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New issue of Super Play out now!

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fantastic read and loved the mag back in the day.


I still think the SNES is the console I love the most, it just seemed to have a never ending stream of quality ground breaking games. Studying Fine Art at uni a £70 import was as obtainable as a McLaren F1. I had to save and budget to get one and my choice was a crucial well researched one.


Opening that box and enjoying the artwork in the full colour manual was just a treat, much the same as buying a vinyl record. I wish game companies would latch on to that and release boxes once again I miss them.



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3 hours ago, teddymeow said:

Logged into my MFM account and the Super Play is showing as a separate order but I've yet to receive anything in the post.



I'm going to possibly need a second copy in case I eat the first. :(

Edit: no separate order in my account. Drat.

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7 minutes ago, Bacon Horsemeat said:

Cunts have done nothing since I sent them a response to their mass email a week/2 weeks ago.


Have escalated the transaction on Paypal. Incompetent idiots.

If you contact me I can put you through to the relevant department.

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48 minutes ago, Comrade said:

So, naively I guess, I didn't realise this would be such a rarified object. So, short of happening upon it in a newsagents like the holy grail (and I've checked my local places) I assume that there's now no way for me to ever get this?


If there is one in smiths at new st this morning I will buy it for you and post it to you if you PM me your details. 

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Well, my dealings with My Favourite Magazine has been a disaster. I ordered the RG with super play and took put a subscription at the same time (to start from the next issue)


heard nowt from MFM so give strider his credit he done what he could...


I received a beaten up old copy of the super play in the post with no RG


I then received the next issue of RG with Mario on the front (good read by the way)


Still no issue of RG with Superplay so strider kindly emailed them on the 5th October


still nothing


emailed them today and they now tell me it’s out of stock


well done My Favourite Magazine....

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I got my copy of RG and Super Play today. I forgot all about this despite being hyped.


Ended up paying ebay prices. Cheapest I could find was £12 but I'm happy :-)


Might be an option if you missed out? Only thing I'm disappointed with is the cheap stable binding...

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