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The Football Game

disperse and recoagulate

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Heard about this game a few months back when they had the creator on talkSPORT. It was a kickstarter that has now been made and distributed.




It's currently out of stock due to popularity but you can preorder it for October delivery from London board games: 




Ive honestly not looked up that much about it but I enjoy a good board game and am obsessed with football and love football manager, so am seriously thinking of preordering the £52 executive box.


has anyone else heard of it?

or has anyone got it?


In The Football Game, each player takes charge of a football club and manages it through an entire football season. The winner is the Club who most exceeds the expectations of their fans.

The Football Game is a much about the football narrative as it is about winning. It captures the rivalries, the excitement, the back-page headlines, the stars, the emotion, humour and the occasional insanity and scandal of football both on and off the pitch.

The Football Game combines our love of the sport with our love of tabletop gaming. It reflects not only how football works, but also how it feels!




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Ooo...I've just seen this post. I saw the game was being advertised at last year's UKGE but didn't pay any attention to it. I then played it a couple of months later at my local games group and really enjoyed it, so much so picked up a copy to play with my nephews over Christmas. It was a big hit, even my brother in law got involved. Cracking game, simple enough to teach in 10 minutes, with a nice mix of random chance and tactical play. 

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