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BAP - Season 39 sign up thread


BAP League first season  

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As per my post in the managerial sign up thread, i'm going to start the ball rolling so once tom has finished off his duties for season 38 and handed over info and given me some general advice / guide etc etc we'll not be far off ready to go ^_^


The poll above, let me know if you have any suggestions and i'm happy to add them. But straight forward, do we go with a draft to get us going and then going forward we have transfer windows? Do we start with the managers each having a budget, go with the transfer window followed by an auction (In this instance I would want to make sure each team has bought a set number of players before the auction as I think last season pretty much everyone went to auction).


So who's in and who's out?



1) Luseth

2) KriessG

3) GrahamDunn

4) Tcharliel

5) Jamin

6) Fennas3

7) Actualbigbloke

8) The Outsider

9) Alison94

10) Cameron

11) Alfromsleep

12) Bleeders

13) mitchell

14) bigbaz96

15) Mackenie

16) Sladey19

17) Ikilledyanan

18) Ladmattfifa

19) Theholyhogg

20)  Cleggertron

21) Humdrum

22) Jazzy

23) Bennette98

24) BylliKiani

25) Navman99

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