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Draconian (2600)

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More info here http://www.indieretronews.com/2017/10/draconian-awesome-1980s-multi.html#more


Check out this amazing clone of Namco's Bosconian on the humble 2600.



edit, just tried the prototype out and it's really faithful right down to having the voice samples. The big difference besides the obvious graphical downgrade is it runs a little slower than it's arcade inspiration.

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On 21/10/2017 at 22:19, Soulstar said:

Why does it sound like the voice says allah allah or is that supposed to be alarm? hahaha. 


Not really spmething i can personally relate to as I don't know the game but it does seem to look pretty good for a 2600 game.


I think it's supposed to be "locked on". The arcade sample was about as clear.


Edit, here is the arcade for comparison.



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