on the list 

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I think they oversold it by quite some margin, but it's definitely worth a watch.
You have to suspend your disbelief quite a bit, and the RLM guys usually come down harsh on that sort of thing, maybe they're just treating this new series as something more pure and positive, just recommending interesting films.
There are some great moments and if this is the guys first film, I can't wait to see what he does next.


They were saying it was one of the best serial killer films they'd seen in a while.

I recommend you watch Tony, it's very good.



Poor Macaulay, there's a whole new group dynamic there for him to slot into and he's also got that constant bass hum of "It's fucking Macaulay Culkin!" to deal with, lots of red faced awkwardness.


There's an element of "scoffing snotty brat" to his voice that can come across like the decadent dismissal of the loaded, privileged and famous.

I assume all child actors face that same sort of "Little Lord Fauntleroy" prejudice from others as they waft through their later lives once everything's gone tits up, but he seems alright to me.
I imagine Mikes attitude would come across differently if he were famous too. Some over-fed, jaded, stubbly, sarcy slug, leaning back with a bottle of beer in his hand, looking down his nose and judging the court jesters and musicians who were all there trying their best to entertain him.


I loved how he was bonding with Rich, listening and bouncing off him.

I imagined Mike thinking "hang on a minute, this isn't supposed to be happening! There's a hierarchy here but you don't need to start at the bottom, you're famous!"

Rich beaming and tapping on the table joyfully because he hadn't been instantly shot down :D


Probably reading too much into it but it's just colours and shapes otherwise, innit?

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He should make that gritty Home Alone sequel they jokingly talk about - a drama about late 30s Kevin who is unemployed and lonely living in a squalid flat following a difficult breakup. An aging Joe Pesci now runs a crime syndicate terrorising the neighbourhood, so he takes bloody revenge on them. 


It'd be his Birdman.


French Stewart is an incredibly irritating performer. 

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