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Tin Star - Sky Atlantic


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I thought the first episode of this was great.  Really engaging, interesting, and lovely to look at.  Then the second one happened, and it was... not great.  It wasn't properly awful, but just really, really average.  I was really looking forward to this, too.  Not sure if I can sit through another 6 hours or so.

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Finished it all now. I felt it went downhill from about

episode 7 when they started to reveal stuff. Far too early imo


I actually worked a lot out very early tbh

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Finished two episodes and it's such a weird show, I can't work out if it wants to be gritty or completely camp and can only conclude that the director has told different actors that it's both. Tim Roth's character in ep2

barely gives a shit about his dead son and just takes up drinking and looks bored about the whole thing

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2 hours ago, Gord said:

Strangely?  She didn't know?


Ha, no, just strange because she isn't in the business at all, she works in finance. A family member was working on the show and they needed an American female voice to get the line, so she asked my wife if she'd help out.

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