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Just in case anyone fancies watching how it played out, here is last nights MUK Masters stream:



In addition, I've made a couple of tweaks to the spreadsheet...

  • 0 is tournaments is now displayed as E (evens)
  • Winners of a previous MUK Masters tournament have [-18] added to their total stroke score, which is the biggest influence on handicap
  • The chances of a DLC course being selected as part of event randomisation has been reduced



RGA Tour 4 is Live


This gives little over a week to post a score for Round 1. Get yourselves involved folks, all are welcome, this one will wrap up the week before Christmas.


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  • 2 weeks later...

An hour or so left folks, quite enjoyed the grid hidden but it’s clear the game doesn’t quite have enough feedback to cater for being without it (caddy and topology chart). Anyway, I don’t think I’ll make the cut either, I was -5 on hole 3 because of this beaut and threw it all away back to 0...



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1 hour ago, Theholyhogg said:

Also some of the scores don't add up on the table 


I think you may be referring to this...


  1. The handicap value will be multiplied by the number of rounds a given player takes part in (max 4)
    • If your handicap is -1 and you only take part in 1 round, your score will be (aggregate - 1)
    • If your handicap is -1 and you take part in 4 rounds, your score will be (aggregate - 4)
    • The definition of taking part is selecting your name and posting a score lower than 0 per round, though this is trivial to tweak


Basically, it's supposed to reward those who regularly take part, but unintentionally, it screws over anyone with a 0 handicap and/or those who don't take part - that's why the totals don't equate to what you think. It's aggregate strokes + handicap using the above logic. I don't think it's a big issue but in this case of those who qualified, they have a pretty significant handicap advantage against you - predominantly because they haven't submitted enough scores to the Ladder (though I can manually override things). I'll take another look at balance after this round.


Anyway, the MUK Masters III is decided, congrats to the top 4 who qualified...


@batistutauk v @Mr Majestyk

@Theholyhogg v  @Spleen

MUK Masters III


Provisionally I had the time logged at 9pm tomorrow night (Monday 18th Dec) but please feel free to re-arrange amongst yourselves and post the stream, though I'll give you to next Sunday evening before I declare @batistutauk the winner by default.

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Haha, yeah, 'technical difficulties'... or golfing ineptitude on my part.


Excellent game though, I glad my back 9 was something approaching normal golf for me, shocking front 9.

I'll use the excuse of having my wife and 18 month old daughter to contend with...


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Hats off @batistutauk :hat: Well fought folks!


Seeing as that the handicaps were clearly unbalanced this time around, I've shrunk the range for everyone. One thing I was going to do is set you to 1 | 0 Hogg, then filter everyone down from there. But actually, the stated change brought everybody much tighter in so I think it should be okay for next time. As ever, feedback is always welcome.


Otherwise, we'll sweep this to one side until the new year. I'll kick the RGA Tour 4 off in early January.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Ok folks, it's a new year and a new round of golf. Same format as before, four weeks of qualifying rounds followed by a Masters play-off.


A couple of changes have been made to the spreadsheet:

  • Layout adjusted to include course image
  • Each round will automatically trigger based on the current date
  • Each round will be available every Sunday until 23:59pm, at Monday 0:00 the next round/event begins

Get yourselves involved folks, one week to post a score starting today, everyone is welcome :)

RGA Tour 4 - Round 1 is live!

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