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Analogue Super Nt

Matthew Kenyon

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10 minutes ago, Rex Grossman said:

Why would anyone but anything other than the Super Famicom-inspired design?

Is this some sort of psychological test to root out lunatics?

I actually prefer the look of the black one and it would fit in better with the rest of my stuff.

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Just now, Rex Grossman said:


It looks like a Mega Drive 2 that has suffered some sort of trauma.

Do you think? It looks quite Neo Geo inspired I think. It looks pretty high end quality wise. 


I'd love one of these. Does it have an option to run PAL games at 60hz?

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You could get a ROM cart and flash stuff onto it.


But if you don't have a physical collection, I don't think you necessarily care about the advantages of playing games on hardware as opposed to through emulation. Not a criticism mind, I don't care either!

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3 hours ago, partious said:

How does cheapo clone hardware like that work and what makes an FPGA better?


FPGA is reprogrammable logic in hardware. So you could get this chip to behave just like a SNES, then reprogram it to emulate a Megadrive, Gameboy or whatever.  This means it should be 100% compatible and, as everything's dealt with in hardware, very fast. They're not cheap though and as it's only going to be emulating a SNES the whole FPGA thing seems excessive and is, I imagine, the reason this is so expensive. 


I've played a bunch of old games in SNES9x recently, it seems to play everything perfectly with no lag and all in software so, given this isn't official it's difficult to see who this would appeal to - particularly at the price. 

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10 minutes ago, carlospie said:

If only Nintendo would bring out an authentic looking SNES that played all the best games on it. The could call it the SNES mini


That they'd release in short supply allowing scalpers to sell on for profit to those that want one for the games on it.

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10 minutes ago, Stanley said:

Surely people can see this for people who want to play the original cartridges on actual hardware. It's aimed at purists, collectors and the like.


Sure - but what sort of purist collector is going to accept anything other than an original SNES?

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