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The dedicated Destiny 2 thread for FIFA dudes


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I know there's a fair few FIFA chaps who are playing Destiny 2 at the moment and so I thought we might need our own thread rather than clogging random discussion.


Myself, @sjvinnie and @Theholyhogg have teamed up a bit recently and we're all getting near to raid ready. Anyone interested in setting up a regular night or something for nightfall, raids and whatever?


I'm at about 270 at the moment and loving my Nameless Midnight scout rifle (although it's getting a bit under-powered now, need to infuse soon).

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Cheers guys. I'm going to get the game over the weekend. I never played Destiny so all the terminology is completely lost on me, but I do like shooting things in the face which I imagine will be beneficial.


Like, what's the max party size if you squad up?

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I never played Destiny 1 either, and you do pick things up pretty quick. The Campaign is will get you to level 20, is a good laugh and fairly easy (although the writing is utter dross) and it took me about a week to complete it, inbetween other games too. 


I'm always up for multiplayer shenanigans when I'm on. 

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3 man for starters, then when you get high enough 6 man raids. :)


It didnt take long to do the campaign like, I recon your could comfortably blitz it in around 3 nights.


The longest part is the solo bit at the start but if you jump in a party for the rest it flies by! It also goes quicker if you care not for story telling, I skipped all the cut scenes :D

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4 hours ago, Jamin said:

Just picked it up (it's only £33 at Simplygames), should hopefully be on a few evenings next week once the campaign is done! :)


2 hours ago, Theholyhogg said:

I'd be happy to try another character out and start again probably try a titan next :)

Is your vault shared so I can give weapons to my new character? 


I'm keen to start another character so will be up for some campaign play through! 

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2 hours ago, Baring said:

So happy there's so much footy lads interest in this but you all seriously missed out on Destiny 1. Glad you're on board now :D


Raiding will be so good, pref you want 6 people going in blind and figure out the mechanics. 

Me vinnie and Charlie still need to figure out how to do the nightfall one first :facepalm:I assume when we got to the four towers we need to deactivate or whatever that we were fairly close to the end???? 

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