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Destiny - Rllmuk Renegades - Now with added Clan Roster

Gorf King

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8 minutes ago, pixelcult said:

I'd like to rejoin but I switched over to PC pretty much wholesale at the end of 2019. Worth going to the Overlords instead? Still very much an active D2 player (along with @Qazimod)


Ah yeah, you two were active, I recall - sorry you got culled in the fix-the-roster cleanup. Just reapply if you like.


In terms of actually playing together, to be honest I don't think many people in this or the other console clan actually play together. I seems to recall you and qazi played together but I don't think any bigger group activities took place with you in. And the other console clan was supposed to be Xbox but then became also PC. And there are other clans that are just PC, or both, or whatever. So I don't think actually playing together seems to be a big deal for most people, and therefore there's no real issue with being on different platforms. I think most people are just in it for the clan engrams - such as they are - though I don't think they're any big deal myself.


So basically, by all means apply and I'll get you both back in. Or apply to a different clan. S'up to you.

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Not sure if this is the place to post this. Stuck at home for the foreseeable future, I wouldn't mind some online interaction with humans. Is it worth giving Destiny a try? If so, should I have played a certain amount solo before I venture online?


Apologies if this should be elsewhere.

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