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The DRG Initiative

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Hey folks,


hopefully, no one minds a shameless plug :D  This comes from the game dev thread where I posted this and I was quite happy with the kind words and reactions (thanks!) - so I figured I'd brave the main discussion.


I, along with others, have been developing a game and we're at a stage now where we're going to be running a closed alpha, which people can sign up to.  Along with this, we're hoping to generate some interest, support, and hype.


From a personal point of view, I'd also love to see some of us 'mukkers playing :wub:


Anyway, I'll let some of the following videos and links do the talking.  If any of you could help support us, whether that's signing up to play, discussing it here or passing the message to friends (word of mouth etc), I'd massively appreciate it.


Now I'm going to run and hide :blush:


"The D.R.G. Initiative pitches teams of 6 characters against each other in intense shooting battles. Team Elimination is the name of the game, with adaptive game objectives controlled by the GamesMaster adding a unique element, never before seen in video games! Oh and don’t forget the Addicted… they will savage anyone who gets too close!"




Early Access Release: http://store.steampowered.com/app/613580/The_DRG_Initiative/


Main page:  https://thedrginitiative.com/

Close alpha sign up:  https://thedrginitiative.com/closed-alpha/


Trailer time :D




We also ran a small event in London a couple of months back - this also helps explain a bit about the game



and lastly, my favorite screen shot so far





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Hi folks,


there will be a live stream tonight from 8pm in which you will be able to watch the DRG Initiative in action.


If you're interested, hit up youtube here: 


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2 hours ago, amc said:

Always nice to see someone off the forum getting stuck in. Will check out the vids. Good luck.


Thanks @amc :D


The sign-up to get a closed alpha code is still running if anyone is interested in playing the game.

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Hi all,


hope no one minds a quick bump, we're hoping to load test our servers tonight at 9pm - if you already have keys, it'd be great if you could join in (details in the email you should have received).


If you have not yet signed up - you can use the link https://thedrginitiative.com/closed-alpha/ to do so (it won't cost anything :D).  If you do sign up - drop me a pm with your username and I'll try and arrange for keys to be expedited to you ahead of 9pm.


We've added a whole bunch of pretty sweet features since we first put it out - latest big one is the drone net and bomb collar to entice some exciting end-game action :P


Also supports nVidia highlights to capture the action.





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