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Alternative 2003 Gaming Awards

The Shadow

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Most gaming awards feature on the same subjects, best game, best audio etc. How about a few areas of games that hardly ever get mentioned? Not that I have many ideas, but here are a few of the top of my head.

Best minigame

My vote - the blind seer's game in Jak 2.

Best use of the three primary colours in a game.

Green - Jade's lips

Red - Farah's dress

Blue - ...

Hardest / Easiest game of the year

Funniest moment in a game

Best little detail added to a game

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Green isn't a primary colour so television doesn't use the 3 primary colours so in television it isn't. <_<

Red, Green and Blue are the primary colours in light.

Cyan, Magenta and Yellow (usually called - Blue, Red and Yellow) are the primary colours in paint/ink/etc.

They are primary because all other colour can be made by mixing them.

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